Simple Press

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What is Simple Press

It is an ironing board which unlike regular boards comes with a split design and a 360 degree rotate function that help making the process of ironing garments easy.


Easy ironing no longer a dream:

Simple Press asserts that it is the most unique ironing board that will solve all the hassle of ironing different types of clothes with a regular flat ironing boards. Standard ironing boards are simple in terms of their functioning and are pointless for tough garments especially pants. The problem with such boards is that there is a need of constantly tossing and turning the garment to reach all the places properly and may end up frustrating the user. Simple Press states that the mere motivation behind its innovation was to resolve this very issue of ironing and provide a peaceful, quicker solution for ironing right at home.


Salient Features:

Simple Press emphasizes on the fact that it is not like any other ironing board since it is designed with split arms that makes it easier for garments to be simply accommodated just like wearing pants on the split arms. This feature helps in reducing the need of reposition the items constantly helping in maintaining the amount of ironing done to the current surface area. additional feature that makes Simple Press allegedly the best ironing board is its rotating function. The rotating surface is flexible in the entire 360 degrees to provide amazing amount of ease while ironing and no need to move the garment from their current position at all. This includes ironing legs of pants, both sleeves of shirt, collars and even cuffs in a breeze. Simple Press also is stated to be flexible with regards to its arms that can be easily pushed back together for easy use as a traditional ironing board if desired.

Perfect for Home Use:

Simple Press maintains its stand to be the most affordable and feature filled ironing board as it can be easily folded and stored anywhere. The split and flat design covers provided are 100% cotton covers which makes the ironing process very smooth. Simple Press claims it is light in weight as it weighs only about 6.5kgs and can be adjusted in height between 84-90cm. The sturdy body of Simple Press convinces to be durable for a long time and even has extra shelf space for storing the iron easily.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Simple Press for $79.95 + $19.95 P&H.
  • Official website:
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