Shelf Under

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What is Shelf Under

It is that instant shelf that can double up your cabinet space within no time.
Shelf Under is meant for all home owners who are trying to get around the space issues in their surroundings. You might have to deal with serious space constraints in your kitchen cabinets or drawers and that only adds to the clutter in your house. What’s worse is it makes it difficult for you to find whatever you are looking for at any point in time. Shelf Under claims to help you with these space issues, and double your cabinet space instantly.

Shelf Under adds space to your surroundings

Have you been struggling with space issues in your kitchen cabinets or drawers that make it practically impossible for you to find what you are looking for? Shelf Under can instantly add space, and help you get rid of cluttered and disorganized drawers instantly and without any hassle. Good thing about Shelf Under is also the fact that it can be installed easily and without the need for any tricky tools or procedures. Thus you can make a world of difference to your indoor spaces without any additional effort.

Shelf Under is versatile enough for your different needs

You will find plenty of applications for your Shelf Under in your home, according to its claims. It can be used in your kitchen for pantry supplies and spices, while it can make additional room for your plates too. You can use it in the refrigerator for additional space or make the most of it for lower drawers too. Shelf Under can be used smartly in garages and workshops, at the same time they have their benefits for laundry or holding your linens. Now you also have additional space for bathroom supplies and it can be flipped over to create a new level.


Shelf Under is boosted by smart features

Shelf Under is known for its lightweight steel construction that can hold over 30 pounds. Shelf Under also has non slip coating that avoids surface scratches while it fits all cabinet shelves too.

What do i get?

You get two sets of Shelf Under for $ 10.00 plus $15 for p&h. Official website


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