Bella York Collection

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What is Bella York Collection?

A three-piece jewelry set that includes combined 2.55 carat Cubic Zirconia, a sterling silver cable link chain, and Cubic Zarconia 4-prong earrings. It looks the same as a diamond set and comes at fraction of price


Timeless and sparkling jewelry set for her

Bella York Collection is one sterling silver collection that promises to be the right jewelry set for women if they are looking for something timeless and stunning. The three piece set is meant to be made of Cubic Zirconia and Sterling Silver. The combined 2.55 carat cubic zirconia pendant is suspended on an 18” sterling silver cable link chain and a trendy lobster clasp. Along with that is also available matching 6mm Cubic Zirconia earrings that are set in classic 4 prong setting. With its flawless and sparkling make and gorgeous design Bella York Collection claims that it will impress any woman.

Perfect for gifting

The supposedly exquisite Bella York Collection claims to not only wow a woman with its timeless and stunning beauty but it is also meant to make for a great gift. The combined carat Cubic Zirconia is supposed to come in a blue pin striped tri-fold pendant box that makes for a beautiful package making it perfect to gift also because it is wrapped with a graceful black ribbon over the top. Bella York Collection supposedly comes at the fraction of the price of diamond jewelry but looks just as flawless and dazzling. Believably no one can tell the difference between a diamond set and Bella York Collection because of its supposed high-fashion look and style.


    What do I get ?

  • You will get Bella York Collection for &99.99+$5 P&H.
  • Official Website :

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