U Go Bags Reviews and Complaints

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Grocery Bags rips, slip, tumble and tear than there is back and forth from the car to the kitchen and if you try and save a trip it can be a real pain in the arm. Anthony Sullivan introduces U Go Bags the best reusable shopping bags you ever use. This is perfect for keeping frozen items, like ice cream, cold as well as keeping hot items warm and fresh.


U Go Bags

UGO Bag is the only grocery bag that clips to the side of your cart and expands wide. Its the bag with a hook and its like a box. Any item big or small Ugo Bag holds them all. and when it comes time to pay you will never use paper or plastic again. Ugo Bag holds contents of 8 plastic bags. You save time loading your car and all the way home they don’t rock and roll like plastic bags.

U Go Bags stay upright, its a bag that thinks its a box. There is even an insulated UgoBag that keeps frozen food frozen and hot food hot till you get to the home. UgoNags fold away to fit anywhere and there even a pocket for coupons, wallets and cellphones. Each UgoBag has comfort handles and is strong enough to hold up to 40 lbs. and they close up to keep your groceries going and your food fresh.

Use U Go Bags for your laundry or dry cleaning, a picnic in the park, or even at the beach. So say no to paper or plastic and the chore out of going to the store with U Go Bags.



What do I get?
*2 U Go Bags
*FREE BONUS – 1 Insulated U-GO Bag

Today through this special offer you will get two U Go Bags, for only $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Plus you will receive our insulated bag FREE, just cover the separate $6.99 shipping and handling charge. Canadian orders will have an additional $3.00 shipping and handling added. NJ/CA will have applicable sales tax.

Buy U Go Bags from the Official Website/Distributor Only. Beware of the counterfeit products. Contact us to buy U Go Bags from the official website.



U Go Bags Video


9 thoughts on “U Go Bags Reviews and Complaints

  1. I purchased Ugo bags several years ago and love them. There were two blue one and a insulated green one. I get more comments on them when I go shopping. I am interested in buying some to have on hand so I can give them as gifts or if someone is really interested I would love to sell them. I read some of the comments and I agree they can’t be overload them but that is the case with any bag whether is be plastic, paper or releasable. I am worried that the clip that goes over the cart may break at some time and will be very upset unless I can replace them. I would love to hear from you on these bags. Thanks for your information help in this matter.



  2. Reuseit.com sells similar bags that appear to be more durable. I have even found Home Depot’s bags are large enough to hold at least 5 bags worth of groceries, they also have clips that can be used to attach the bag to your cart, they are durable and are $1.99 a bag.

  3. My Bags have holes in them. We need a stronger bag, plus the handles clips have broken off
    where can I get a stronger bag.

  4. Was interested in information on purchasing bags exclusively for our stores. Who would be the person to contact for that information directly affiliated with U-go bags, please not a middle man. Am needing info asap for the corporation meeting. Thank you, Heidi

  5. Want to buy these bags but will not if there is any chance at all that my information will be sold or given to a partner company with out my knowledge and permission I will need a guarantee, in writing that my personal information will not be sold,given or shared with ANYONE then and only then will I buy all three bags

  6. Would love to order this product but will not unless I have a written guarantee my personal information will not be sold or given to any other company

  7. Yes, I ordered these ugo bags in November. I received them in January. The ugo bags work fine, but I have a MAJOR complaint!!!! This company (Ugo Bags/ Idea Village) sold my information AND Debit Card Number to a company (Budget Savers). My husband received a phone call from Budget Savers (a monthly subscription company offering discounts on useless items) admitting that they received our order information from. He told them NO! They said it was a trail offer. He told them NO! They were relentless and he still said NO and hung up the phone. One week later, they charged our card! Trying to cancel has been a nightmare. Isn’t there any laws against giving out someones debit card numbers? I plan to speak to an attorney first thing Monday morning.

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