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What is Shambibby

It is an innovative shammy baby bib made out of revolutionary material from Germany that is super absorbent, natural and reusable for feeding the kids without the mess.

The best bib ever:

Shambibby claims that it is going to bring a new revolution in the market of baby inventions and is as important as the evolution of diapers. Most baby bibs made from cloth get messy after kids eat the food as a lot of it falls on it and gets soaked, stained and dirty. These regular bibs are really not washable as the stains and stink still persist after several washes but due to the uncomfortable nature of vinyl bibs one would be left with no choice. Shambibby asserts that this problem needed a solution using the most unique way which is why it is designed from a material making it a one-of-kind bib.


Shammy baby bib:

Shambibby guarantees to be the best bib ever mainly due to the utilization of the non-woven Rayon “Chamois” fabric technology that is invented in Germany. In fact, this particular material that is used to create Shambibby is said to hold around 2 times its weight in liquid. Which means any messy items dropped on it securely stay in the place till its washed making it highly effective for even to wipe hands and mouth of kids thoroughly. Once it’s done Shambibby is declared to be completely washable by a simple rinse and does not keep any stain or mess on its surface as it washes off immediately for the next use so that there is no need to stack a cupboard full of bibs. As washing can be simply done under a tap and Shambibby can be squeezed and dried it saves a lot of money on laundry too. Plus it is stated that Shambibby is very soft to the touch and with every wash gets even softer than before. Health concerned parents can be rest assured as it is all naturally safe to use along with properties like non-microbial and hypoallergenic. Along with these properties it is alleged that it is completely odor free. Shambibby is stated to come in 4 fun colors to attract kids – yellow, orange, pink and blue.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get 2 Shambibby in your choice of color & 4 matching color Sham Handy Wipes for $19.95+P&H.
  • Official website:
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