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There are several reasons you might own firearms; there are those who need them for their sports activities while others might want to have them for self-defence. Whatever the reason might be, you understand the importance of keeping them safely secured when not in use. The Rac, gun locking system claims to offer you the right solution for this issue. The Rac claims to prevent unwanted use of these firearms or discharge for that matter. Thus you can be rest assured about their safety and get some much needed peace of mind when these firearms are not in use.

How does The Rac Work

The patented mounting system of the The Rac is a highlight because it keeps this gun locking system in place, wherever you need it. Next time you keep your firearms somewhere away from harm’s length, you know they will be kept in place with this locking system. The Rac is said to be quite versatile as well and can be used to store your rifles, shotguns and handguns at any time. What’s more, The Rac will store these guns where you want them; in your bedroom, office or car and truck for that matter.

The Rac is also said to be long lasting and extremely safe because it’s made using High Carbon Steel. And that’s the reason it can withstand 4700 lbs of pressure. That means the guns remain safe when this locking system is used. The rubber coating of The Rac ensures that there are no damages to the guns as well. It’s also said to be a sound anti-theft storage device for your firearms. You can easily remove your firearms from The Rac; as conveniently as a gun safe but it just can’t be stolen as easily as the latter. It can also hold multiple firearms for your benefit.




What do I get?
Get the 5-inch RAC for $139.00 plus $14.99 shipping and handling. Official website



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