Table Wizard Table Cloth

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You want to make an impression with everything in your home when you are hosting a party or have guests home for dinner. That’s when you bring your best and most elegant table cloth out. But what often happens is that your tablecloth gets stained with food marks or wine spills before the end of the evening. Over time and after a few washes it loses its original look and feels worn out as well. But when you have Table Wizard Table Cloth at home, you will have a smart, elegant and stain free table cloth with you every time.

How does Table Wizard Table Cloth Work

Now you can forget about the tedious job of getting the stains out of table cloths you have at home because this stunning table cloth is stain free. It’s one of a kind woven fabric that’s made out of Fibershield and that’s the reason it works so well for your homes. This fabric creates an impenetrable shield for your tablecloth and that’s the reason it’s protected from stains at all times. Now you don’t have to bother with those harsh chemicals to get rid of food stains or wine stains, which can be so difficult to get out otherwise.

Some of the sensational features of this tablecloth include the fact that it is waterproof and it’s wrinkle free as well. And cleaning this table cloth is such a breeze, all you have to do when you notice any stains is wipe them away with a paper towel. That’s it, your job is done and you will have your table cloth looking as good as new. And its look is quite stunning and gorgeous to ensure that it goes well with your elegant tastes. You can have it out every day if you like or on special occasions for that matter and win brownie points for your impeccable tastes and impeccably clean table cloth.

This table cloth is ideal for kiddie meals or a kiddie party, or then when you intend to have long dinner chats as well because it stays clean and it looks oh so chic.



What do I get?
Table Wizard Table Cloth 14.95 €. Official website



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