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What is a Bling Wrap

They are technologically advanced invisible ring guards that adjust your ring and will keep it in its place. This innovative solution to ring resizing helps keep you’re stunning stones on top, and stop them from turning, twisting or slipping off your finger. Whether he’s put a ring on your finger or you’ve treated yourself to a gorgeous gift, now you can be worry free as these easy-to-use, hypoallergenic, latex-free bands adds 1+ ring sizes to your finger and forms an invisible “padlock” to hold your rings in place.


Easy to Use

It’s supposed to be quite simple to use these BlingWraps ring guards as you are meant to lift the band from the card and peel the backing and then gently wrap it around your clean and dry, lotion free finger then slide your ring up and over the band or you need to place the ring on the finger and then wrap the band around directly in front of the finger.

No More Oversized Rings

Have you lost your ring as it was slightly oversized? Well next time you want to show off that beautiful ring all you need to do is slip on the BlingWraps ring guard under your ring or in front of it which will lock your ring in its place. Now you don’t have to worry about loosing that precious ring of yours.


BlingWraps Promise

BlingWraps promises to stop your rings from spinning, turning and sliding. BlingWraps claims that its transparent, matte finish will blend so comfortably around your finger that you’ll forget it’s even there. With just the wrap of a simple band, your rings can now look beautiful, and you are worry free. This ring guard adds 1+ ring size to your finger and the contoured bridge locks the ring in place. BlingWraps are comfortable to use and safe to use as it is hypoallergenic & latex-free. Now you can use these disposable ring guards with no tension of allergies or any kind of irritation. These innovative ring size adjustors keep your rings in place looking fabulous.

What do I get?

  • 30 BlingWraps
  • 1 Surprise Jewelry Gift
  • 1 BlingWraps Storage Case

All this for $10 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. Official website:

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