Wall Dazzle

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What is Wall Dazzle

As per the infomercial it is a peel and stick chalkboard that is perfect for organising and listing. It is reusable and sticks perfectly well on smooth surfaces like glass, wood, drywall, etc. It can be cut into different shape and sizes to make it interesting.



Organize your life
Wall Dazzle proclaims to be a unique way to help you list down your to-do list and organize your chores. Currently there are no Wall Dazzle reviews available that will attest to its claims. Wall Dazzle states to be perfect for writing reminders or making a list of things for a particular purpose. It is better than using an actual chalkboard or chalkboard paints. Although making such a comparison is invalid since there are no Wall Dazzle reviews out yet. Wall Dazzle promises to be full of advantages and no disadvantage. Send us your Wall Dazzle reviews if you or your family members experienced the same.


Reusable chalkboard – Wall Dazzle assures to be a well-designed chalkboard of the new age. Instead of needing nails or easel stands, Wall Dazzle sticks on the wall using an adhesive backing. At this point of time there are no Wall Dazzle reviews available that will attest to its claims. Wall Dazzle emphasizes to have an adhesive backing that is perfect to stick on smooth surfaces like wood, glass, drywall, etc. The major benefit Wall Dazzle alleges is that its adhesive is reusable. It can be simply peeled off and placed at other place without damaging the surface or losing the sticking property. Such fascinating claims by Wall Dazzle do make it interesting. But more shall be revealed once Wall Dazzle is reviewed. Wall Dazzle asserts to be available in different sizes and can be even cut in different shapes and sizes to add a dazzle to the task it is been used for. We will wait for Wall Dazzle reviews to confirm the same. Wall Dazzle states to be easy to wipe too once it is fully utilized. The chalk can be simply wiped with a damp cloth. Is Wall Dazzle really helpful? Wall Dazzle reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Endless applications – Wall Dazzle maintains to be helpful for everyone at home. It can be a great way of organizing a to-do list for home or office chores. It is perfect to remember obligations, appointments and serves as a reminder too. Wall Dazzle is highly impressive but will be proved once we get to analyze user reviews. Wall Dazzle further alleges that it can be also used to cover an entire wall or stuck on children’s room for kids to have endless artistic fun. It can also be used to write down recipes in the kitchen, announcement for the family or emergency phone numbers. Such use makes Wall Dazzle a sure fire hit; Wall Dazzle reviews will expose whether that really is the case. Wall Dazzle claims to be helpful in labeling jars, herbal plants and more. Wall Dazzle claims will be substantiated once it has been reviewed.

What do I get?

Check the Official website GetWallDazzle.com

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