Jewel Lox

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What is Jewel Lox:

They are earring backs that claim to keep your ear rings in place so that you never lose them.
Jewel Lox offers you the advantage of keeping your ear rings safe and protected as long as you are wearing them. You take all the effort to ensure that you have your look spot on when you step out of the house, especially for a special occasion. And that means wearing the right ear rings that will get you all the attention you deserve. But how often have you come back home and realized one of them is missing? That will never happen again, according to claims made by Jewel Lox.


Jewel Lox is an effective lock for your earrings

These earring backs are meant to have mega grip and that’s the reason your earrings will be held in their place as long as you are wearing them. You can use Jewel Lox when you are out or when you go to bed; they can also be used when you are in the shower and run the risk of losing your earrings. Jewel Lox have a unique technology that can grip every earring post and can withstand a force that’s 1000 times its weight.

Jewel Lox is simple and convenient to use

While Jewel Lox is quite strong and powerful, it is also gentle and can be removed easily just like your regular earring backs. To use them all you have to do is slide them in place and they will keep your precious earrings in place. When you want to take Jewel Lox off, you can simple squeeze them off as you would do with your regular earring backs. It’s supposed to be the simple addition that will save you a lot of money.


Jewel Lox is safe for use

When you use Jewel Lox you won’t have to worry about any side effects because it’s known to have hypoallergenic patented technology. That’s the reason they are said to be safe for your earrings and your ears too, according to their claims.


    What do I get ?

  • You will receive Two six pairs of Jewel Lox earring backs (three pairs of silver tone and three pairs of gold tone) for just $10.00 plus $15.9 P&H.
  • Official Website :

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