Glowz Earrings

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What is Glowz – They are a pair of earrings that glow in the night with their LED lights and can be turned off during the day to be worn as regular studs.

Earrings that glow in the night

Glowz Earrings will supposedly make you forget about diamonds being a woman’s best friend and choose them to make you glow and dazzle wherever you go whether for a night out or during the day. This is because each earring supposedly has bright LED light glows when you screw them with the screw-backs that have the ‘battery’ for the LED in them. So all it apparently takes to shine in the night is simply wearing Glowz Earrings like any other regular pair of earrings. Glowz Earrings also promises to not just be bright but also have vibrant colors like purple, white and blue that will go with almost any type or color of outfit.

Wear it as crystal studs during the day

You can supposedly choose to get the funky look with Glowz Earrings when you wear them in the night and light up in the dark and bedazzle everyone when you go out to a party, concert or dancing in a disc. It is also meant to complement an elegant outfit or daily office-wear because they turn into glistening crystal studs in the daytime. Apparently all you need to do is take off the screw-backs of the earrings that works as the batteries of the LED lights and replace them with regular screw-backs that come with the pair of Glowz Earrings and the earrings will stop glowing but believably not lose the shine because of they are crystal earrings.

Long lasting batteries and hypo-allergenic

As the claim of Glowz Earrings goes, the battery life of the LED screw-backs are very strong and they last up to 30 hours so you can wear them for a number of nights whether you got to a concert, a sporting event or to a party. Glowz Earrings are also meant to be hypoallergenic so you wouldn’t have any allergic reaction even if you wear them all day and all night.


What do I get?
2 Pairs of Glowz Earrings for just $10.00 + $15.90 S/h. Official website

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