TV Time Tray

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What is TV Time Tray

It is a 13-inch long tray that can hold large amounts of food easily and replace as many as five dishes so that you can comfortably eat your meals while watching TV with your family. You no longer have to worry about dishes dropping from your dining tray.

Family time is now TV time plus dinner time

TV Time Tray guarantees that it can bring back the good old days when spending family time meant getting together and watching television while having dinner. However, all that has gone out of the window in modern times since, with uncomfortable TV tables that can hardly hold any dishes and also make you sit very uncomfortably. Your dining tray cannot hold enough dishes and they end up falling off on the floor. Also, so many dishes just make meal times difficult. But, TV Time Tray maintains that you do not have to contend with these problems.


Long, deep and wide tray to hold enough food

Unlike the cumbersome and small dining trays, TV Time Tray states that it can easily fit anywhere with its 13-inch long design, which makes it so large that it can hold all the food you want to eat. It also declares that it can hold large amounts of food including 2 lbs of steak and is wide and deep enough to prevent dishes and food from falling off. TV Time Tray alleges that it can replace as many as five plates of different sizes so you do not waste time putting food into so many plates and occupies lesser space on the table too.


Ideal for breakfast in bed, barbecue and outdoors

Whether you want to treat your spouse to breakfast in bed, watch the big game on TV or just relax in the great wide open, TV Time Tray promises to make your meals a special occasion. They claim to be ideal for times like barbecue with friends and family when paper and plastic plates that not only fall apart but are also bad for the environment. So TV Time Tray proclaims that it is eco-friendly and can let you stack food to each till your heart’s content. It also claims to be portable hence great as tableware and perfect for outdoor trips as well.

Saves time and space

Since TV Time Tray claims to be stackable, so it saves a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet. It also alleges to be dishwasher safe and made of durable material so it will never break no matter what like regular dishes. TV Time Tray also guarantees to keep the food separate because of its compartment and its sheen does not dull out.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two TV Time Tray for $10 plus $13.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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