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About Gemmies

Gemmies is a design studio with crystals and rings that lets you make different creations to decorate and even wear as bracelets or anklets.



How does it work

Using the templates and tools of the starter kit, you just need to clip and then connect Gemmies crystals together to create as many different designs as you like.


Crystal jewelry and decorative creations
Gemmies is a design studio that promises to let kids create colorful and sparkling crystal creations. Kids can make jewelry such as crystal bangles, anklets, chokers, rings, armbands and more or decorative pieces. Is Gemmies that versatile? Let’s find out from user reviews. The design studio proclaims to have many different designs like water animals such as Turtle, Puffer Fish, Big Eye Fish and also treats such as Cherries, Cupcake, Candy, and Apple. We haven’t analyzed Gemmies user reviews to verify this yet.


Tons of colorful creations
The starter kit of Gemmies asserts to have 400 colorful crystal beads that you can make creations from along with templates and tools to get you started. Gemmies declares to allow kids to make any color combination animals or jewelry as per their imaginings and fancies. Send us your Gemmies reviews if you agree with all these claims.


What do I get?
Buy Gemmies – Activity Pack – Water Friends & Tasty Treats just for only $19.99 + $8.99


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