Roomy Roller Review

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When you try pulling out your clothes from the closet or drawer while dressing, isn’t it frustrating when all fall out? Put an end to the unwanted hassle by getting Roomy Roller home right away! Roomy Roller is the perfect way to optimize available space for your clothes wherever you store them. With this amazing tool, it’s now really possible for you to get rid of stuffing and cramming clothes every day.

How does Roomy Roller Work

With Roomy Roller you can keep all the trouble you’ve faced all along to manage clothes at bay. You can also save loads of time and also make your storage look tidy and the messy sight it turns into, no matter how many times you fold your clothes and arrange them. Roomy Roller is nothing but a simple yet revolutionary handheld roller barrel that holds, rolls and compacts clothes into perfect storage cylinders so effortlessly and fast that you’ll be amazed! When you need to travel, role the clothes with Roomy Roller and be sure they stay intact as a refillable tape dispenser is provided with it through which you can use the tape to keep clothes super tight.

Roomy Roller is the patented rolling barrel that’s incredibly useful and easy to use. All you have to do is simply lie out your clothes like shirt, T-shirts, pants or virtually anything and roll it with it. The perfectly rolled and compact structure it imparts to your clothes is ready before you, and your clothing takes up just a fraction of the space. If you doubt that the rolling barrel may make your clothes messy, worry not. The miracle space and time saver will keep your clothes in good condition, allowing you to simply roll them out easily when you put them on.

Roomy Roller even takes the load and messiness off your dressers and bags. You can roll your clothes in it and pack them smart. Since it’s lightweight and portable, it offers you all the convenience as you can even carry it along while traveling. Roomy Roller, the miracle space saver is so easy to use that even children can use them!



What do I get?

  • 2 Roomy Rollers
  • 1 Space-saving Closet Hanging Tree

All this for just $10.99 plus $13.90 P&H. Official website



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