NEET Review

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What is NEET

As per the TV Infomercial it is a cable keeper that helps neatly keep the regular cables of smart devices and hard drives. It helps in keeping the cables from tangling and holds its shape while protecting it from any damage.

Organize and manage cables:

NEET asserts to be one of the best cable keepers and much more than any regular cable organizer due to its unique patent pending design. It is too early to believe all the claims NEET makes; user reviews will expose the truth. NEET assures to help keep all types of cables neatly and also at the same time keep them organized. While regular organizers are only able to bind and tag cables, NEET promises to take it a step ahead and change the game altogether. Does NEET really fall true to its promises? Send us your NEETreviews.

Patent pending revolutionary design:

NEET states to be created to accommodate all types of cables and simply manage them in a better way. There are currently no NEET reviews available that support any of its claims and promises. NEET emphasizes to be designed in a revolutionary manner where its sleeve like body is created to cover any type of cable easily. To begin using NEET, one simply has to slip the cable inside it and zip it to the end for a much more organized way. Once a cable is zipped inside NEET it alleges to keep it intact and keeps the connecting ends open so that the cable can be used without even removing it from it. This way NEET declares to keep them safe and organized but its claims will be only attested once users review it.

Neat features:

NEET states to be so unique and sturdy that it is created to organize, protect and identify the cables in one go. To begin with some of its highlighted features, NEET convinces to be perfect for all types of cables that connect smartphones, hard disks and earphone wires that are of 3 feet in length. Such fancy claim sounds too far-fetched and will be validated once NEET is reviewed. NEET guarantees to be very strong as the material used to make it is sturdy enough to take wear and tear so that the cable does not go through any damage. Plus NEET convinces to be very flexible so that it can be used in innovative ways to fold and even support smart devices. And since NEET asserts to come in various colors it is also easy to color code different cables for easy identification. The colors available are black, blue, red and pink to suit everyone’s requirement. NEET does sound very fascinating but we will know for sure once it is reviewed.

What do I get?

You will get 2 sets of NEET Cable Keeper for just $9.95 plus $9.9 P&H.Official website

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