Deep Romance Pendant Review

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It’s been nearly 100 years to the unfortunate sinking of the Titanic. While one of the greatest stories ever told of the most magnificent ship, the unsinkable queen of the ocean, still fascinates millions who would give an arm and a leg to be part of history you have a chance to do just that. Sterlington Collection introduces the limited edition of the exquisite heirloom pendant Deep Romance – the sparkling pendant which is 14.5 carat Faux Ceylon Sapphire and has been hand set in sterling refined silver plate. Surrounding the dazzling center stone is a set of 20 flawless DiamonLore Crystals.


Deep Romance Pendant
The pendant is hung on an equally gleaming spiral sterling silver layered, herringbone necklace. Whether for its style, sheen, color or cut Deep Romance is unmatched by any other jewelry and the original set is among the most popular gemstones in history. The symbol of a great story and homage to those who lost their lives on 10 April 1912 while taking the journey would surely be the favorite in your collection and worth thousands of dollars in today’s money. And if you think you’d have to shell out that kind of whopping amount to own the exquisite pendant then you’ll have another think coming. You can acquire Deep Romance for just a fraction of its true worth.

Not just the gorgeous pendant but you can go back and be part of history with the purchase of Deep Romance with the special offer that would also give you the glorious replicas of Titanic Memorabilia that includes First Class ticket for the “The Finest Steamer in the World” – the Titanic, the White Star Line First Class Menu and an advertisement for the ill-famed voyage. You can also complete your Deep Romance set with an optional Deep Romance Ring if you place your order today. All you have to do to increase the value of your Deep Romance collection is pay a minimal separate fee. What’s more, you can avail of free shipping on upgrading your order. The timeless classic can make you part of the glorious history and you’d be the cynosure of all eyes everywhere you go sporting the exquisite Deep Romance pendant and ring.



What do I get?

  • 1 Sterlinngton Collection Deep Romance Pendant
  • 1 Sterlinngton Collection Deep Romance Ring
  • Replicas of the Titanic Memorabilia
  • 1 White Star Line First Class Menu
  • 1 First Class ticket for the Titanic
  • All this for just $19.90 + $16.98 s/h. Official website

    Deep Romance Pendant Customer Service
    Telebrands Customer Care
    Deep Romance
    79 Two Bridges Road
    Fairfield, NJ 07004

    1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)


    Deep Romance Pendant Video
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    57 thoughts on “Deep Romance Pendant Review

    1. I got one and it’s pretty. Also unique and novel. It took less than 3 weeks to arrive. I ordered mine through the postal mail with a check.

    2. I was going to order the Deep Romance Pendant necklace, I put in 1 for quantity, when I went to basket they were charging me for 2. I never submitted order, next thing I knew I receive a thank you for your order! I called and complained! How can they complete an order I never submitted!!! So yes, it is a scam.!!

    3. So I ordered this Deep Romance Pendant as a gift for my wife. I saw the ad on TV at a friends house and thought for the “$19.99” for the pair as was advertised wouldn’t be a bad buy even for costume junk. She’s a titanic nut and they were including some probably historically inaccurate printed menu and boarding pass replicas. I opted for the platinum plating, which in hindsight I probably should have checked that it was a platinum plating before giving it to her. That being said it was pretty shiny, and though you know the jewels are fake she seemed to like it. I ended up spending $56.86 for the ring/pendant with the ‘platinum plating’ and the shipping and handling charges which was more than I had planned on spending for what it is (that is how they get you). Even so she was genuinely pleased and she wore it for our formal holiday events (went awesome with her black dress). We’ll see how it holds up and though expensive for what I would consider costume jewelry it was worth it for me.

      • … I *ended* up spending …

        Also I did tell her what it was – maybe a step above costume jewelry but she didn’t seem to mind. I got her nice boots as her main gift and wanted a few other things to include and this was something she liked just because of what it replicated. Also got her a knitting book which she seemed to love.

    4. FYI: Sterlington Collection doesn’t exist. Telebrands (creator of the As Seen on TV logo) sells many well known Seen on TV products, but they also run numerous ads on TV under different names, selling many other completely worthless “collectors items”. They are well known for ripping people off.

    5. I can’t believe people actually bought this necklace. Forget the fact that it’s fake and possibly a scam, it’s offensive to the memory of all of those who died on the Titanic. I’m not talking about Leonardo DiCaprio but the actual people who died in this tragedy. This necklace has nothing to do with Titanic and anyone who would actually purchase it should be ashamed of themselves. There are tons of shiny baubles out there, have some consideration for the dead, skip this one.

    6. I just want to state that I ordered my deep romance necklace and ring about 3 weeks ago from New York and just received it yesterday AUG-3-2012. I fell in love with it when I saw it,Its beautiful and stunning. I have NO complaints what so ever and don’t understand how the rest of these people say its a scam.

      • I just want to share that your Deep Romance Pendant review is clearly written by an employee of the FAKE Sterlington Collection. “Sterlington” is just one of numerous fake mints run by Telebrands. Their products are junk, they are LITERALLY worthless. $20 for the item & $18 shipping!! for an item that is worth, at most, $5.

    7. I can’t believe you people actually bought this shit. Does the word “faux” not mean anything or the fact that “diamond Z4” is cubic zirconia. You people are morons and deserve to have your money taken, especially by a company clever enough to realize that by being totally honest with their advertising they’d still swindle all of you. This is little better than a plastic princess jewelry set from Toys-R-Us. You’re all morons. What makes it better for me is I saw the advert. on Adult Swim… it wasn’t until I became suspicious that it was too ridiculous to be made up that I found out it was in fact legitimate. Well, as legitimate as it can be. Good luck getting your money back. These guys are geniuses.

      • No shit dumbass. I don’t think anyone believes they’re getting a real diamond for 20 bucks. It just looks pretty.

        • @Rational person no one on here said anything about thinking the jewels were real. I am pretty sure the adults in this world are smart enough to figure out that for $20 the jewels and metals aren’t real. I was Actually considering ordering this for my fiance because the ad came on TV and she went googly eyed over it and didn’t care that it wasn’t real. She wanted it regardless. I came on here to read peoples reviews of the shipping and ordering process and their review of the jewelry itself, not to read a review of some guy that feels so bad about himself that he has to insult and degrade people. Do the world a favor and SHUT UP! your a loser. I bet your either a teenage punk with parents that don’t monitor your internet usage or some Fat pervert who occasionally takes a break from looking at bestiality porn to write some stupid crap like this. Seems to me everyone on here was offering an opinion about the product or website NOT insulting people.

    8. I would just like to say, I ordered from here two weeks ago, before reading the reviews. I started to get suspicious, after you guys were downing this company. But, I would like to say, to anyone that’s thinking about ordering from Deep Romance, go ahead. I’M LIVING PROOF AND NIT AN EMPLOYEE, NOT PAID FOR COMMENTING, I RECEIVED BOTH OF MY PENDANTS TODAY 6/30/12. So, go ahead and order, you can’t trust everything you read or hear, I know, but I have mine you better get yours…IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

    9. I ordered this a long time ago and still nothing. This is a scam and they’re just taking your money. If you really want the necklace, just go buy one on eBay, they have nicer designs and better prices, and its a lot safer than this company. Trust me.

    10. I ordered both the necklace and the ring and forgot all about it until my husband looked at our account. They took the money out but I haven’t received anything. that was two months ago. So where the hell is everything? Anyone has a phone number because I will call.

    11. I went onto the website to check it out for my wife, filled out the info for the pendant but declined the ring cause I wasn’t going to pay 20 more dollars for something that should have been included,,at the end I never sent the confirmation through and I thought that was the end of it…I find out almost 2 weeks later when I checked my statement for my checking that THEY took out the money from my account without my knowledge or say so…..PEOPLE DON’T PUT IN ANY INFO BECAUSE THEY WILL STILL TAKE OUT THE MONEY EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO I LOST 30 DOLLARS OUT OF MY ACCOUNT AND I AM NOT HAPPY

    12. We first saw the commercials for the pendant and ring back in February. My wife wanted that for mothers day, so I ordered it from my office almost 3 weeks before mothers day. Today is May 24 and nothing!! never seen the charge on my visa card either, but recieved an email 3 days after ordering stating that the order was completed and in processing. So i go back to the website ( had it saved to favorites) and they have a link for you to track your order. I entered my billing phone number and when the order came up, it said ” our records indicate that your order has been canceled”…..WTF?!?

      This was the one thing my wife wanted for mothers day and now I have nothing for her!!!

      I have seen where some people on here said that they have had their cc cards used in other places and some haven’t. If my card is used by anyone, My only hope is that these scammers have some good attorneys cause I will pursue legal action against them. They have pissed off the wrong person!!!

    13. Tried ordering this for my daughter and was frustrated with the constant offerings but had already entered my info so continued with just necklace purchase. 2 week later my bank card I used is being used in Georgia! I live in Texas! I thought the site looked a little shady…I still have not received a necklace and was never charged the $30 it ended up totaling…just almost $200 I got ripped off across country!

    14. I am from the Philippines, how much is the shipping fee if I order one of those necklace or rings?

      • They will not ship to the Philippines, I tried to have them ship it to my fiance’s address….That way I would not have to receive it then have to also send it to her…

    15. I got really excited when I saw the ad on tv today so I just ordered mine online. They said the ring was optional but that was a lie. They would not let me go to the next page without putting my ring size. I DON’T EVEN WANT THE RING! and then IT TURNED OUT TO BE $56. I understand that since I am getting the PENDANT and MEMORABILIA it will be total up to $30 plus shipping. But they said that I ordered the ring and it was $19.99 I was like wtf. I am canceling my order.

    16. This is the last time that I will ever order anything from television! My grandsons wanted to have a Titanic party and give it to their mother as a gift. I requested the rush delivery so they had it in time. I experienced the continuous offers on the phone line and eventually hung the phone up. Of-course they have my ck card info. It was not received in time, it has not run through my bank as of yet and I have not received anything! I did misplace the phone number and can’t call to cancel. If anyone has that number, would you please share it with me?

    17. I’m not sure why everyone else is experiencing so much trouble… My own order went through just fine. I was not overcharged for anything, and had the necklace and ring in about three weeks.

    18. Like Bill Lang it is a rip off trash company. They have charged me two separate orders for the same items and I didn’t order 2. And also refused all other items offered. They will not return your money even if returned within the 30 days that is posted on the website. Don’t buy any thing from these people cause they are nothing more then a scam. And will use your payment information to add what they want to your order even if you didn’t order.

    19. Yeah I ordered one Deep Romance Pendant with my check and they canceled my order and I ask why and they said that they don”t except checks, but I called again and the lady on the phone said I could reorder it with a different check. I did that Tuesday the 10th April and now I still have not been able to track my order so if they took my money without giving me the necklace and ring. I am so gonna sue them.

      • It says on their website that it isn’t.

        “This exquisite pendant features a 14.5 carat Faux Ceylon Sapphire – hand set in finished stunning silver tone. The center stone is surrounded by a set of 20 flawless Diamond z-4 Crystals and is hung on a spiral silver tone herringbone necklace.”

        In other words… It is a faux (meaning synthetic or fake) Sapphire stone surrounded in crystals. The chain itself is silver plated.

    20. I ordered my necklace online the thing screwed it up and said I ordered 2 necklaces, so I had to call and fix it. I had to cancel that order then order another for regular shipping, 10-15 days going on day 17 called to see wth was going on, my order was magically canceled. Wth talk about pissed I’ve been waiting forever for this damn thing. Shitty company NEVER EVER BUY THEIR SHIT! I’m super pissed!

    21. I ordered the Deep Romance Necklace ring and hoped to receive the memorabilia. It asked for my check number they took $30.90 out of my acct about a week ago. Tried calling customer service, got thru to a rep and he told me their computer system was not working, so call back in 15 mins. I sure hope I get what I paid for soon or I will be highly upset going to call back. Wish me luck.

      • Hi Tricia, I wish you luck. I recently had a problem on my one VISA card with this item. I posted a payment to the account and went to look at the account earlier today. I saw the payment was properly posted. I also saw that a charge was made on April 3 by “Telemarketers Deep Romance” in the amount of $28.72. I had no idea what “Telemarketers Deep Romance” was until doing the research I just did. Of course, the credit card issuer was kind enough to reverse the transaction, close the account immediately, and issue a new card with a new account number. I will never know how these “people” got my card number, and charged my account. I can only conclude, by reading the postings herein, that this is just another in a series of many scams. Good luck Tricia. You are probably going to need it!!

    22. I had seen the commercial on the Deep Romance Pendant on TV, and they have given out the website. I had tried it( but it is not valid.

      Where can I write to get the address so that I can send for my Deep Romance pendant?

    23. I believe it was either Feb 13 2012 or Feb 27 2012, but I ordered this necklace + ring and that’s it. Total was $40. As of today, March 14 2012, I haven’t received an item, nor has my account been charged, and that was with me ordering it online and not over the phone. As well, when I went to print my order information page, it would not let me at all, no matter what I did. In the meantime I bought another necklace on eBay similar to this for less and I like it better. Now all I want to do is cancel my order, and I can’t even do that! I have looked all over the site numerous times and still nothing. At this point, as long as it doesn’t ‘f’ me over and overdraw my account I’m going to consider it cancelled. IMO, it’s just a gimmick, and not worth your time. The necklace isn’t anything more than cubic zarconian or something like that anyway. If you want a Titanic necklace, go to they have nice ones for $20 that have coal in them and I actually got my product from them in about two or three weeks time!

      • I saw an ad for this “deep romance pendant” on television on Sunday, March 18, 2012. The television ad MADE ABSOULTELY NO MENTION WHATSOEVER ABOUT AN EXTRA $9.99 for the accompanying ring. I preferto buy items of this type online (at least I can do screen prints). The same video that was on TV was on the web site (NO MENTION OF AN EXTRA $9.99 FOR THE RING). Upon closer examination, the ad on the site had a picture of a pendant and ring and the printed memorabelia and the pictuer gave a price of $19.99 and IN AN EXTREMELY SMALL FONT, UNDERNEATH THE $19.99, IT READ PLUS ADDITIONAL FEE. I will call Telebrands tomorrow and find out exactly what is happening with this.

        • I have lost the telephone number that I used to place my order! I did ask for the rush delivery and was being charged for that. I have never received anything. “I want to know if you have a telephone number” so that I am able to atleast try and contact someone. My grandchildren wanted to have a titanic party and give their mother the necklace.

      • Hello Ariel. What was the website that you found your necklace on. I have seen all the complaints about not getting the order, and I would love to get necklace and ring for myself..

        Thank you for the information in advance

        Sonya G

    24. On Feb. 27, 2012, I phoned in an order for the Deep Romance Pendant, gave all my information, read my American Express number over the phone, and sat through innumerable offers for more products. As of this date, March 8, I have not received my pendant, even though I signed up for the fast delivery. Furthermore I have not been charged on my American Express Card. Please let me know when I may expect my order.

      • I ordered the Deep Romance necklace because I wanted the replica Titanic items that also came with the order. Then I went thru with 20 minutes of other offers that I refused each time but they kept offering the same offers each time and did not want to hear “not interested” from us. I asked to speak to management and they refused my request. They had my credit card number and would not cancel my order. I fear that all their other offers will be added to my credit card without my knowledge. It’s a “rip-off” company and I would recommend that nobody order’s their products. Its not worth the aggravation and heart ache.

        Bill Lang

        • Have you recieved your items? And did they charge your card for all the other crap? I am worried because I ordered this as well last night.

          • Hey Shimmy !———–I think that you have been SCAMMED, ‘ole buddy ! —-You should have read ALL the poor souls that have posted on this blog before you gave these company $cum Bags your precious Credit Card #

            $cum such as these deserve ALL they are going to get when one or two of the Russia Mafia get to know where they operate out of!!!

          • My boyfriend ordered me this for Christmas and I just now got it, it really is beautiful and we didn’t have any problems with the ordering other than it took a while to get here.

    25. Review Deep Romance

      Is Deep Romance really worth thousands of dollars but actually costs very less?

      Is Deep Romance really a popular gemstone in the market?

      Does one really get the Titanic Memorabilia replica on purchase of Deep Romance?

      Can one really get a Deep Romance ring for just minimal fee on purchasing the pendant?

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