Santa Genie Hangers Review

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Do you love the holidays but can’t stand decorating outside? Don’t punch holes on your siding ruining it! Don’t suffer the cold outside while working at your decorations! All you need to do is get the amazing Santa Genie Hangers!


How does Santa Genie Hangers work?
These hangers are the first instant hanging light system that snaps on instantly to your shingles and gutters! Put up your exterior Christmas lights in a snap with the ingenious Santa Genie Hangers! Santa Genie Hangers is the simple and beautiful way to decorate your home, apartment or flat; it just takes 14 minutes to put your lights up with this system! It is made of UL Rated Polymer Coating.

It’s easy to install; simply use it with your favorite lights and fasten them on the 14 feet lighting platforms inside the cozy warmth of your house, then easily slide it under the shingles or snap them on to your gutters. The secret behind this is its interlocking light hangers that do twice the work in nearly half the time; and all this without damaging your home, risking hurting yourself on the ladder and with the nails and hammer.

It has a patented drip lip that provides extra protection to keep the rain and moisture off the wires, preventing accidents. The Santa Genie Hangers can be taken down in seconds and easily stored. Each box contains 24 feet of hangers. You will also receive the All Season Santa Genie Hangers Storage Bags as an added attraction. Have fun decorating this season with the Santa Genie Hangers!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
One Santa Genie 24′ Light Hanger System for $19.95 + $6.95 s/h.



Reviews and Complaints
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2 thoughts on “Santa Genie Hangers Review

  1. I bought these hangers last year because they were recommended by a friend. They are fantastic. I was able to hang my own Christmas lights without any help. I took my existing lights, attached them to the hangers and then slid them under my shingles. I used the gutter hangers for my garage and they simply snap on. Taking them down after Christmas was even easier, I just removed the hangers from the shingles, folded them (with the lights on them) and put them in the storage bags that came in the box.. I am actually looking forward to the outside decorating part of Christmas this year. Great product.

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