Shoes In Order

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What is Shoes In Order: It is a new Shoe Storage and Organizer system that features zip closing system. It an store 15 pairs at once.

Shoe Storage a Problem?

Are you running out of space for your shoes but can’t stop shopping for more? Are you taking hours to find the other pair of your jogging shoes? Have you tried protecting them in their box or stacking them up and still running out of room to store more? Then Shoes-in-Order is what you need. Shoes-in-Order claims to be an easy solution to organize and protect your shoes.

A Quality Product

Shoe in Order is made of quality, breathable materials. It has a protective clear zipper cover that locks out dust and moisture; it also guarantees long-lasting durability with its double-stitched reinforced seams. Now you need not worry about your favorite pair of shoes collecting dust in the corner.

Easy to use

Shoes-in-Order does not require any assembly; you can directly start using it. Shoes in order is easy to slide and helps you find those favorite pair in a jiffy. As you can organize your shoes in the right order here. Just think of the space and the time you save. Shoes-in-Order provides the perfect solution for storing your shoes in any dorm room.

Space for More

Shoe in order has a customed divider design which is great for co-ordinating not only your shoes but also your scarf’s, belts and accessories. So you can find what you need instantly – now it`s easy to look your best. With four handles you can easily store your shoes almost everywhere.

Think Out of the Box

Are you storing those expensive shoes in its boxes and having a hard time finding the right pair? Then it is time to get out of that box and order your shoes in order so that you can store up to 15 pairs of shoes in it. Start shopping for more shoes with no storage worries.


If you love footwear then you know what it means to keep those precious shoes and sandals in good shape without any dirt or dust getting to them. It is easy to love many footwear and purchase them but the task of maintaining them is huge, which is said to be solved by Shoes In Order. You may have kept the footwear in their boxes itself but the size of those boxes piling up takes a lot of space and hunting for the right pair can be also a difficult thing amidst piles of boxes which also is apparently resolved by Shoes In Order.


Shoes In Order claims it is not shoe storage furniture but instead a flexible space saving solution that can be flexibly stowed anywhere in the closet or even under the bed. It has organized sections that can handle 15 pairs of shoes in its compartments. And to cover these compartments it has a zip closing system in order to protect them. Shoes In Order is supposed to be economical and a practical solution because it is practically cheaper and doesn’t require any kind of installation or assembly. Shoes In Order sports a 4 side handles for carrying it easily with a size of 58.5 x 87 x 15 cm.


Shoes In Order promises to keep shoes in mint condition by keeping dirt, dust and insects getting to the shoes. Plus the zipped lock cover is transparent helping to see through Shoes In Order to find the right pair in no time. Due to its flexible nature Shoes In Order is said to fit anywhere inside the house saving enough space and utilizing unusual storage spots. Plus Shoes In Order is also said to have provision for storing other accessories like belts and scarfs neatly.

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