One Second Needle Review

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Do you find threading your needle a real bother? You poke, you cut, you squint and swear, but still you can’t put the tread through the needle! You need the help of the amazingly innovative One Second Needle! The One Second Needle is a built-in threader that threads in one easy motion; now, instead of taking the thread to the needle, you take the needle to the thread!


How does One Second Needle work?
All you have to do is simply loop and thread; it’s that easy! Now, you can sew buttons, hem pants, mend your tears and do patch up, with completer ease. It is so easy with the One Second Needle that you can do thread your needle, literally blindfolded! If you snag your sweater, only the One Second Needle can bury that snag and it’s great for burying stands too, even the short threads and its ends can be hidden inside.

You will no longer have need of parking multiple needles and with the One Second Needle you can change thread colors and thread them easily and quickly. You will get both large sized and small sized One Second Needles and a 130 piece beautiful Sewing kit.

The Sewing Kit contains all you need for sewing, including hooks, pins, a twenty piece thread collection in a stylish case and much more. Anyone from a novice sewer to an expert tailor can quickly and effortlessly thread with the great One Second Needle!

One Second Needle Review
Sewing is never a favourite thing for most of us who often have cloth tailoring jobs. We take our needs to our mom or the procleaners to keep from threading those little needles.

Majority expression to needle job is “It’s really, really hard”. It needs focus and concentrate. Often the small little string gives a mighty headache. This is why One Second Needle- a product so innovative that it is supposed to make life a whole lot easier for us with needle phobias. Simple as 1-2-3, just loop the thread and slide across the special threading opening.

The kit sells for $10 plus shipping and handling and comes with a sewing kit that includes eight needles, rolls of thread, scissors and a small plastic case.

The One Second Needle is highly useful and extremely comfortable a use for threading needles quickly. The product is so effective in use that one can thread a needle blindfolded. The product is best recommended for quick fix jobs. The needles blend easily with the fabric making sewing a fun activity which gets the job seems like play.

The one second needle in my opinion is an amazing invention for those quick little things you have to sew on, maybe a button or something. I think it’s a great concept which is well executed for stealing time which stitching quickly inline.

Scott and Melissa from Better Connecticut (WFSB channel 3) recently reviewed the One Second Needle.

Scott begins by attempting to thread a traditional needle and fails to do so.  Melissa does it somewhat quickly and Scott decides its’ time to try the One Second Needle. 

Melissa threads the One Second Needle in…a second but Scott still struggles for a bit. Scott then continues the review by deciding to try the One Second Needle blindfolded which he achieves after a few attempts.

“It really does work….  It’s an incredible product” Scott declares.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 4 Large One Second Needles
  • 4 Small One Second Needles
  • 130 Piece Sewing & Mending Kit
  • All this for $10.00 + $12.98 shipping/handling . 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


One Second Needle Video


22 thoughts on “One Second Needle Review

  1. After reading these reviews, I have decided not to buy the one second needle. It is a great concept but sounds like the design needs some tweaking. I have a vision issue in my right eye that makes it difficult to thread a needle but I can get by with a little sewing tool you can buy in the fabric department of any discount store. You slip the wire through the eye of the needle, run the thread through that loop, pull the tool out of the eye and you set to go. Only runs a dollar or two.

    Their price of ten dollars plus almost thirteen dollars shipping and handling is outrageous. All that for a bunch of lousy needles? I don’t think so!

  2. The needle is really easy to threaden. However, you can’t sew with it because the material catches on the loop/eye. So it’s pretty much useless.

  3. This is a real waste of money….not at all worthy of all the GOOD HYPE but very deserving of the bad reviews…non-useable and plastic needles are better than these and the accessories that come with it..JUNK all junk and not bother getting these..I did and am sorry now…throwing money away is not a good thing.

  4. I bought this One Second Needle and it just stinks. It is easier to thread the needle but the thing that makes it easier to thread the needle is the problem. It gets hung up in everything you try to sew with it. The loop picks up threads out of the fabric and pulls the threads in some cases causing holes in your fabric. I say just get a needle threader and be done with it. You will not like these things. I just ruined a good blouse trying to use this one. It has the same results on every fabric I have used it on. I wish I could get my money back. I bought $80 worth of them to give as gifts and now that I have used mine I don’t want to give them to anybody so I have wasted almost $100 for nothing except some little sewing kit that has safety pins so cheap they bend when you try to put them through the fabric. Real good deal!!! NOT!!!!

  5. I bought this product at a local discount store. As I have trouble seeing, I thought this would be better than having to thread a regular needle. They do not work very well. the small needle-heads keep bending and the large needles are not sharp enough to use. these are made of stainless steel? I don’t think so. The scissors were totally useless and I threw them away! The thread was cheap thread and broke easily. Loved the pins though! Definitely not going to buy a second set.

  6. DO NOT BUY I can’t sew a thing with these needles that doesn’t get caught in existing threads/material. Went back to regular needles. While ordering via website I thought I was canceling/deleting order when it said get 2nd set free – just pay s/h. I knew what that meant, so I just got OUT. But, of course, since they get the credit card number first you can’t just get OUT. They have you where they want you. It IS A SCAM;


  7. The One Second Needle is a waste of money. The opening is too small in the smaller needles, and the larger ones don’t go through material easily. I’ll take regular needles.

  8. I concur with what the other reviewers have said about the One Second Needle. The needles are actually every bit as difficult to thread as a standard needle, and they kept breaking my thread. The needles are so thick, they’re useless for sewing. The eye does, indeed, get caught in fabric. Don’t bother with purchasing this product.

  9. I just got the One Second Needle….after five months of waiting, and then I never got the case after I called for it twice, so I used the needle, and everytime it actually went through the fabric the “eye” got caught…plus I love to embroider , but I cant see well and this is just as hard to thread, I cant figure out which side has the loop!

  10. Is it really that easy to thread with this One Second Needle?
    I will be honest, the first set of needles they sent me did thread easily seemed to go through cotton material easily without catching.

    Is it easy to use?
    I did like the ease of changing the color of thread. I think it would be great for an embroidery or cross stitch project.

    Is it durable?
    Mine seemed to be durable but I can see where they might break if you get the eye caught and pull too hard.

    What are the pros of this One Second Needle?
    I really like the fact that you can thread them so easily.

    Where Can I buy One Second Needle in stores? which stores carry them?
    These are not available in stores,

    Was shipping, handling and processing fee fair enough or was it exorbitantly high?
    I think the fees were way too high. Money back guarantees is great but when they refund the purchase price of $20 and shipping is $36, they still make money if you send the needles back.

    Did you get a chance to review your purchase before hitting the order button?
    No, I did not get a chance to go back and when I saw the exorbitant Shipping and Handling, I DID want to go back.

    Did you receive the complete One Second Needle kit as you were expecting
    No, I did not receive everything that I ordered. I had to call to receive the sewing kits and when they arrived, they were only 30 piece kits, not the 130 piece kits in the nice case as pictured.

    Do you recommend this product to others OR do you know a better alternative to One Second Needle
    I think a product called the spiral needle is a better value. These are handmade in the USA Check out the website at

    Did you receive this product on time or was it back-ordered
    The needles came by themselves after over 2 months. As I said the sewing kits didn’t arrive until I asked for them again and then they were not what was advertised.

    Are you satisfied with the Customer Service
    I will say, when I called, they were nice.

    Do you think your information was sold to third-party?
    I hope not!

    Do you think One Second Needle is a scam?
    I do think it borders being a scam. But most As Seen on TV offers are. I thought by ordering online would help me avoid being talked into other offers, but the trick with the online order is not letting you go back and change your mind.

    Do you think the One Second Needle commercial is mis-leading
    I think the commercials are very misleading. They do not let you know how small the needles really are. Over half of what they send you is too small to be used comfortably. ALSO the extra needles they sent were very roughly milled. They did not go through material as smoothly.

  11. I think this is a SCAM I ordered this One Second Needle for my mom. I noticed they have took out the payment for this product out of my checking and now they are telling me I didn’t order anything. They even wanted me to give them my card number. HELLO I don’t think so.

  12. The needle is easy to thread but does not go through the material, it is not worth it for me to send back my order as it costs me $20.00 for the needles and $28.97 for shipping. What garbage, I don’t know why they are allowed to scam people this way.

  13. I bought the one second needle and recently received it. It is great for threading, but unusable as a needle. It will not go through the fabric at all. I tried a few of the needles thinking that maybe one was just defective, but found that none of the needles would penetrate the fabric and the “eye” gets tangled in the fabric so you can’t pull it through or back it back out either. I would not endorse this product until they find a solution to this problem. I will be returning all the kits I bought to give as gifts.

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