Walk-Out Closet

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Don’t you always wish for more closet space to accommodate all your clothes? It’s a regular scenario to try to find something to wear from your overcrowded closet and being frustrated when you can’t lay your hands on it. At such times you must wish you had a walk-in closet but that’s a luxury not everyone can enjoy. Or so you thought. Because now you can get Walk-Out Closet and magically turn your ordinary and overcrowded closet into a spacious closet just like a walk-in closet without actually spending hundreds of dollars and all the construction work on your current traditional closet.

How does Walk-Out Closet Work

Ordinarily you would have to squeeze in all your clothes into your small closet making even the nicest clothes wrinkling and ending up a mess on the floor. But Walk-Out Closet will increase the space in your closet by three times instantly and will let you see all your clothes and pick them out right away.

Walk-Out Closet smartly utilizes all the wasted space in the closet. If you hang your outfits side by side you can utilize only a little space but hang your clothes vertically in the Walk-Out Closet and accommodate many more outfits. There’s also no need to take every single garment off the rod in your closet to choose the right one. You also do not have to walk into the closet but take the Walk-Out Closet out and use the space outside the closet temporarily. Walk-Out Closet needs no installation or tools. Just snap the adjustable rear support, hang it and load.

Walk-Out Closet also comes with a wardrobe clip that lets you arrange clothes that you want to use later. It can accommodate all types of outfits and supports up to 20 pounds of clothes. You can also use it for keeping belts, bags and other accessories. Walk-Out Closet has a universal design that makes it an ideal solution for every kind of closet – from narrow and tall, kiddie closet to master bedroom closet. Whether you live in a hostel, apartment or a dorm get the space of a walk-in closet with Walk-Out Closet.



What do I get?

  • 2 Walk-Out Closet hanger

All this for $ 19.95 plus $ 15.90 P&H Official website buywalkoutcloset.com



Walk-Out Closet Video

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