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Is plugging in your electronic gadgets into sockets that are behind the computer table or shelves giving you a tough time? Or, do you try to push the furniture against the wall but the bulky wires keep pushing it out? But now Side Socket, the innovative power solution, lets you clear the space by swiveling the chords and wires to the side. With the world’s first and the only surge protector that swivels 90 degrees you can plug in, rotate and power as many as six plugging components at one time. You can save three times the space compared to a regular plug socket. This will help you clear out big time space in your house, garage or even workplace.

Side Socket

Side Socket is the ideal choice if you want to conveniently plug your electronics into sockets located in hard to reach places. You can easily push back your working desk, chairs, racks and also couches and save the much needed space in your room. You can also make more space on your kitchen counter by moving appliances like the toaster or the microwave oven against the wall with Side Socket. You also do not need to keep moving the spike guard while cleaning the floor thereby saving yourself the trouble and the risk of short circuit or an electric shock. Not just for clearing space, Side Socket is also equipped with anti surge protection will save your expensive electronics like the laptop from accidental and unexpected jolts. Side Socket is very durable and made of such tough construction that it can endure any strike, whether it is the sturdy furniture or even a hammer. The furniture moving the wires plugged into a regular socket can cause electrocution or short circuit but with Side Socket you can redirect the power safely so that is safe for you to slide the furniture against the wall.

Side Socket can be used behind practically any electronic item – the music system, night lamp, or your working table. You can also use it to reroute power around wet areas like kitchen sink or the washbasin. Side Socket costs much lesser than surge protectors that cost up to $ 100 and do not give you the ease of swivelling. What’s more, if it breaks or damages it will be replaced completely. And if you order now you will get a bonus Side Socket for free.


What do I get?
2 Side Socket Cord Organizers for just $14.95 + $15.90 s/h. Official website

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21 thoughts on “Side Socket Review

  1. Question I can not seem to find any information on the safety of the Side Socket. Are they UL approved? What types of appliances can be plugged into them safely?

    Thank you

  2. Cannot find instructions on how to cancel two orders–#10423716 and #10423759. Please advise on how to cancel these two erroneous orders.

    Thanks, A B

  3. Wish I had read the reviews before I ordered. I ordered 2 side sockets buy one get one free at $10.00 a piece. My bill is $145.00. Cancel my order!! I will cancel my credit card today. What a scam.

  4. As I went through the order process I ordered 1 Side Socket set for a total of $25.90. At the end of the order process, you never see a price till its submitted was a total of $137.70!! As seen on tv has received its last order from me!! Be smart and buy in store and not off of tv!!

  5. I called to ask about complete cost of product. It would not give me one. It asked at the end of message how many I wanted to buy I said none, it said ok you want one. So I repeated I do not want any. Again it said ok you want to order one set. Then I asked to speak to an operator, again it says ok you want to order 1 set. This is a big ripoff when you can not speak to anyone on the phone. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF BUYING FROM THEM.

  6. Side Socket works but there is a big problem. There is no screw to hold it to the wall outlet so it has to be held when pulling out plugs and with the weight of six cords at times it falls out of the wall outlet.

  7. Re:Side socket, they are big scam called to order got their recorded and could not get to even say no to the rest. Don’t buy from them. My bank is aware and I am calling BBB to report them.

  8. This website is a rip off. I was ordering two Side Sockets buy one get one free for a total of 4 which should have only been $20.00 plus $15.90 shipping and handling. I was charged $60.00 for the first two and $54.00 for the next two and $63.60 for shipping and handling for a total of $177.60. WOW. I only answered yes to upgrade to surge protector. There is no way to cancel this order and the customer service is a “no reply”. Thanks goodness I used a credit card that protects me. I am disputing the charges and hopefully will not be charged. BEWARE OF THIS GREAT PRODUCT.

  9. Side Socket as I answered No to every extra offer that was put in front of me (it seemed it might have been 7 offers) at the end:
    “Thank You! Your order is complete.

    I was surprised when I found the Order Total was $25.90. As I expected $17.95 I felt I was being ripped off. I called Customer Service at (866) 596-4604 and Matt who was very helpful explained that the two for one offer is not an offer but is the real deal. The difference is $7.95 which is the processing charge for the second Side Socket. You cannot buy only one. Since I only need one I tried to cancel the order but I was informed it takes 4+ hours for the order to reach their computers. I will call back. In the meantime which I should have done before ordering I found many of these items offered on the net.

  10. If side socket is a scam , I will go to the Better Business Bureau , and then charge them in a court of law.

  11. BIGGEST SCAM, you think you are buying one and they charge you 2, you call to cancel 4 times and they wont because it is not in the system yet. The next morning call again and they wont cancel because it is in shipping. THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST. I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN, SCAM!!

  12. I was scammed too!! Once you give your card information they take it as ordered! They walk you through a string of add-ons and by the time you think you will get to review your order you are screwed!!! I did not even click confirm order, I tried to cancel because on a $17 order the charges were $31.88. The advertisement on the website states $10.00 for a socket + one free p&h $7.95. When you get to the end of submitting your order, the p&h turns into $7.95 per socket. My bank told me not to accept the parcel and send it back then when the charge go through your bank you can cancel the charge.

  13. DO NOT BUY THIS AT THE OFFICIAL SIDESOCKET.COM WEBSITE! You are asked for your credit card information first, then they try to up sell you with all kinds of accessories for the socket. The shipping is $7.95 for each socket, and if you want the surge protector, it doubles your price. I ended up paying, without knowing the total until the order was already processed, $141.00 for four side sockets. THIS IS A RIP OFF!!

    • This Side Socket has got to be a scam, they trick you into hidden “processing” fees that are not shown until after you have placed your order, this hidden 73.60$ processing fee was only stated in the “thank you for your order” email and after paying! They are impossible to deal with to get the order cancelled. DO not use this company!

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