Diamond Lore Review

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But they come for a price and a high one at that. So how often have you dreamed of getting a diamond ring but stopped yourself because of the hole it would burn in your pocket? And, even if you get an imitation one it shows. What if you could get the brilliance of a flawless diamond in your ring that too at a price you can more than afford? Introducing the Sterlington Collection’s A True Masterpiece, an exquisite ring that has the flawless fire and brilliance of an actual diamond that can be yours for a fraction of a price of a diamond.


Diamond Lore
You can now be the proud owner of the most famed diamond ring designs in the world, which also has an exquisite princess cut stone hand set in refined matchless silver plate. The Diamond-x4 CZ has such a striking similarity with an original mined diamond that even the professionals from the jewelry industry cannot tell the Diamond-x4 CZ from an authentic diamond thereby marveling at the brilliance and beauty of Diamond-x4 CZ. The exquisite ring is unmatched in style, brilliance, color and cut and what makes it more beautiful is the flawless 2¾ carat CZ stone in the center, which is encircled by over 1¼ carats of round and delicate clear Diamond-x4 CZ baguettes. You can rest assured to invite surprised gasps when anyone sees your Diamond-x4 CZ specially because even natural diamonds have flaws but this is a flawless piece and the total over weight is more than four carats!

You get the best looking ring; band and a ring-cum-band at a price that you cannot expect to get in the market, which sell for thousands of dollars. You just pay a minimal price for Diamond-x4 CZ and you get a certificate of authenticity with each ring. To make the deal more beautiful, you will also get a hinged ornamental velveteen box that will be shipped across to you. You can also avail of the special offer whereby you can obtain the matching 1.9 total carat Diamond-x4 band for a separate minimal fee. Hurry now for the beautiful Diamond-x4 ring since there is a strict limit of just one order per



What do I get?

  • Sterlington Collection Diamond X4
  • 1.9 Karat Band

All this for just $20.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website www.DiamondLore.com.

DiamondLore Diamond X4 Customer Service
Telebrands Customer Care
Deep Romance
79 Two Bridges Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004

1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)



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2 thoughts on “Diamond Lore Review

  1. Review Diamond Lore

    Does the Diamond-x4 CZ really looked like a natural diamond ring?

    Is the Diamond-x4 CZ ring really much cheaper than a real diamond ring and looks just as good?

    Does Diamond-x4 CZ really weight more than 4 carats?

    Will one get authenticity certificate with the Diamond-x4 CZ ring?

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