Wonder File Organizer Review

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Trying to keep your monthly bills and papers organized cal really get you stressed because there is no good way to keep your files and papers from becoming a cluttered mess. Now there is Wonder File – the ingenious organizer that turns any space in to a neatly organized workplace. If you are tired of having your important papers end up in a messy pile get the Wonder File as seen on tv file organizer.


How does Wonder File Organizer work
The clear 4-corner filing system makes it easy to organize important documents where you can see them and find them with ease. The large center-pocket stores your files, pads and folder even a laptop computer fits right in. The smooth writing surface gets your paper work done neatly and quickly. The Zippered Pocket protects all your important documents. Best of all when you are done just store your work and Wonder File folds right up so you can take it anywhere or store it right in a drawer. Table full of bills, documents and papers all fit neatly in to the Wonder File so you can clear-up the clutter and stay totally organized.

Wonder File is Perfect for

  • Executives who take their work home.
  • Teachers and busy moms-on-the-go.
  • Students to be more organized.
  • Hobbyists and collectors of all kinds.
  • Keeping all your coupons organized
  • Storing greeting cards and gift wrap in one place
  • Planning parties and special events
  • Creating a convenient workspace any place!
  • Making a better fold out activity center for the kids
  • Crafter – Because when you are done you just fold it up and store it in the drawer.



What do I get?
2 Wonder File Organizers of your choice of color.

Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Please Visit The Official website www.wonder-file.net


Wonder File Organizer Video


162 thoughts on “Wonder File Organizer Review

  1. I purchased my wonder file at an as seen on tv store, those websites make me a bit nervous. The wonder file is awesome! I absolutely love it! I am in the direct selling industry and I can fit everything in there and take it with me to a show. I’m going to buy more to organize the rest of my life!

  2. I have been planning to purchase the new Wonder File Organizer since the time I saw it on TV. My only concern was about how well the product is and what other people who have used it already having to say about it. As every other user I searched the internet for “Wonder File Organizer Reviews”. It was so frustrating when initially all the sites that turned up on the search were utterly useless. These sites did not seem to have found any negativity about the product and at the same time was providing a direct sales deal from the manufacturer to purchase it right away. Not to forget the annoying pop ups that never allowed me to exit the site with peace. The sites were wonderfileorganizer.org, wonderfileorganizers.com, orderwonderfile.com, ezinearticles.com, neatfileorganizer.com, wonderfilereviewsx.com, wonder-file.net and jennyreviews.com. Anyone who visit these or similar sites should not get fooled by the positive reviews because they seem to be unreal. On the other hand I found your website where I trust that the reviews of the people posted are completely genuine and not a marketing strategy.

    • It is true that the sites like mentioned above are completely a fake review site and a scam done by the manufacturer’s themselves. The sites have sponsored links to purchase the product and fool the people into buying even the crappiest of the lot. Such SEO malpractices are on the rise but this site keeps the content and users genuine and hopes to continue as the same.

  3. These files are the greatest thing since sliced bread and lace up boots……no problem with the payment to Global Direct; it was buy one get one free for $20 with no postage and handling fee and that is exactly what happened and it was delivered within 5 working days. No complaints at all. Great for kids too, just as the tv advertisement indicates.

  4. I called my bank and cancelled my debit card, huge inconvenience but they double charged me and then charged me to ship 4 of them.. Now they are charging my card NOTHING b/c it will come up invalid.. Id rather be inconvenienced than be ripped OFF.

    • So I was just stupid enough to place an order…they double charged me and 55 dollars for shipping!? WTH!!

      I tried to call and cancel the order but they just kept on repeating the same thing! is there anything else I can do except cancelling my debit card? help 🙁

      • I made the mistake of ordering online and didn’t notice it said “sets”, meaning the buy one, get one. So I checked black and plaid thinking I would get a choice of colors for each one I was getting and not for the “set”. At the end, I noticed I was being charged $67!!! THEN I realized what happened but couldn’t ever get in touch with a live person. I got the same thing on the phone, just a loop that ran you around and around. One option asked for a 10 digit order number and the order number on my receipt was only 7 digits! I sent an email and over a week later and no response. I just sent another e-mail and threatened reporting them to the BBB if they charge my card and told them to cancel the order! I just saw one of these in Staples and if I want to try one, I’ll buy it there but at this point, I’m so mad, I don’t even want to support this product.

  5. I can buy a plastic portable file cabinet for $4, manilla folders for less than 25 cents a folder that will hold any document I want, file labels, and a pen for less than the price of this thing. I have an organized office and desk without needing the wonder file.

  6. Thank you for all your reviews I have learned (the hard way) to check reviews before I buy anything from TV. I never order the buy one get one free scam because ever the reputable companies over charge the shipping on 2nd item. I now wait until the item I want is in the stores. It it never gets to the stores I just don’t get one.

  7. I had to change my bank no. My bank contacted them on 1st try. They didn’t give me the free but charged for all of them and reniged on free S&H Classic Scam Job.

  8. I ordered not one but two (by mistake) and paid almost $30 in shipping! I’ve checked the status of my order online which says it was shipped 15 days ago. I haven’t received anything!

    I’m curious as to how some customers found a number to call (not that it did them any good but)–there are no phone numbers on their status of order screen. At this point I’d like to either get the over-priced products or be able to cancel the order. So far, I can’t do either. Any suggestions other than “never do this again?”

    • I also order two by mistake too. It said buy one get one free and well I ended up paying for 2 and 28.00 in shipping and handling and I ordered it on Jan 3 2011 and still have not received it. you can go to http://www.wonderfile.com and go under customer service and will have a phone #. I tried the email for it and it did not work. I’m so dissatisfied.

      • Guess what?? The phone number is no longer listed on the website. Surprise, Surprise! Unfortunately, I had the exact same thing happen to me. It was AFTER I was scammed (and trying to find ANY kind of contact information for the company), that I came across this website. Someone commented about reading everything carefully, as it is explained before you order . . . . NOT!!! After I saw they doubled my order & were charging me $28 for shipping, I hit the “back” button through the entire order & not once does it give you an option to review your order before submitting it. I’ve never seen where hitting “next” (the only option) confirmed & submitted your order.

        TOTAL SCAM!!!! I called my credit card company & since WonderScam doesn’t charge your credit card until it ships (that way you can’t put a stop on it) , the only options are to cancel your card, or dispute the charges after you receive it. If anyone has a phone # to contact them, it would be greatly appreciated! I learned my lesson!

    • Talk to your bank if paid buy check put a hold on it , if paid by credit or debit tell bank you never received it and want a stop on the payment.

  9. I have to say that I love this product. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond for $14.99, less 20%. I use it everyday because I have a hoteling situation at work and I don’t have an office that I can go to on a daily basis.

    I use it to carry folders, my current project, pens, small office supplies, etc. I don’t have a lot of desk space so I have to keep it folded in half. It is a little klugy to fold in half, and I actually think it would have been better to just have been the bottom half of the file. But overall I was so happy with it I purchased three more — one for each different project I’m running.

    I’m sorry that people are having issues with the company, but those are company issues, I would really recommend getting it at a store such as Walgreens, Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond, avoid the television commercial company, and figure out how to use it for your needs because it is a great product.

  10. The day I ordered mine I noticed they lied. I canceled my debit card and fortunately they did not get that little bit of hold on me yet so I was able… Rats they are tho I agree. I am only here because I wish I could get the thing for 10 bucks which is all it appears to be worth. The shipping was horrible because evidently they expect you to cancel once you see the outrageous amount you hit with one click! not even a courtesy message to confirm you want this on your card…because they don’t legally HAVE to reimburse the shipping.. Isn’t that just nasty? I hate those people. I think they should rent Ghost with Demi More and Patrick Swayze

  11. I think this product would be perfect for some people, but just OK for most. I would definitely recommend buying the Wonderfile at a store so it would be easier to return and less expensive. I got mine at a Bed Bath and Beyond (used a 20% coupon that I got instantly for signing up for emails).

    The Wonderfile has four corner pockets, one large plastic-covered pocket (12 x 10), and two small pockets with Velcro (4.25” wide) in front of a zipper pocket (8.5 x 8.5). There are also elastic loops around the large pocket that can be used to hold pens.

    The corner pockets of the Wonderfile are a perfect fit for a medium stack of 8 1/2 x 11 papers. Anything larger than that might get wrinkled or folded by the elastic strap. However, I was able to put a file folder in backwards and was satisfied with the way it was held in place. You could also leave the elastic strap underneath the pile, but it would be more likely to slip.

    I tried smaller folders and booklets in the corner pockets, and they seemed to be held in fine as long as I didn’t shake the Wonderfile too much. I tried sitting with the Wonderfile open on my lap, folded once, but eventually the smaller folders slid out. If you fold the Wonderfile completely with the largest pocket on top, however, everything is nicely compacted and it can be used as a writing surface.

    So all in all, it’s worth a try because it does generally hold things together well and might be a good fit for you. I would recommend turning all books and folders inward though to reduce the chance of wrinkles and slipping.

    • I think the part of the commercial where the woman flips over the folded Wonder File on her lap, in the park is deceptive–I’m guessing they added a stiff piece of cardboard in between the layers just for that scene.

  12. I was just about to place my Wonder File order but I don’t order many products online for fear of giving my credit card information. I was wondering if I could buy this product in a store. Thank you for those to mentioned the stores where you purchased yours. I will be heading there today.

    Thanks so much!

  13. So I just ordered the Wonder File from the Wonder File website, and I am deeply disappointed. Unfortunately, I did not do my homework and see complaints from other customers about billing, and now I’m heated. I’m a teacher and thought that these would be great tools for helping me stay organized with lesson plans, student work, and the like… and I’m sure they will. So, I ended up order 2 black files, and 2 red files, meaning I should get 2 black files for free, and 2 red files for free. Their website states:

    Offer Details:
    Keep your files, crafts & paperwork organized with the Wonder File . Buy one Wonder File for only $19.99 plus $6.99 s&h in your choice of red, black or plaid and receive a 2nd Wonder File in the same color FREE, just pay an additional $6.99 s&h.

    So, in essence, my order should only cost about $160 (including tax) for all 8 files folders. Not the case. They are charging me $19.99 for ALL 8 file folders (so I’m not getting any of the buy one get one free deal). My S&H for all 8 should only be $55.92. Not the case. They are charging me DOUBLE that amount (my S&H is $111.84). This has made my entire order cost just under $300 ($294.18 to be exact).

    I am pissed. I sent them an e-mail with the break-down of what I SHOULD be charged as opposed to what I am being charged, and said that if they don’t fix the amount, I want to cancel the order. Then, after coming here and reading your posts and seeing that other people are having issues with ordering and pricing, I’ve just sent another e-mail stating that I want to cancel the entire order because I don’t appreciate their “lies”. I can’t contact them via phone because I am on the west coast and it’s already 4:00pm here (they close 5:30 EST, so I’m an hour an and 1/2 too late to contact them).

    I told them I want a confirmation e-mail sent immediately tomorrow that my order has been canceled, but they probably won’t do it, so I’ll have to try and contact them during my lunch break at work tomorrow on the phone to get the stupid thing canceled and see if that works. If not I’ll have to see if my credit card company will not allow them charge my credit card. Jesus… what a bunch of crap.


    • this was to Megan: The day I ordered mine I noticed they lied. I canceled my debit card and fortunately they did not get that little bit of hold on me yet so I was able… Rats they are tho I agree. I am only here because I wish I could get the thing for 10 bucks which is all it appears to be worth. The shipping was horrible because evidently they expect you to cancel once you see the outrageous amount you hit with one click! not even a courtesy message to confirm you want this on your card…because they don’t legally HAVE to reimburse the shipping.. Isn’t that just nasty? I hate those people. I think they should rent Ghost with Demi More and Patrick Swayze.

  14. Maybe this will help some you guys get some of your money; the bottom of my box says the following:

    item# WF021106
    2010 Merchant Media LLC
    Distributed by: Allstar Products Group

    Maybe track those people down or something. I just bought mine at Walgreens for $14.95 Good luck.

  15. I just bought and canceled my Wonder File order after I saw the shipping was over $27!! I sent an email with my order number to cancel so I hope that goes through! I will certainly send it back if it mysteriously arrives! I hate this type of scam! I will check WalMart for similar products! Grrr!

  16. Thanks for posting reviews here. I don’t have much money so knowing about this site’s practices, I won’t be buying this product after all. I’m glad I came here and did my research.

  17. I was taken today by the deceptive order practice on the Wonder File website. Have learned tremendous lessons from this thread that I will apply going forward.

    I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at ftccomplaintassist.gov and urge you all to do same. Also emailed wonderfile to let them know I detest their practice – it may not be illegal but it is deceptive.

    • I really liked the Wonder File and I thought the price was great! Until I got to the total and it was a LOT more than $19.95! They are definitely deceptive and are trying to “get you”. But to their credit I didn’t have much trouble canceling the order. I did have to call and speak to a representative to cancel.

  18. I’m so happy I did my homework by reading Wonderfile reviews before purchasing the Wonderfile online. I’ll check Walmart or other stores. Thank you, (a wise consumer) 🙂

  19. I received one Wonder File (purchased at a store) for a present. Major design flaw…every time you open it, everything in the side pockets falls out. No velcro on side pockets, only on the ones in the middle. Cheaper to just buy some cheap school type folders to organize your stuff.

  20. Bought one at Walmart. Great for emptying a junk drawer of papers and bills. Not for scrap-booking. I would not trust to carry a laptop in it. It is only held together by a loop and button. Sometimes when you open it, everything kind of shifts, but sure empties out that drawer of paper and bills you need!

  21. Of course I read the Wonder File reviews after I made my order. However, I did receive the BOGO Free offer and with Shipping my total was a little less than $38.00. Maybe a little more than Bed Bath and Beyond but it save me from the hassle of going into the store with two kiddos under 5. Also, I placed my order on Dec. 31 and I just called them Jan 4th to find out my order has been shipped and on its way. All and all a decent experience so far with this company. If anything negative should happen I promise to update my reviews.

  22. I went and bought one from Bed Bath and Beyond. I was going to order one a week ago until I found out the price of shipping and everything total. What a joke. So sorry a lot of you have gone through a lot with these people.

    • I had a great experience with those people. You don’t go through a lot at all ,, if people took the time to READ them perhaps you would have seen ship and handling is $6.99 per file

      ONLY an idiot who didn’t do their homework first had this so called problem

      • Anna,
        Do you work for Wonder File? You’re awfully defensive about customer service and it is a little suspect.

        Thanks for the advice. I was looking into ordering a couple of these folders, but after reading the reviews, I think I’ll check Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  23. After ordering from this company, I decided to google the reviews about their company, and from what I experienced and from what I’ve read, I FOUND OUT THAT I WAS SCAMMED, so I called my CC company immediately.

    • What SCAM! The fact that you didn’t read first? What SCAM! The fact you thought you were getting something for nothing ?

      What SCAM! the fact that you tried to order a bunch of different colors and thought you mix up the colors …Where does it say you can do that on their website .. I had NO problems with my orders

      I took the time to READ!!

      • Wow Anna, could you calm down a bit? People are just talking about their experience. If you read a little closer, you will see that the “scam” people are referring to is NOT the cost of the shipping. As you said, any idiot like yourself could read. The problem is that once you see the shipping cost and decide you don’t want to proceed, you don’t seem to get a chance to back out at that point.

        • I don’t know about this website, but, unless all cost are shown before I enter my CC info, I just “X” out of the site. I also check to see that all pages have: “https://”

          On every page I enter data, note the “S” after HTTP, which is shown on this web-page.

          • I Agree with Bob. I don’t ever give anyone my credit card number until I know exactly what I’m paying for and how much I’m paying for it. And I kind of agree with Anna-common sense people.

        • Well Carmen as a blogger I can pretty much say what I like and you are idiot for replying and far as calming down perhaps you should mind your own damn business, you and people like your ARE IDIOTS read about the product before you buy it…IDIOTS ARE IDIOTS .. I CAN’T STAND PEOPLE LIKE THAT WHO FEEL WHEN THEY SCREW UP THEY FEEL EVERYONE ELSE IS TO BLAME!

          • Wow, Anna. Did you forget your meds? And for the record, a few nasty comments against people trying to share information does not make one a “blogger.” You would stand a far better chance of making your point if you weren’t so abrasive and abusive about it.

          • Seriously, Anna. The others are right.

            Does someone have some anger issues? If you get this mad at a stranger over nothing, I would hate to cross you face to face. This kind of tirade would be considered verbal abuse in the real world. You are not a very nice person.

  24. I had the same experience — tried to order the Wonder File Organizer, and with no opportunity to review the order I received a “thank you for your order” I went to the website to purchase and included the number of organizers I wanted, along with the information required. Then I saw the cost of shipping and backed out. I didn’t click anything that was even close to making a purchase, not even anything close to a confirmation. I simply backed out. Later I was checking my email and there was a “thank you for purchasing the Wonder File Organizer”. I tried to call the company, but it gave me no opportunity to talk to anyone.

    This is definitely a SCAM!!! I hope people read the reviews before going to the website. This is a TERRIBLE COMPANY!!!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time & effort to write your WONDERFILE review. I’m sorry this happened to you, but if it’s any consolation, you have helped me, & you’ve stopped them from scamming again.

    • I had no problems with them and you didn’t ready the fact they are only open during the week…Nobody scammed you , you just didn’t take the time to READ the website.

        • LOL…..

          This poor Anna gal ………………. lets’ all try to be nice to her because obviously she’s one of those “Woe Is Me” or “I’m A Victim” type people who must snap and be bitter at everyone.

          Thanks for all the info people. I just bought one at Walgreens for $14.95. I’m a merchant and the website for this product is fraudulently accepting credit cards in that manner.

    • I just watched Wonder File ad on TV and I was going to buy one. After reading these Wonder File reviews and complaints I want to thank you all for saving me from this scam.

  25. Wow, I’m so glad I read these reviews before buying WonderFile. I’ve decided never ever to buy anything from TV ads after reading these comments.



  27. WonderFile official website billed me almost $90 for the “buy one get one free $19 special”. Still did not receive it, but they billed me on December 1-11 days ago. Calling customer service gets you put “on hold” which then disconnects you within 6 seconds every time I have called. My Visa company says I have to wait 30 days to dispute the charge. Does anyone have the BBB contact info for where they are located? I suggest filing complaints with the FCC and/or FTC also. Huge SCAM! Don’t order off the tv ad (official website)!

    • I too ordered Wonder File Organizer on November 28, 2010 the Wonder File, buy one get one free, expecting a charge under $30. Haven’t received it, but saw on my credit card that they charged me $76.00. I called my credit card company to dispute the charge. If it comes I’m very happy to return it. Don’t want anything from this disreputable company. The fact that their phone system does not respond to any calls says a lot. Lesson learned.

      • Ha- if you return Wonder File you will get back minus S&H which costs more than purchase itself, I just ordered two sets, that should of come with 4 organizers + $6.77 for each, right? So I was billed for 3 (instead of 4 19,99 EACH totally$60.00 +$40 S&H. Clever, no?

        Confirmation came with no reply return address, but I finally find email address wonderfile@myorderstats.com and just canceled the entire Wonder File order. Not sure it will work, how these people still can do all this illegal manipulations?

  28. OK, add my name to the long list of suckers. I saw the WonderFile TV commercial and then ordered from the website, after considering ordering through Amazon which seemed too expensive. Now I’m paying a total of $67.94 for two of them, thanks to the deceptive S & H charge of $28 and what happened to the “buy one get one free”? Mine are both $19.99! If we all contact Better Business then maybe they can be stopped.
    I paid $34 each, when people are getting them for under $15 in stores.

  29. I ordered 3 (X 2 = 6) Wonderfile Organizers for me and my cohorts. I had to hit pay now and then saw my bill, $407.00. I immediately called the number and waited for 15 minutes without an answer. The next thing I did was to send an email informing them that I wanted the order totally canceled, a day later I still have not received a reply. After I sent the email I called the credit card company and, thank goodness, the bill had not yet been charged. So, I put a hold on my credit card to prevent them from billing me. I am going to alert all of my friends via email and my co-workers about this scam.

    BTW–>when I was that it would take 4 to 8 weeks for delivery I was truly stumped.

    • You got lucky that your CC was willing to put charges on hold My said (I also was not billed yet, just ordered couple of hours ago) that I have to wait to be billed and then they will dispute it. In the mean time, they would send me the shipment and if I get my money back they wont return S&H which is for three Wonder File organizers , not for three orders of two, is $40 bucks.

      • When I ordered Wonder File online and they charged me $179.00 I said oh no….. of course couldn”t get a live person at Wonder File so I called my credit card co and had them cancel my card they did that was way better than paying for this SCAM and having to dispute it later!

  30. On November 5, I ordered the Wonder File (with the 2fer). As yet, I haven’t received them. Today (Monday, November 29, 2010), I received a call (mechanical) telling to call a special number for whatever the problem was. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out the phone number, so I went onto the website to see if there was a phone number. I tried calling that number and was rewarded with static. Since I originally ordered this product, I’ve seen this product not only in Bed, Bath and Beyond, but in Walmart and Target. If I don’t get satisfaction on this, I’ll be buying these locally and to hell with getting any satisfaction from the company.

  31. I was going to buy one for myself and one for a gift but I liked mine so much I kept both. I take a lot of work to several locations so this was perfect. I am an organizing addict so this appealed to me immediately. The S&H is a bit much so if you can find it at retail location it will probably we less expensive by a few bucks. I don’t think this is a scam. The S&H is a bit deceptive but its not like you are losing hundreds of bucks on this. Overall, I loved the product. Very creative and definitely met my need for organization and convenience.

  32. I had no problem with my order of the Wonder File. Everything was as promised. The product is obviously not intended to replace a file cabinet or file carrier, but if you hate a cluttered work space, this is perfect. I love it. I bought one, got one free (sort of) the S&H is more than you would expect, but I have paid more for a lot less. I did find it at Staples after I ordered mine for less. I would definitely buy one in a store if possible rather than pay the S&H. Customer service was fine the product came within 7 days. Overall I could have gotten the products maybe $10 cheaper. It this a rip off or a scam, not hardly. I can live with a $10 discrepancy. Maybe initially they were working some of the “bugs” out of the system, but I had no issues.

  33. I never order these “deals” online. The S/H is ridiculous! I suspect the online place of being a distributor that makes the money on the S/H and not the product itself. It’s hard sometimes, but I wait until it’s on sale at Walgreens and buy it there. I can easily return it also as I had to do with one product. Right now, WG has a BOGO on these organizers. I don’t know if this CamiSecret product is any good, but I will be able to look at one and decide at the store. This kind of scam is not fair to the manufacturer, to the reputable online companies, and especially to US!

  34. I posted some reviews about Wonder File. I got my refund now. It took very log for this refund to be made. Wonderfile is not a bad product but is good for moms on the go, or to get ready for a presentation, or maybe to organize some papers or docs for work or from work. It is not for a big load of docs. I think it is very effective for the reasons I listed above. Their customer service is very slow and is very frustrating because you cannot reach them by phone. Maybe very rare. The shipping is very slow also. Another downside is that you need to pay shipping for both products, if you order 2, even if they came in the same box. Overall, I am very disappointed with their customer service, but the product is good. Make sure you are well informed about this product, so you don’t get surprised if is not what you were thinking. The reason I returned the product is because was intended as a gift for somebody who got something alike, right before I got this one. Good Luck to everybody.

  35. May I suggest all of you whom have a complaint against this Wonder File, contact BBB. This will get there commercial off the air for false advertisement. I’ll be going to Bed Bath & Beyond just to get my hands on one.

    • Yes, I agree with Valeria….go to Bed, Bath & Beyond, I saw them there for $14.99 and you can use the $5 coupon and it turns out to be way cheaper than the hype about the “free” one where they charge you outrageous s&h


    Yes Wonderfile is a scam. Big time. And it is being shown on major television stations during prime time. So they will have many suckers (of which I now include myself as one).

    D Rozier’s explanation is a good description of what typically happens. Plus in my case the front page lists one price (29.99 CDN), go through the pages, and “thank you for your order” with a higher price listed. OH YES, PLUS in my case over 30$ in Shipping and handling.

    I tried to cancel it with 30 seconds ( really) of placing the order by calling Customer Service. The response ” Don’t have information on your order, call in four hours” Next day — “don’t have your order,call back” … few hours later — “surprise we have shipped it!!!”

    I was also told by the first “Customer service person” as soon as the order shows up on customerstatus.com you can modify the order or cancel. WRONG! NO SUCH POSSIBILITY– another part of the scam.


    That is why they call it Wonderfile– it magically appears and they magically take your money.

    RETURN POLICY? 30 DAYS RETURN ( minus THE 30$ shipping and handling)



    PS My credit card company (VISA) was no help in how to cancel or dispute the transaction.

    • the problem is that when you cancel your order and they already shipped it you wont get your money for S&H and for me it all turned out to be $4900 for three Wonder File organizers, not three orders. And they billed me 19.99 for each!

      My CC said that they can’t dispute until charges been made, and as soon as charges are made they ship or say that they shipped. Then my CC said I would have to write the dispute, and they would contact them and by this time order will be delivered and if I return it without opening it I would still have $40 billed for they s&h.

  37. Do not get suckered into this Wonderfile scam. They say they will not bill you till the order is shipped. BS. The charged my card before shipping and now I can not get a hold of them. They say on the tracking(the only way you can check) no oder in database. I will call my bank today and protest the charge.

  38. Thanks for all the Wonderfile reviews and warnings. I came on here just to order 8 of them for Christmas presents but you all saved me a lot of money. I won’t be dealing with them at all. Good luck to those who haven’t got their money back.

  39. If you want to check it out Wonder File Organizer before you buy try Bed Bath and Beyond ($14.95). Use a discount coupon and its even cheaper! Good for bill paying or a specific project that requires all paperwork/materials in one place over a period of time. Not a permanent filling system.

  40. I was going to order 4 of them for Christmas presents, until I read these Wonder File reviews! You all save me from another scam and a big headache! Thank you for all of the feedback.

  41. no offense guys – if you actually read Wonder File Organizer website AND watch the TV ad carefully, it DOES say right there that shipping & handling is 7 bucks & for the second “free” one you “just” pay shipping & handling……so, the info is there! You have to READ closely to know what you’re purchasing! I wasn’t happy about paying shipping twice, but I did get 2 files & they work for me! Yeah – the website is scuzzy, but the necessary info IS there…..

  42. I ordered the special with 2 Wonder Files, and I got them after 4 weeks. I returned them after 2 days , and I never got an email or my money back. Its been 2 months since than already. Unbelievable crap customer service.

  43. Well….another fool just bought the WonderFile Organizer. I’ve never had this happen to me before and I’ll make sure it never happens again. It’s Saturday morning and I just ordered the Wonder File minutes ago. When I realized I had been charged twice for shipping and saw there was no way to contact anyone I knew I had been duped. Next, I found these Wonder File reviews and got sick to my stomach. I called my bank immediately and have already canceled my bank credit/debit card. The card won’t officially be canceled until Monday and if all goes well, this bogus company will not get one cent of my money or be able to sell my card to another scammer. I’m hoping this all turns out well. LESSON LEARNED.

  44. I haven’t ordered one but was going to until I read these Wonder File reviews. Sounds like these people need to be reported to the BBB!

  45. OK, I think we get the idea that the shipping thing is a scam. Can anyone give me a review of the product itself? If I can find it at a store like Walmart or Walgreen or whatever, I’d like to…BUT only if it actually works. Can ANYONE tell me that?? PLEASE? I’d like to get a Wonder File for my mother and sister and sister-in-law for Christmas…we all scrapbook like crazy…but I’d like to know if this product actually functions the way the commercial shows before I dish out the money for them, even without it being from the scamming website. Please reply back ASAP.

    • I actually opened the box and I took a look at them and its ok. If you really need an organizer this Wonder File Organizer is ok. But never buy it online. I returned because was a gift for somebody that got something similar from somebody else. Not Wonder File.

    • But if you want to organize a lot of papers, docs, you need something else. I have a small black metallic safe, with a key, and inside a lot of files. This Wonder File is ok only for some lose paper in the house, or if you go somewhere to make a presentation.

      • OK, thank you for finally giving me a straight answer! I think I’m going to have to look elsewhere for a similar product that can hold more than just a few sheets. If you scrapbook or know someone that does, it takes a ton of paper, tools, and stickers and decorations. I think I may just need a good old-fashioned tote-type product. Thanks so much for the info!

  46. omg..so glad I looked for the Wonder File Organizer reviews first. DON’T BUY ONLINE FROM ANY COMPANY! you can purchase at Walgreens or Wal-Mart and save the shipping. I am so weary about buying anything online unless its from a reputable company like Amazon or ABC. But since I am hearing that he product itself is not worth the money I am skeptical even buying it from them. Will wait to see if I can find something similar. Thanks everyone for your input. Its great when we give feedback. It helps us all avoid problems…

  47. Ordered Wonder File Organizer, then realized that shipping costs were more than the product, and did not get the “buy one get one free as advertised”, so I cancelled the order. Order was sent anyway — refused the order & had post office return it. Asked for credit on my credit card, have not received. And that was in August.

      • Just for your future info. If you receive something in the mail that you don’t want, just write refused across the package, take it to the post office or if rural put back in mailbox, it will be sent back without charges. Its only if you open it that you have to pay to return it. Thanks for all your reviews, I will not be ordering mine off tv.

  48. On October 21, 2010 I, too received only on of the Wonder Files and paid for two shipping charges. I too, called their toll charge number 203-306.5692 and was immediately cut off twice after receiving their mindless messages. I, too tried to send an email to their address- it is non-deliverable! This is the absolute last time I will order anything on the Internet. I will do everything in my power to shut these scam artists down.

    • On October 31, I arrived home to find another shipment with 2 Wonder files. This actually is one more than I ordered. So I actually, I came out one ahead! In fairness to the company I had to acknowledge the second shipment.

  49. I too bought Wonder File Organizer from the TV & waited 4 weeks for the shipment to arrive. Overpaid, so now I get them on eBay from this website… Copy & paste into your browser. They ship super fast.

  50. WOW! Boy am I glad I did not order online. Went to Walgreens got one on sale for $14.99. Organized some files and it seems ok. But, really glad not to have ordered online.

  51. I ordered the Wonder File Organizer over the weekend wanted to get one for everyone in my family. The order came to $170.00. Thank goodness the charge did not go through. They never shipped anything and I just told them to cancel the order. No service on weekends?. What is that?. It is a scam and if I have any problems whatsoever I will contact the district attorneys office to settle this. Any problem I have ever had such as this has been solved with the D.A.’s office. If I have to file in the state that they are from so be it. I wont be ripped off by these inconsiderate idiots .

  52. Thanks for sharing your reviews…..I was just about to order before I decided to google “reviews” on this product and company, as I thought it was cheaply made. Little did I know that I would find so many dissatisfied customers. I hope you all get this resolved to your benefit.

  53. With so many people getting scammed the same way, what is being done to stop this? It’s a shame that even if you find out how to send it back, you have to pay the taxes anyway and the shipping charges to send it back! The file doesn’t even close the right way.

  54. Please do not order on their website like I did! You cannot find their number to call when they charge you over $13 for s/h. This offer is a scam and I am trying to call the company but you can’t find the phone number! I am so disappointed!

  55. BEWARE! If you can buy one and get one free, why is my bill over $67? And why can’t I find any info on their website to call and dispute? Of course, their e-mail verification is no reply. My fault, I know, for not checking it out beforehand. Don’t make the same mistake.

    • My bill was $47 something, because they charged me shipping for both of them (suppose to be an offer buy one get one free and they came in the same box?), and because I chose to upgrade to water proof material. Anyway…….they don’t give me the product or the money back. I got nothing now.

  56. This Wonder File Organizer looked great but was hesitant of ordering so was holding off. Luckily I recently found it at an electronic store in the “as seen on TV” section. Was $14.95 and so far I love it.

    • What electronic store did you find the Wonder File Organizer in? Would love to know, so I can avoid the ordering problems so many people seem to be having.

  57. What a piece of garbage. This WonderFile is such a scam , can’t be worth $2.00 to make in China. Then they get you with the shipping and handling. I would return this but they are a black hole when it comes to customer service I sat on the phone for 30 minutes. Save yourself and don’t buy this thing.

  58. Ordered the WonderFile weeks ago. They keep writing me and asking me to resend my address. Customer service is now getting nasty with me!! I have sent them order number and asked to cancel order. Not nice people to deal with.

  59. I saw the |Wonder File Organizer commercial this morning, thought it looked it okay, so I ordered. It wasn’t until I looked at this review page that I realized I was scammed! So I ran to the bank, canceled my card, and they WONDER FILE, WILL NEVER SEE A DIME FROM ME! I also received a new card within 10 minutes, so I wasn’t out anything! Please beware!! They charged me $30 in s/h fees to boot! I am a smart woman, but was totally scammed! Never again.

  60. I just wanted to thank all of you for saving me the money that I was getting ready to lose by handing it over to this obvious scam of a company. I appreciate your Wonder File reviews but I’m sorry for those of you who had to learn the hard way.

  61. boy, am I glad that people have taken the time to write about this rip-off. I would have purchased 10 of these things to give to my co-workers. Thank goodness for you all, you have just saved me a pile of money and I’m really grateful for you.

  62. Has anyone tried ordering this Wonder File it from taylorgifts.com? I’m tempted… I notice that they are on back-order.

  63. Thanks again to all the unfortunate souls who had to learn the hard way but were kind enough to share their experiences.

    I, too, was about to order the Wonder File Organizer when I saw $7 for shipping — thought that was bad enough for 2 small, soft-sided items that could be thrown in a padded mailer.

    But now it appears from comments that they intended to hit me up for $20 + $7 + $7? THE GAUL!! thanks for the heads up.

  64. WonderFile sold me credit card number to other companies. I got a call this morning that some other company is charging me this membership fee that insurance. I asked them how you got my CC #, they said WonderFile sold them Unbelievable!!!

  65. Thank you all for your Wonder File Organizer reviews! I too was set to order this product. Thank goodness I decided to check customer reviews and not opinions listed on their website.

    Does anyone like the product itself? If so I can wait for it to come out in my “As Seen On TV” section in Target or Walgreens. Unfortunately it seems more and more products sold on tv are turning out to be scams. Does shipping really cost that much if it’s put in the same box?!
    Thanks again to all of you.

  66. I am so glad I didn’t order it from the Wonderfile company after reading these reviews. I do not yet have a wonderfile but I am going to order one from ABC Distributors (they only have it in black). They are a reputable company and I have ordered many many things from them without a problem… So if you want it that bad, probably the better rout.

    • Thanks Tina. I was thinking of buying a Wonder File, but I ordered one from ABC Dist. I really do not need 2 and the shipping was less and the file cost $10.95 + $5.95 for shipping. If you buy more than one it will be more in shipping but less than the shipping doubled.

  67. WARNING to all who plan to purchase this Wonder File Organizer…DON’T.

    For those who are having problems with overcharges and not receiving the product as ordered, contact your Better Business Bureau, your state attorney general’s office, your credit card office, and write letters to the editors of the local newspapers. Let the company know you are reporting them to the attorney general’s office and the credit card holder. I reported abuse of Richard Simmons products some time ago and guess who called me…Richard. I let him know about the problems and expected better from him. At least in choosing a company to align himself with. I said the product was fine but the credit card company told me they had more complaints on his products nationwide than any other products available. Same is true here.

  68. I ordered four Wonder Files a month ago and nothing has come. I can’t get a human being to talk to me on their so-called customer service line. I called my bank and said I think that the company may be engaging in fraud. They said they would investigate Wonder File.

    • Could those of you who were ripped off please clarify exactly from whom you made your purchase? The official website says they charge $6.99/unit for P & H. Did you call or order through a website? There are SO MANY “as seen on TV” websites and companies out there that I’m not surprised that there are scam operators out there taking advantage of us. It would help to identify exactly which websites/phone numbers are legit.

      • There is only one website selling Wonder File Organizer so far which is buywonderfile.com. this is a total scam company, $6.99/unit. So if you get 4 files, they charge almost $28 for shipping. I am definitely going to tell everybody on Internet what happened and nobody would buy from them EVER AGAIN!!

      • I ordered mine from ABC Distributors. You can order off their web. 1 costs $10.95 + $5.95 shipping. If you want more than one, you save on shipping. I have used this company for years and they have always had a good reputation.

        • Thanks Hannah! I am so glad, now, that I looked at Wonder File reviews first. I have used ABC for many years and have a new catalog. I will check their website, too. ABC is a very reputable company for ordering things like this. Thank, again, for the reminder.

    • Thank you to everyone who posted their Wonder File Organizer reviews! My mother just asked me to order them for her and the $6.99 s/h per file seemed steep, and I cleared the order form. So glad I read the reviews before ordering anything!

  69. I ordered four files in the middle of June with my MasterCard and was charged about $100. Nothing arrived the next four-week period, either in the way of the product or an e-mail telling me what was going on with the order, so I found a phone number for the company on their website and began calling them. I never got a human being once. I did get an electronic voice and tried to communicate with it. It did not have the correct order number, or the correct order content. The electronic voice said that the order had not been processed. I called up my bank and asked them to investigate the company for fraud. They said they would do so. That’s where the matter stands.

    • THANK YOU so much!!!!

      I saw this video and thought it looked like a great product — just what I need, in fact. Went to the “official” website and filled out the order form, thinking that, as usual, the BOGOF w/ extra shipping was a steep pricing gimmick (the only time I’ve found that to be worth it is with the Kymaro slimmer product, with which I’ve been extremely pleased.)

      So, before submitting, I checked for reviews. Had a hard time finding any….mostly just got hits for additional sites selling the product, with no reviews listed. Thankfully, I found this one!!!

      I want to buy the product, but will wait until it shows up in stores. Better yet, I might just make a trip to the fabric store and make my own version by ripping off their design for my own use.

  70. I just wanted to thank all of you for saving me the money that I was getting ready to lose by handing it over to this obvious scam of a company. I appreciate your Wonder File reviews but I’m sorry for those of you who had to learn the hard way.

  71. This is a scam the Wonder File Organizer is worthless they are just trying to collect the shipping and handling. Save yourself the money. you will sit on the phone forever and then you only get a distribution center. They are just making money on a piece of fabric. Don’t buy this in my opinion its a rip off.

  72. I had the same experience — tried to order the Wonder File Organizer, and with no opportunity to review the order I received a “thank you for your order” confirmation totaling $70! They charged me for 2, and the shipping is as much as the product. I tried using their customer service link which directed me back to the “thank you” confirmation page. When I finally reached a human being 2 days later no supervisor would speak with me — they were all “in a meeting”. Persistent calls resulted in one supervisor sending a message via the phone rep (still no supervisor would take my call) that they would remove the charge for 1 but I would have to wait to receive the other and return it. The next day both were charged to my credit card! ANOTHER call to them and I’m told all of it had to be charged (even though my order had not processed or shipped when I spoke to them the day before), and half would be refunded in 7-10 days. They could not have cared less about my complaint and just wanted me off the phone. DON’T BUY FROM THEM. Their CS is non-existent. Wait awhile and it will be available by another maker in Walmart or some other similar store.

  73. It says buy one and get one free. I didn’t get another one free. Also they charged me almost 30 bucks for shipping. No call answered and no email answered. this is a SCAM. I am reporting this to my credit card company

  74. I ordered the Wonderfile System in March and have been calling and getting the run around. I think theses people ripped me off!!

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