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You must keep your house spic and span like all home owners do. You also make sure your trash can is neatly kept to dispose of all the dirt and trash from your homes. But the problem often arises when you try to get those trash bags out of the can. Due to the suction that’s involved, these bags often get ripped and you have a mess all over your floor. Not only is it your hard work undone, it also leaves you with more chores of cleaning. But not anymore because Trashtastic will ensure that you can get the trash bags out without any pulling and tugging.


To avoid the suction that is responsible for bags sticking to the can or getting ripped in the process of yanking them out, this product has a vented design. Clearly it’s a stroke of genius because it completely gets rid of the suction involved and you won’t have any problem removing bags from the trash can. Lifting them quickly and easily will be now possible thanks to this extremely useful product for your regular needs. What also works in the favour of this product is that it works for practically every kind of trash can. Hence you can use it without needing any modifications to your existing setup.

Now you can ensure that the garbage in your house can be neatly stacked away in the bags as it’s supposed to. Never again will you have to struggle with trying to get the bag out of the can, which invariably tends to happen when you are hard pressed for time, making things a lot worse for you. And of course you can ensure that these bags don’t tear as they seem to ever so often and create more mess for you in the process.

You don’t need those expensive trash cans to do the job for you nor do you need those fancy products that cost you a fortune and make tall claims but don’t live up to them. Trashtastic is the effective solution that will take this nuisance out of your life for good.



What do I get?
2 Trashtastics for just $10.00 + $15.90 s/h. Official website



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