Swivel Store Organizer Review

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Are the spice bottles in your kitchen out of control? Or do you end up searching in every cabinet and go through bottle after bottle just to find the one you want? What you need is Swivel Store – the space saving organizer that conveniently keeps all your spices in less than 4 inches of space. Just slide and swivel and the spice you need is right at your fingertips.


How does Swivel Store work?
Swivel Store turns any clutter mess into an organized success. Its unique design glides forward and then swivels like a revolving door holding up to 20 spices right where you can see them and reach them with ease. Swivel Store fits all standard size spice containers and bottles, yet takes up no more space than a cereal box.

No installation is required for Swivel Store. All you need to do is place it in your cabinet. Then, just slide and swivel and you’ve got 10 spices on one side and 10 on the other. This way, your spices are always easy to find and you can get more room in your cabinets.

Swivel Store is also great to organize pill bottles and medication. Perfectly organize your craft and office supplies. Clear up the clutter in workshops and garages. It keeps everything you need right at hand.

Swivel Store is the only organizer that slides, swivel, and store up to 20 bottles and gives you more room in your cabinets. Get Swivel Store for your kitchen, medicines, and crafts.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 2 Swivel Store Organizers

All this for just $19.99 + $15.98 shipping and handling.



Reviews and Complaints
Swivel Store Organizer – It seemed to be a great idea but the makers of this spice rack organizers have got it wrong. The Swivel Store Organizer is too lightweight (cheap plastic) and it does not have a solid base on which it can rest. There seems to be a design flaw and the whole unit is unstable. You get a feeling that it would tip over when you pull it out. It remains stable only when you have bottles on it. Most customers complain about the height (its too tall) and you have to remove the shelf above to accommodate the Swivel Store also you need to leave some space (4-5 inches) on the side so that means you can fit only 1 Swivel Store unit on one shelf unless you have a bigger shelf.

It can only hold small bottles. It is hard to read the labels on the bottles once placed on the Swivel Store rack (it would have been great if they had glass.).

It may work up to certain extent if you have bigger shelves.

Not to mention the Shipping/Handling overcharges. No receipt, no confirmation mails or misleading offers.

Alternatives Suggested

  • “stadium” type mini shelves at Lowes.
  • Lazy Susan.

Customer Care:
Phone: 866-708-6789.

Check order status at www.CustomerStatus.com

Swivel Store Shelf
P.O. Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 10:00pm EST.

Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have information on your order. Your Credit Card will not be charged until your order ships.

Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Swivel Store Video


110 thoughts on “Swivel Store Organizer Review

  1. Usually I do not read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article.

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  3. I purchased the swivel store to use in my kitchen cabinet & found that it has major design flaws:

    1. It is too tall for my kitchen cabinets. Most older homes have smaller shelves.
    2. Many spice bottles are too tall to put in the shelves.
    3. Being able to anchor it to a shelf with adhesive or screws would be a god option.
    4. It is a good idea, but more extensive research should have been done.
    5. If it were re-structured you could have valuable product.

  4. I purchased this product. Again, like everyone else did not understand the questions asked of me, so, approx. $100.00 I am out. Don’t buy it. That is my advice.


  6. Swivel Store Spice Racks: Ordered from their web site, it’s designed to create confusion causing one to double or triple your order with no way to correct it, but you are left guessing along the order process about what you really said ‘yes’ to. The final page at the end does not summarize your purchase total. So, unknowingly, one thinks one is ordering the 2 for 1 special, only to get two 2 for 1 specials with double the shipping! They ship ASAP, so once one gets an email to confirm the order (it will declare the amount charged to a credit card) it’s too late to cancel shipment – the site is designed to duplicate orders. The product is flimsy and the metal reinforcements offered at an additional price come with no instructions. I’m still scratching my head about what to do with those things. The web site is a scam – buy one from Target or Wal-mart – try one out first. Their web site needs a government agency to investigate it for fraud.

  7. This is the biggest rip off! I wanted to get one, and before I could review my order something else was charged, and I ended being charged $40.00. Once I submitted my credit card extra charges were made, and there wasn’t way to review the order. I tried to call to complain, and only a recording answers the phone.

  8. I would like to know what happen to my refund, I mailed back your product over a month ago and have not received a refund of $35.97 which was paid October 2011. My address is 1169 Oak Street, Silverton, Or. 97381, my phone number is 503-871-7154. I would appreciate a refund A.S.A.P.

  9. Well I guess I was the next sucker to order the pla3stic junk that isn’t going to fit my shelves. I am just thrilled that I am paying $71.94 for a set of 4. I didn’t see the review page either. I can’t believe that I had no chance to review and accept my order before they took all the payment info. I really thought I was going to pay $15.98 in shipping which is still way too much for 4 pcs. Woe is me! I am just going to smile when they come and hope for the best.

  10. I received Swivel Store but my bottles of spice do not fit the shelf, it is not wide enough for the bottles or even the square cans of spice from the grocery store. I use a lot of larger bottles and would be good if the bottles would fit each shelf if wider or lower to shelf in closet. My shelves in closet are low so the whole thing does not fit the cabinets either.


  11. Thank you all for your reviews and sharing your experiences with the Swivel Store Spice Rack. I was going to order two (BOGO + extra shipping) but have since decided to stay far, far away from these spice racks! Thanks again.

  12. I think I should have read the reviews before I ordered them. The directions don’t mention the 8 pieces of tin that look like they go under the item. or above it? What are they for?

  13. I’m writing to CANCEL my Swivel Store order… the confirmation number is 4935351…Reason,,ridiculous “processing” fee.. And I was charged for the 2nd organizer. So just cancel it and credit my card– if you’ve all ready ran it.

    Thank you

    • I just got “taken” as well! The ordering process goes extremely fast and the questions are unclear. I wanted the buy one get one free (+ S/H of $7.98) for $19.99. When the order was completed – and there was no place to review the order first – my order came to $72.00!!! There was no way to go back and correct the mistakes. And since it’s Friday night, I cannot even call them until Monday. There was no e-mail address given. Is this what they call a scam??

  14. This is a VERY misleading ad. I was getting one for my daughter,did not receive a total charged to CC, or a conformation # that it was even ordered I called customer service,and was told they had sent 4 sets and charged 138.88 to my CC. I wanted to stop the order,she told me to call my bank and put a stop payment on it,and hung up on me.I called back(a different agent answered) was then refunded 63.92 and told would then receive the remaining 79.96 back.( I’m still waiting for that refund.) Since then my daughter purchased one at bed bath and beyond,she has returned it to the store,as NO spice bottles fit to narrow and to short to hold bottles. I mentioned this to customer service,and was told it was mainly for pill bottles or craft supplies.Not the main advertisement for this Item. Another scam would not recommend at all. And I hope they return my $ before the -up to 30 days I was quoted to get rest of refund

  15. All of you people are idiots. While it is true that the unit tips over easily, and it needs a gap on one side, why didn’t you read the reviews FIRST before ordering?!!

    Also, you with shipping complaints…. They defiinitely tell you that the shipping is 8 bucks, with separate shipping and handling for the second free unit.

    Finally, in case you don’t know it…. The hoile idea of TV direct marketing is to BRAND a product and then easily get it in the mass market ..in stores…in the As seen on TV area of the stores. If it is successful on TV, allowing the campaign to last a few weeks, the stores wil readily carry the item.

    If you people are smart, stop being the ghinea pig and just wait til the item is in the stores. You then won’t have to pay shipping and handling…twice…. and also won’t have a big hassle ..and expense…to return it if you don’t like it.

  16. I do not recommend this Swivel Store product!!!

    We thought that we would try this product, it looked like it would solve a problem with our spices and the inablity to reach them… NOT a help at all! The channels that the spice bottles are ment to sit in are not wide or tall enouph (75%) of the bottles will not fit (unless you plan to use all McCormick brand spices) I would not recomend this product.

  17. This is the biggest rip off! They offer 2 Swivel Stores for $19.95 but don’t let you review your charges before they submit the order. The entire order was $140! That included a $55 processing fee…Are you kidding me? I ended up canceling my credit card before it could process because I didn’t want the hassle of trying to get a refund! Absolutely ridiculous!!!

  18. URG – I wish I read all these complaints BEFORE my $71.94 rip off! I wanted ONE $19.99 and the free one spice rack. What I got was a “confirmed” order for Qty 2, shipping charges $31.96 and searched high and low to find the UPDATE button before I realized there was no update button and the order was processed! I was able to find a phone number through Goggle and called. Of course after reading all this, I know I am in for the fight of my life, but I am armed with information and have no problems disputing this through my credit card company if all else fails. I am totally bummed and feel like an IDIOT!!

    • Following up – I ended up CANCELLING my credit card BEFORE the charges hit. I figured this was going to be easier than fighting with the company and NOT getting any satisfaction.

    • Thanks to everyone who took time to write a Swivel Store Organizer review – a few minutes reading has saved me a lot of time and aggravation. I won’t be ordering this product no matter how good it looks on TV. I have always been suspect of those too-good-to-be true products that don’t appear on TV until after hours when there is nothing else on. I’ve learned to my research before purchasing almost anything and the extra time has paid off with all the money I didn’t pay out!

  19. My advice to all who go here to post their complaints … there are many stores where you can buy products “As Seen On TV” … i.e., CVS, Stop & Shop, Walgreens, K-Mart … Then you have a place to go to return it if you’re not happy. No shipping, no handling, no aggravation. I’ve seen so many products advertised on TV in many stores & malls.

  20. Just ordered spice racks. Don’t know about products yet, but be careful of their shipping “bargains” (or you might end up with them taking money from your credit card). Why can’t anyone be honest anymore?

  21. I am so pissed!!! I ordered the Swivel Shelf advertised on TV… advertised to organize and store your spices or medicine bottles. Well, it isn’t quite large enough to fit my spice bottles or my medicine bottles and it is too tall to fit in my cabinet. They said on TV – order 2 for the price of one – but they didn’t say shipping would be double.

    So the cost of the Swivel Shelf was 19.99( plus 14.98 SHIPPING, and they do not tell you the shipping costs will NOT be refunded). To return it I have to pay the cost of shipping it back probably another $8. So to return this useless shelf would cost me about $22.98 in order to get my $19.99 refund. Duh! DO NOT ORDER SWIVEL SHELF!

  22. DO NOT go to this web site. DO NOT buy this Swivel Store Organizer.

    What was supposed to be under $20 plus an under $8 S/H fee showed up on my credit card as $84 plus. I went to the web site on a Sunday afternoon to purchase this spice rack. I called the company at 7:30AM, told them because of the over charge (total should have been under $34) I was canceling the order. C/S agent said it had shipped. REALLY? In Massachusetts there is a 24 hour right of revision on anything purchased here. I advised the C/S agent I wanted to exercise my right. He put me on hold. He came back and told me he would give me $10 off. I explained I was canceling the order, however he explained this was not possible.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold…and when he came back on the line he told me no supervisor was available that one would have to call me back. When I asked how long this would be I was advised ‘2-3 business days.’ (NO, I am NOT joking!). I was then told that I could return the spice rack and get a credit. With $50 in chipping/service costs how much do you suppose I would get back?!?!

    I hung up and I called the Bank Of America (my cc company). I told them I wanted to dispute the charge, they told me to wait until it was logged as a charge (at that point it was only an approval for the charge). On Wednesday I got an email that the spice rack had been shipped. (Swivel store LIES). On Wednesday the charge actually hit my cc; I called the bank and was told I could not dispute the charge until I presented a return receipt for the product showing I had returned it…and only then could they begin to dispute the charges.

    When the spice rack arrived-there was NO INVOICE so virtually no way to return the spice rack and guarantee I would see a refund.

    I was overcharged by at least $50. This company is unethical, immoral and the product is cheap white plastic worth about $5 at best. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY! They are sleazy and so is their product. They have developed every possible tactic to rip me off and they have succeeded, however I will continue to post everywhere possible to inform others so that this does not happen to them!

  23. I bought my swivel store about a month ago. Tonight I received a phone call from some telemarketer that mumbled the name of their company telling me that I was a “preferred customer” and that they were going to send me $120 in gas rebates and they just need to verify my name, address, and the last four digits of my credit card info (WHICH THEY HAD CORRECT, OMG), and now they’ll send me $120 in gas rebates… oh, and the paperwork for a trial membership to their buyers club which they want me to read through no charge… for 30 days, when they’ll charge my card $30/month if I don’t call and cancel. So, let’s talk to a mail-room person and they’ll send me $120 in gas rebates… but they need to charge my card $2.95 shipping and handling.

    Needless to say, I am FREAKING OUT right now, thinking about canceling my credit card before anything shady happens. Do NOT order from swivelstore.com THEY ARE SHADY BUSINESS

  24. If any of you find a return address, place to get a return authorization or any other info about how I can get rid of this piece of garbage- please email me at address given. I am SO GLAD I believed it was a fraud and cancelled the card so they can cause me no further trouble 😉

    • Virginia,

      Call 1-866-708-6789. They will give you a Order # to put on the box. Return address is: Swivel Store, 300 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT 06493.

      They should put this information in the box.

  25. My step-dad ordered this Swivel Store Organizer for my mom for me and what a big mistake it was! Not only are these things cheap and not very stable, it’s too tall to fit in our cabinets, and you can only put small bottles in it, and then you can’t see the labels to know what you’re looking at. When my step-dad told me how much the “free” one was, I was mad. The extra shipping for the free one was almost the same as the cost of the first one!!! I spent my whole allowance I had saved for my mom’s birthday present, and it is junk!! So far, he says it’s really hard to get all my money back, and the extra shipping and handling I won’t get back. I am only 12, and this makes me so mad that companies out there try (and do) rip people off of their hard earned money. Don’t buy anything from these jerks, you’ll be sorry!

  26. How do you suggest making this product better?

    It sounds like a great idea? Does anyone know a product like this but which actually works?

  27. Oh plus if the item does not work or fit or is defective, if you buy locally you can exchange it or get refund. With these TV stores is very hard to get refund and you lose the shipping cost.

  28. All I know is to never order anything selling on TV, specially over the phone. And NEVER, NEVER, EVER!! pay with a DEBIT CARD.

    A friend of my cousin bought one item from those TV infomercials and paid with a debit card received the item and thought that was that. Well a week later she gets call from the bank that she was overdrawn. How could that be? The bank told her there had been several debits from her account that caused the overdraft. The bank being a small local bank did not reimburse her for the fraudulent purchases. And she lost over $500.

    Also I hear of these TV sellers charging customers credit cards over and over every month for the same product.

    Be very careful. Besides 98% of these TV products are sold shipping free from Walgreens or Bed Bath and Beyond and other mall stores.

  29. I am glad to see these reviews,as I was getting ready to order this item. I do pay attention to these reviews. they do work. I have bought items, didn’t pay attn to the reviews, and was very sorry I bought the item. Thanks for all of you input.

  30. I will try again! I had written my comments and was almost complete when your website cancelled my reply before I could enter it.

    I will summarize: every complaint I read seemed to be my exact complaint. the ad said both the unit ordered and the “free unit” would be shipped for approx$15 total. False advertizing! The automated ordering system continued to try to sell additional products long after the order should have been completed. This is the biggest RIP OFF company that I have ever encountered. There should be a class action suit against this firm. I too paid double or triple for shipping. NEVER BUY FROM THIS OUTFIT !!

    • The metal things are ‘liners’ for the shelves. At least that is what it seems they are for. I was also very surprised and felt ‘ripped’ off by the S&H charges!

  31. That’s nothing. One day my aunt tells me that a couple boxes were delivered to her house for me. I open it up and it ends up being 6 of these spice racks that neither of us have ever heard of. There is no packing slip, nothing.
    So 3 weeks later she calls me and tells me her credit card was charged $150 for these things. She calls her credit card co, they tell her that I ordered it with her card online.

    Bottom line, Neither of us ordered it. She doesn’t have a computer, and I don’t know any of her credit card or bank info. So why is there no packing slip? Why, if I ordered it, do I not have one single confirmation email or receipt? Why if I ordered it was it sent to her address? How can they sell us anything online without SSN # or security Number on back of credit card, and no receipt or confirmation email of any sort?

    On top of that, these are the worst things I’ve ever seen. They have no instructions how to put together. Extremely flimsy. And have no room for anything other than a standard spice container. anything bigger won’t fit, anything smaller can fall out.

    Worthless and Thieves

  32. To all of the people that have responded negatively here about this FALSE ADVERTISEMENT”, I SUGGEST YOU CONTACT THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, AS WELL AS THE SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION. IF we “overflow” their mailboxes, action will be taken sooner rather than later against this ripoff company. They may dissolve this company, but will probably re-organize under another name in the State of Delaware, where it costs $50.00 to form a business.

  33. What a rip off. Where is truth in advertising when you need it. $15.98 for shipping & handling? I think not. Are you trying to sell us a bill of goods, that it costs $15.98 cents for an employee to grab two off the shelf instead of one? Are you trying to tell us it takes more time to put two packages in the same box instead of one? I can tell you, having shipped a lot of packages, your shipping cost is $4.97 cents at most. I fully intend to do everything I can to get your commercials removed from the airwaves, by reporting you to the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the Security & Exchange Commission. If you want to operate your business with the likes of Rupert Murdoch, so be it. Just remember this though, “every dog has it’s day” as Murdoch is finding out. I was more than willing to pay $16.00 a piece for your product, had you just advertised it that way. Now, I feel just like I did when Enron ripped everybody off. I was in business for over 35 years, I never stooped so low as to rip people off.

  34. I was also ripped off by this website for Swivel Store. Ordered 1 set and another free one + S&H for both; no confirmation page of order, just Thank You! Your order is complete. Charged me for additional 2 sets. Total $66.94. I had to call 1-866-708-6789 five times before I was able to be connected to a manager. My suggestion…just ask for manager the first time. If you insist on speaking with manager, and actually get them, they will give you a credit for all of the shipping charges. (Was unable to stop the shipment – ordered over the w/e and no customer service available- by Monday Morning order was already magically shipped at 7:35 AM and they don’t open until 8:00 AM…..now that’s an excellent shipping department!!!) She said when I receive the order I can write “refused” on the pkg and when they receive it back they will credit the other $34.98 or I can keep the order, it is up to me. Hope this helps some of you other guys. I see that this has happened to a lot of people. I am also filing a complaint with the BBB, but surprisingly I’m not finding that anyone has reported this company to BBB in the past. I would like to request that each and every one of you file this with the BBB and maybe something can be done about this.

    The Swivel Store P.O. Box 3179 Wallingford, CT 06494.

    • Also, I forgot to mention, when you get your receipt and see you have been stuck with that outrageous shipping charge….it has a section that says your order qualifies for free shipping. I clicked on that thinking it would then deduct the $31.96 for shipping, but no…..that just signed me up for another website that will reimburse you $10 of the shipping..LOL…..Needless to say that I will cancel that one now. It is supposedly free for 30 days and then they charge you like $12.97/month to get reimbursed for shipping or different sorts of items. ANOTHER RIP OFF!!!

  35. Swivel Store is compact, easy to use and makes my life easier. It fits all the spices I buy at Kroger and makes my cabinet look great. A fabulous idea for sure.

  36. I was disappointed in the width of the Swivel Store shelves. They were TOO narrow to accommodate most of my spice bottles in. Only the most narrow size of bottles fits. Larger bottles or one’s with larger bases will do not fit.

    I would have returned them but the cost of shipping them back and losing my original shipping cost, made it a loose – loose situation.

    The construction of the item is good . Good Idea, but too narrow and units size does not fit easily into cabinets and requires room on both sides.

    I agree with D. Hazen’s review 7/21/2011.
    -Did not save space. Did not fit my cab. shelf – removing other shelf actually resulted in LESS storage space. Also does need space outside of the rack to allow them to swivel properly. It may have been better in an one unit with 4 sliders that swiveled after pulled out …

  37. I was disappointed in the width of the Swivel Store shelves. They were TOO narrow to accommodate most of my spice bottles in. Only the most narrow size of bottles fits.

    I would have returned them but the cost of shipping them back and losing my original shipping cost, made it a loose – loose situation.

    The construction of the item is good . Good Idea, just too narrow.

  38. My order # 4485718

    I ordered only 01 set (with double free for $19.99 also free SH according to the TV ads) why you charged me a second set($14.99). I would like an explanation and justification.


  39. This Swivel Store Organizer unit takes more space than you suspect. It is taller than standard shelf heights, so the remaining shelves are closer together. Only standard size spice bottles/can fit in the rack so if you have larger bottles they will NOT fit and you have to find a place for them. You also must have about 2″ on EACH side of the racks, so the two racks do not fit tightly against each other–taking even more space. You will need 11″ for the height and for 2 rack sets a minimum of 12″ (14″ is better) of width on the shelf.

  40. I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Swivel Store in my local Walmarts because we live and travel full-time in our RV and space is at a premium. Finally found it in Waco, TX and was excited to get it home and set in place. Well, guess what. It’s only for small spice bottles!! We get the kind that have the “foot” at the bottom of each bottle (don’t buy the expensive small bottles of spices) and they don’t fit. No bottle fatter than 1 3/4″ will fit in this thing…AND, you need 4″ of open space on EACH SIDE of the unit for it to operate properly. It goes back tomorrow.

    • If you found a way to return it, please email me or it may go in the trash (and I paid extra for 2 reinforced units).

  41. I am in the Army but my favorite hobby is cooking so I have quite a few spices at home from various places. I was so happy to see the Swivel Store product out there that I bought one as soon as I saw it. Once I got it home I was quite impressed as all of my different brands of spices fit it. I included Spice Islands, The Spice Hunter, Schilling, McCormick, Spice Time, Santa Paula, and even my Whole Foods vanilla bean jar. I know I bought these spices in different parts of the US but it was easy to pop them in and when I had it setup I could actually see what I had in the kitchen. Some man or woman out there came up with one heck of a good idea. Bravo Swivel Store.

  42. I ordered the Swivel Store Organizer online via AsSeenOnTV’s web site. You don’t find out that you’re stuck with an additional 7.98 shipping for the second item until AFTER they process the order. I called immediately to cancel the order, but As Seen On TV will have nothing to do with the order. You have to call the Swivel Store. They are closed on the weekends when I placed the order. So I emailed customer service immediately and called first thing Monday morning. Although their offices were closed, they claimed they already shipped the items and would not cancel the order.

    So it shipped anyway. I opened the package looking for return information. There was nothing inside. To boot, I can’t use this piece of garbage. I have about 60 bottles of spices and NOT ONE fits in the rack. So I’ve had a big run around about returning it. I have to call Master Card and report this as fraud.

    BOTTOM LINE: Don’t order via As Seen on TV or Swivel Store. Sleezy, sleezy companies….

  43. I bought a Swivel Store yesterday and what a surprise it has been. Simple to use and simple to fill up I am thrilled with how it “cleaned up” my spice cabinet. My husband makes model airplanes so I may just have to buy him one for his little paints. Nifty invention!

    • Target or Walmart.

      They have alot of things that can be turned on it’s side or something that do the job better. Look where they have school or office supplies. There are alot of things that are made for desks that work perfect in the cabinet or other places. Also the section where they have things like what you put in your silverware drawers. In my target they have it separated from all the kitchen stuff. It’s on the aisle with trash bags, zip loc containers etc.. Some of it can be expensive but it will work better. You can also get stuff like that at 99 cent store. Surprisingly they have some useful things that would be expensive anywhere else. Something cost $10 buck at store is the same as the one there for 99

  44. Bought my Swivel Store at Bed Bath Beyond. I took it home and set it up right away. I think it works great. With the exception of a large bottle of Lawry’s Seasoning Salt I was able to fit my 20 spices in. What I really like was that I could now see all the spices when I open the Swivel Store; I think it will make me use some spices that were buried in the back of the cabinet to brighten up my summer dishes. Swivel Store also had an unintended benefit. Once I straightened out my spices, I was inspired to organize the rest of the cabinet. Now everything looks great. Quite simply the Swivel Store is great.

  45. Bought Swivel Store for $19.95 at Wal-Mart. It’s not heavyweight plastic but I filled it with glass bottles and it’s working fine. It doesn’t hold bottles that are larger than “regular” supermarket size, but that’s OK because I don’t buy herbs or spices in large bottles because they they lose quality if they sit around too long. I can never use up those larger bottles quickly enough to make them a bargain for me.

    Swivel Store is taller than I expected (11″) and it didn’t fit where I was planning to put it, but fortunately I did have a taller cabinet to use. Unlike one other comment stated, it is possible to put more than one side-by-side, as long as you have 4″ free on the far left and far right to accommodate the swiveling shelf.

    My advice to anyone is to NEVER order from TV – even with if it’s BOGO the shipping and handling always makes it too expensive. All these items show up in the stores, where you can get a good look at what you’re buying.

  46. Wow what a ripoff. I’m so disgusted with this company. I should have know something was amiss when it went straight for your credit card information. They never give you the opportunity to cancel your order before they knock you out with the total price. Actually the shipping was just a little less than the product itself. I guess that’s where the profit is rally made they charged me $30 to ship something that would cost USPS $6.95. At this point I don’t even care if the product works I’m so turned off. I placed my order on Sunday and because the ad stated that you had up to 48 hours before you could check your order status. I called to cancel the order first thing Tuesday morning. And it was a miracle what was to take 2-4 weeks to deliver had been already shipped……………….wow what a scam

    • What a ripoff. If I can’t find a telephone for them, I am going to post a complaint with my credit card company.

  47. I bought Swivel Store at Walmart and I have to say that it is a really neat product. It’s an “out of the box” problem solver and after to loading it with my spices I was quite impressed. I love that I can see the all my spices when the product is open and then I just slide them back into place. I think I will be buying more for family members as gifts (especially my unorganized daughter Melissa!) This is a great product.

  48. Cannot find bottles to fit. only a few of my spices will fit. Also only wanted 1 + free one and got the shock and no phone or return address. Fell like such a jerk.

  49. I just ordered the swivel spice rack–2 sets for $19.99. On the order form I selected 2, meaning give me 2 sets for the price of one, (plus S&H & tax). My order charged me for two separate purchases: 4 actual sets. Since I can’t find anyway to either edit this order or a way of contacting the company, I’m not very happy. Does anybody know how to contact these people?

    • 866-708-6789 is the toll free number for their customer service, I didn’t get anywhere when I talked to them. I had the same experience with 4 sets being sent. This is just another way to scam the public. Hope you have better luck with them than I did. They will not refund the shipping and handling or the processing fee.

    • You only got 4? When I got to the total price of the 2 (I thought) I had ordered, I closed the web page and never clicked okay to purchase. What a surprise to find that they had already charged me $149 and were shipping 6! And of course, no easy way to return them. Determined to use them, I unboxed two and set them up. I have NO idea what the metal pieces are for – they are not mentioned in the skimpy instructions. They ARE limited in the size of bottle they accept and don’t swivel when placed side-by-side. My solution? I bought another, pull-down spice rack ($35 + shipping) and put it next to two of the swivel stores that are side-by-side. The pull-down rack holds the taller bottles. Between the two types, I am storing nearly 70 spices on one shelf and I’m pretty happy. I use the swivel stores as pull-outs and find them an improvement on the lazy Susan I had before. I guess I will give away the other 4 as gifts. Obviously, they are a shady outfit and, had I known, I would never have so much as gone to their website. Lessons learned.

      Caveat emptor, I say.

  50. I really like my swivel store. It fit’s all my spices and it requires no installation. Keeps me organized and saves me time when I am cooking. Best spice rack I have seen in the stores. Highly recommend.

  51. I bought the Swivel store and it came with two metal pieces have been trying to find out what they are for and how to install them or do I just throw them away?

  52. Folks, never buy when a company asks your credit card number and submit the order before you see the grand total. But, in case you did, call immediately the customer service, and your credit card company disputing the charge. And when your item arrives, do not open it, and write down “Refused” returning it to the sender.

  53. This item is 11″ tall and I like mine HOWEVER, don’t order via their TV ad phone # or online. Go to your local store that sells, “As seen on TV” items because, although they send you 2 if you order from them, they tac on $15.98 shipping & handling so for $3.02 more you can just get two from a local store. The S&H is a rip off and they say it will ship in 2-4 weeks so if you get it from the store, you can have it right away. Ordering online gives you no way to cancel before the order goes through.

  54. I wish I had seen these Swivel Store reviews before I ordered from these SCAMMERS!

    This Swivel Store offer is a huge scam, advertised price is $19.99 with $7.99 shipping and handling. You cannot see your cost until after submitting order. Once order was submitted I was charged $29.99 with $15.98 shipping for ONE item. I did NOT order 2 of them,… supposed “customer service” numbers give a constant busy busy signal so I’ve been unable to reach anyone to question my order. Now I will have to go to my bank and make sure they are not able to charge my account. What a hassle … DON’T BUY THIS SWIVEL STORE Organizer!!! Call the swivel store at 866-706789.

    • That’s not the correct ph. # [1] digit missing.
      I’ve been shipped and charged extra too.—— Join the club !!

      Check return address on carton. I’m going to try contact that way.

      I like the units, just have too many shipped to me.

  55. I purchased this without knowing it was a scam. When we received it, the promised second shelf was not included. The $70+++ charges were not only shocking but ridiculous. When we called to return, they claimed they don’t take returns.

    We need a lawyer out there to file a class action law suit to make sure this is stopped!

    • I agree. Did you get any satisfaction? I’m pissed at their tactics. I’m reporting it to the BBB

  56. Consumers… If you order this Swivel Store Organizer with your credit card – DISPUTE The SCAM…

    I made the mistake of thinking this was a “Reputable” company and ordered the Swivel Store Organizer spice racks, when I saw the ad on tv.

    It was suppose to be buy one at $19.99 and get the 2nd one free …. WRONG … they say it is this price, then they rip you off by adding an ADDITIONAL $77.92 If they get as far as shipping you their items, refuse delivery or return the items with delivery confirmation for around $13.00 and then DISPUTE the charge on your credit card … HOPEFULLY enough of us will report this company and it will be shut down or we may get lucky and 1 of us that they try to rip off will be a lawyer and do a class action against them so all of us can be part of their just reward

    • I want to cancel! They asked if you wanted to order an extra set and I said yes(2 sets).

      Then at the end of transaction they asked the same thing and I thought that they did not have the 2 sets marked. So when the total came up and showed 4 set instead of 2 sets the total was already sent!!

      I wanted to correct this and there was no way of contacting them.

      How do I contact them? To correct this.

      Was put on my Debit Card.

  57. Watch out, Consumers!!! Those insane freight charges will kill you and you cannot review your order until you hit “submit”. Then it is too late to alter or delete it. Hard to cancel and then they will give you some “deal” price to save the order. The plastic is very light weight.

  58. I’m really glad that I read the reviews of this Swivel Store before purchasing. Thanks to all of you that took the time to help the rest of us not make the mistake of purchasing this over-priced, low quality product! I’ll stick with the organized chaos I currently have in my spice cabinet!

  59. I ordered a Swivel Store today and get an extra one with a total cost of $19.99. I would like to have free shipping but got out of the website before I could request free shipping. Would you please notify me if I can still get free shipping on this order. Thank you.

    • After reading the reviews I would like to cancel my order. Please notify me that this has been done!!!

  60. I saw an ad for this Swivel Store Organizer the other night, and at first it sounded like an ideal solution to my mess of a spice shelf. I’ve been seeking a better solution for a while now, and since I didn’t get the spice rack I liked from Bed, bath and beyond for Christmas, I was seriously considering it…I almost ordered it that night..but something about it gave me pause…I just couldn’t see how such a product made out of what looked to be cheap, light-weight plastic could work as suggested. One big concern was that it seemed like the rack wasn’t inherently stable and relied on the weight of the spice bottles to keep the apparatus in place when the racks were pulled out. This has brought me to conclude that the market still lacks a sturdy, space-saving spice rack of this design…sounds like a perfect summer project for an engineering major like myself.

  61. Ordered this Swivel Store Organizer on line on a Sunday (5/29), Monday was a holiday, not that you get any response when you click on their customer service in their e-mail confirmation. Called this a.m. (Tuesday) and was told by a CS rep that the product had already shipped – What???? I asked to speak to her supervisor and when she finally came back on line (the rep) I was told to just refuse the package and that they would wave $10 of the processing fee – This company is definitely a scam and I also contacted the stupid “free return shipping company” – Do yourself a favor and don’t order on line or via phone. PS the number to call for the Swivel Store is 866-708-6789.

  62. Shipping fee was not included on the first page, and only when you complete your purchase it adds up, $15.97 is ridiculously high, besides there is no phone call to complain this is not an honest business.

  63. I really want to thank you all for your factual reviews of Swivel Store. I won’t be buying it ever. After we got burned by Aluma Metal Wallets, I have hesitated to ever buy anything on TV or the internet that I cannot see or touch firsthand. We got taken for $86 for only ordering 1 wallet. They just automatically ship you about 6 of them . There is no real customer service, and the ordering system is all by recording where they get your credit card number the moment they say hello. If you are dumb enough like us, you will give it to them. Capitol Credit card company is not helping us out at all. We phoned them right after we placed the order and asked them to cancel the payment, but Capitol wanted all kinds of nonexistent proof of purchase. It has been a month and 5 phone calls later, and still no help from them. We couldn’t even exercise the 3 day choice in the state of Missouri to cancel these orders. Best advice I got on this is to just plain cancel the credit card before you get a bill and then stick it to Capitol and Aluma.

  64. I made the mistake of ordering the Swivel Store Organizer spice racks when I saw the ad on tv. Shipping and handling was almost as much as the product itself. They are too lightweight, and the weight of the spices causes them to tip over when pulled out. As another customer stated, the tv ad does not tell you that you need 4 inches of space on each side to swivel the rack. They are also too narrow for some spice bottles, and you can’t read the labels on the smaller spice containers.
    When I decided to return them for a refund, it was very difficult to find out HOW to return them. Finding the information for customer service was like a scavenger hunt. The cost of returning them almost made me change my mind, but by that time I was so disgusted, I was determined to send them back. My advice is stay away from this product.

    • I was surprised that no packing slip or return info came with this product and immediately saw that it could not fit my spice shelf space. I sent an email a week ago and no response- so I’ve now spent hours looking. It is obvious that this company does not want to accept returns (so they must realize that 11″ height is not a normal spice shelf)- Their ad is deceptive and they expect to just keep operating this way.

  65. The swivel organizer spice rack is satisfactory but the company is a rip off. Don’t order their products.

  66. Does Swivel Store really work as advertised on the TV? is it the best spice organizer you have used, is it easy and convenient to use, how many spices can it hold, does it fit in all spice containers, is it easy to install
    Looks like it would and I would want to use every way they advertised it. A huge investment.

    • What they don’t tell you is that it requires a certain amount of space for each shelf to clear when you pull it out and swivel it. You can’t put it next to the end of your cabinet and you can’t put two of them together (side by side). You can put items in that small area between the end of your cabinet and the swivel shelf, but you can’t see what is in that cubby hole!

      If your spice bottles are just a little to “chubby”, they won’t fit on the shelves. If you have the smaller spice containers, you can’t read what is in some of them…all you can see if the top.

      I did not save one bit of space….it actually made it worse as I had to raise up the shelf above it and now I can’t stand up the items I used to have on that shelf. I was stupid enough to double the order for the cost of shipping and handling…..which ended up costing me $32.00. I also upgraded to the “deluxe” model which consisted of a metal insert on each shelf which cost me $5 per unit (for a total of an extra $20) which was a rip off. So I got 4 swivel shelves for $86.00.

      My advice would be to skip it. You can buy some “stadium” type mini shelves at Lowes where you can at least see all of the bottles or containers. You can also buy some smaller “lazy susans” (which I already) had but thought these shelves would work better)!

      • Thank you for an honest and thorough Swivel Store review. I am rarely tempted by TV ads but this one almost got me! Thank you for taking the time to help others with your review. I am sorry it came at a price to you. I hope you can get your money back with the 30 day money back guarantee they purportedly offer. Best Wishes.

        • I totally agree with Gabriele McConnell. I had the same problems with the Swivel Store. Also, the plastic it is made of is very thin and flimsy. The difference was, I bought mine at the AS SEEN ON TV store at my local mall. Which was a huge mistake. They have their return policy on bright green paper, sitting on the counter. None of the scenarios listed about what you could not return applied to my purchase, so, I’m thinking , okay, if I do not like the product, I will return it. Not a chance. When I went back to the store today.. I was directed to the actual return policy, printed on plain white paper, posted on the wall behind the counter, and, the sales clerks head, and surrounded by other products hung up on the wall. No return, just “store credit”, and they would not give me a credit slip, I had to make my purchase right then, or drive back when I made up my mind, as long as it was within 7 days of purchase. After 40 minutes, I finally found something acceptable,although, it was nothing I would have purchased otherwise. Definitely my first and last purchase from that store, or any other AS SEEN ON TV store.

          • Something else, I did not mention about the shady practices at this store: when I went to return the product, I was told.. the policy is also on your receipt. Hello, is that the piece of worthless paper you get after you have already made the purchase and payed for it??

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