Sponge Plunge

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What is Sponge Plunge

It is a convenient storage system for your kitchen sponge that claims to keep it sanitized and odour free as well.
Sponge Plunge maintains that it can offer respite to home owners who want to make sure their kitchen sponges don’t smell and stay trapped with bacteria and germs. But that’s what invariably happens as soon as you start using your new kitchen sponge. It becomes a home to bacteria and stinks to heavens. Irrespective of use of warm water or any kind of soap, it’s just difficult to get rid of. Sponge Plunge ensures that this problem won’t arise in the first place.

Sponge Plunge and knowing what it exactly does

For starters, you have to understand that Sponge Plunge is a compact and sanitizing device to use at home and ensure that your kitchen sponge remains hygienic as it should be. Importantly, it also doubles up as a storage device for your regular sponge and makes sure it is stored close to the kitchen sink so you can use it easily whenever you want. The secret of the Sponge Plunge lies in sanitizing tablets that work with tap water to disinfect the sponge and kitchen scrubs every time you use them.


Sponge Plunge and how to use it

Sponge Plunge emphasizes on the fact that no other sanitizing method works as efficiently and quickly like this one. You have to start with taking a sanitizing tablet and adding it to regular tap water. You can then simply plunge your sponge to let Sponge Plunge do its job for you. Once that’s done, you are ready to take out the sponge and squeeze it out. It can be air dried so that it is ready to be used again whenever you want to.

Sponge Plunge prevents contamination

You rely on your kitchen sponge to keep your pots and pans clean to maintain hygiene levels around you. But the sponge itself traps harmful germs and bacteria, which ends up making matters a lot worse. Sponge Plunge avoids that from happening and offers you a completely sanitized version every time you want to clean anything in your kitchen. Thus it stops any cross contamination that can happen with your food. Sponge Plunge comes with an air dry shelf and fits practically sponges of all sizes for your overall convenience as well.

Sponge Plunge can save you a lot of money

You just can’t do without your kitchen sponges; no two ways about it. Sponge Plunge lets you make the most out of them and boosts their longevity, according to its claims. Thus you can save substantial amounts of money on it every year. Sponge Plunge also works as a space saving storage system for your kitchen sponges, which will now be always at hand for you. The sanitization tabs can be stored easily in the bottom of the unit too. It promises to eliminate all odours and keep your kitchen sponges fresh as well.

What do I get?

You get two sets of Sponge Plunge Sanitizing and Storage System complete with 20 long-lasting sanitization tablets and also two sponge for only $10 plus $15.9 P&H.Official website spongeplunge.com.


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