Snackeez Duo

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What is Snackeez Duo?

Snackeez Duo claims to be a 2-in-1 snack and drink cup that is recyclable and lightweight so that you can use it as a party-ready beverage and snack container. Snackeez Duo assures to come in a convenient stackable packing so that you can pass it around to kids during birthday parties, sleepovers, barbecues, or sporting events, basically any place one would have snacks and drinks. Snackeez Duo assures that it can be personalized so that no one will sneak your kid’s snack.


How does Snackeez Duo work?

To conveniently carry snacks as well as drinks without adding to the bulk, Snackeez Duo convinces that there couldn’t be a better container. Snackeez Duo states to hold 12 oz of beverage and 6 oz of snacks in the single container so that you no longer have to juggle glasses and plates at a party. Snackeez Duo is washable and recyclable so it can be reused and even discarded responsibly once the party is over.

Snack and beverage container

No party is ever complete without snacks and drinks. But it gets so difficult to deal with both at the same time and juggling not only kills the fun at the party but is also a mess to manage. But now Snackeez Duo is a special container that promises that kids no longer have to juggle the plates and glasses at a party. Snackeez Duo claims to hold drinks in the cup and has a lid that also doubles up as a bowl to hold snacks. So the kids are assured to carry snacks and drinks conveniently because the cup is sealed with the bowl and the lid on top keeps the food inside.

Recyclable and washable

Snackeez Duo assures that once the party is over, it can be reused since it is easily washable. It also proclaims to be recyclable so that you can discard it responsibly without harming the environment. Your kids will allegedly love to have their Snackeez Duo because it can be easily personalized. With that they can also rest assured that no one will ever sneak their snacks. Snackeez Duo emphasizes to come in multicolor options so that your kids can color code the container according to a party theme or just have a variety. Snackeez Duo comes with lids to prevent spillages. Since the cups are stackable, they do not take much space in your kitchen. Since Snackeez Duo is very lightweight you allegedly can even carry it on picnics and even discard them without having to bring the dead weight back.


Ideal for any occasion
No matter what the occasion and what the number of kids, parties will no longer be a messy affair. This is because Snackeez Duo guarantees to be usable at all times. Whether it’s a cookout party, a sports event, birthday party, pajama party or sleepover, or just play date, Snackeez Duo asserts to let kids have their snacks and drinks conveniently. Snackeez Duo assures to be the ideal companion for summer vacations.

What do I get?

  • 10 Multi-Color Snackeez Duo Cups
  • 10 Snack Bowls with lids
  • 10 Straws

Price: $9.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling | Official website:

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