Diamond Z4 Eternity

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What is Diamond Z4 Eternity

A diamond ring made of simulated diamond forged in a sterling silver plate setting that looks exactly like a real diamond ring and costs just a fraction. One cannot tell the difference when it is set next to a real diamond ring worth $35,000

A dazzling diamond ring that’s easy on your pocket

Diamond Z4 Eternity claims to be a spectacular diamond ring featuring 1.5 carat stimulated diamond center stone forged in a dazzling sterling silver plate setting. Diamonds are known to be a woman’s best friend but they are not as cost-friendly as one would like them to be. At tens of thousands of dollars it is quite impossible for an average person to own a diamond ring. But Diamond Z4 Eternity alleges that it will let you own a precious ring for just a fraction of the price and claims to look so strikingly similar to a real diamond ring that no one can tell the difference between the two. This is quite unlike other imitation jewelry that anyone can easily tell is not real diamond. Diamond Z4 Eternity emphasizes that if you keep it next to a $35,000 worth real diamond ring, no one will ever know the difference.


Strikingly similar to a genuine, intricate diamond ring

What lends Diamond Z4 Eternity its striking resemblance to a real and intricate diamond ring is proclaimed to be its hidden scroll designs along with an intertwining infinity diamond accented band that is decorated with 16 Diamond Z4 accent stones making a halo crown. Diamond Z4 Eternity guarantees to be flawless in every single aspect and maintains that every single Diamond Z4 stone is cut precisely and polished as per the standards of fine diamond so that Diamond Z4 Eternity ring looks and feels like a genuine diamond and is equally bright and looks just as expensive. Diamond Z4 Eternity also states to come with the infinity band, which is the perfect companion to the ring. It claims to come in a royal hinged decorative velveteen box lending it a richer look. Diamond Z4 Eternity also declares to give you an authentication certificate to affirm that the appraised value of the ring and band is more than its cost.


What Do I Get?

  • You can get the Diamond Z4 Eternity ring for just $20 +$6.99 S&H.
  • Official website: diamondz4eternity.com
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