VacPack 3D Tote

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VacPack 3D Tote

A compact 3D tote that lets you triple your storage space instantaneously by compressing and neatly stacking your stuff – like clothes and bed lining – so that your home is clutter free and more spacious.

Triples your storage space within seconds

VacPack 3D Tote is said to be the ideal solution for anyone who is tired of clothes bursting out of overfilled closets or of the beddings and fabric eating away all the space in the house. VacPack 3D Tote is a compact 3D tote that apparently lets you compress your stuff, protect them and stack them away to save a lot of space in your cupboard and house. It is supposed to triple the storage space make your home look tidy and also keep your things neatly organized so that you do not have to fumble through all the mess when you need to find something.


Ideal for cupboards, garages and even car trunks

The supposed clever 3D shape of VacPack 3D Tote is meant to let you pack a lot more stuff into your bag than you would in a cupboard shelf. Just put your clothes, beddings, jackets, duvets, etc in the bag, insert a vacuum hose in its opening to compress the clothes so that there is more space. Put the bag in the 3d tote, zip it and stack it away. Your belongings will compress but not lose their shape. When you take the belongings out, they return to their normal size and shape. VacPack 3D Tote is supposedly ideal to be used in cupboards, lofts, under the bed, and garages, so that you can bid the messy clutter goodbye. You can even toss VacPack 3D Tote in the car trunk when you are going on a vacation.


Waterproof, airtight and durable

VacPack 3D Tote promises to be waterproof, airtight and very durable so your things will stay safe from dust mites, dirt, damp, moths, etc. it is also said to have a double lock mechanism that ensures the bag remains closed at all times. VacPack 3D Tote also claims to have rigid edges perfect for storing, label pockets let you list items so you can have things at your fingertips when you need to find them.


    What do I get ?

  • You get VacPack 3D Tote for £19.99
  • Official Website :

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