Press Ease Wall Hanger

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Simple things like inserting nails in the walls to hang pictures, frames or anything you want can become the bane of your existence. Using the regular hammers etc can damage your walls and it’s the last thing you want. You have to keep running for tools here and there, which is a complete waste of time. Press Ease on the other hand claims to make things easier and convenient for you. Quite simply Press Ease Wall Hanger is said to combine the strength of the nail while the ease of using your thumb to keep it in place.

How does Press Ease Work

Convenient for use
Press Ease Wall Hanger offers to let you hang anything and everything you want without any difficulty. And what’s more, the job can be done quite quickly as well. There’s no need to look for hammers, any hardware or tools to do the job when you have Press Ease around, according to its claims. All you have to do is simply line it in place you want, then press it in the place and that’s it; anything you want to hang on it can be done without any hassle.

Sufficiently strong
Press Ease Wall Hanger can be put in place with the help and ease of a thumb. But it’s apparently quite strong and the ease of use shouldn’t confound you. It’s supposed to hold up to 15 pounds of weight, which means you can hang most things you want without worrying about them falling and breaking. Press Ease Wall Hanger promises to hold them securely and in fact is said to be 5 times stronger than stick on strips. And since real nail is used in holding items in place you can be rest assured about their placement.

Many applications for you
Home owners love to have things in their right place because it says a lot about their interior spaces. You might also want to bring about certain changes in your surroundings by moving things around whenever you want. Now it’s not a difficult task if you believe what’s being said about Press Ease. What’s more, it’s said to be quite versatile in its use and works well with picture frames, mirrors, signs etc. Importantly Press Ease Wall Hanger is said to not cause any damage to your walls while securing these items in their place easily.


What do I get?

  • Buy Three Press Ease sets (a set of 12) for $10.00 plus $6.95 P&H

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Press Ease Wall Hanger Video

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