Smart Twister

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How many times have you found yourself entangled in a mess while tying stuff together with a rope? Well you may also have faced problems in untying them if you happen to make the knots work correctly. But there is no other way to ensure safety of items unless you bind them together. Imagine how awesome it would be if there was something like a twister which handles small cables and wires very well. This idea is the reason the promise of Smart Twister is available to you.


Smart Twister claims to be a large sized twister which can help tie long lasting knots for hundreds of purposes. Smart Twister is made from stainless steel membrane which is fused with different layers of foam and has a soft finish that makes sure its strength remains invulnerable. This combination in Smart Twister is said to last a long time without cracking up, wind up knotted or rust along with the ability to have strength to hold heavy objects. The available sizes of 44cm, 88cm and 172cm also gives enormous options to make different chores easy using Smart Twister.


Smart Twister claims to come with lots of benefits. To begin with it is said flexible that it can be practically wound around objects like heavy duty cables, bulky items, car carrier, etc to hold things in place. Smart Twister is also supposedly a good way to hold and hang objects by twisting its shape around and is able to hold up to 135 kg of weight. One can easily tie and hang tools, hoses, bikes, lawn chairs, blowers and even lawn mowers easily. This ability can make Smart Twister the perfect choice for anyone who wants to manage the garage floor from a mess to a nicely tied clean floor.

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