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What is Snackeez

It is said to be a convenient snacking solution that can hold your favourite drinks and snacks at the same time.
Snackeez claims to have been designed to help you carry your chosen beverages and snacks in one hand so that you don’t struggle while you are on the go. Don’t you find it annoying when you are trying to enjoy a sports match on the field but you are trying to manage your drink and snacks with both your hands? That can lead to spills and mess, which you can avoid with the help of Snackeez according to its claims.

Snackeez is known for its smart design

If you want to go anywhere, be it on to a sports field or when you are driving for that matter, Snackeez can offer you the right solution to carry your drinks and snacks. That’s because of its clever design, which is meant to help you hold 16 oz drink and your favourite snack at the same time. So no matter where you are, you won’t be struggling while carrying your refreshments on the go.


Snackeez has features meant for your convenience

Snackeez is also known to seal perfectly so that all your food items remain fresh while you are on the road. That’s because of the hinged flip-top lid that snaps securely and keeps things in place. It means when you get carried away with the excitement on the field or while driving, there will be no spills for you to clean up later.
Snackeez also has a straw cap so that you can savour your beverages through the day. Moreover the cap is conveniently tethered so that you don’t end up spilling your drinks.

Snackeez is quite versatile for use

If you have kids at home and are worried about spills on your couch or carpet then it can be the right solution for you. Snackeez can also be used when you are driving for your convenience and to avoid hiccups. It’s also said to be dishwasher safe, which saves you a lot of further hassle as well.

What do I get?

You will get two sets of Snackeez™ system for just $9.99 plus $ 11.98 P&H. Official website


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