Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders

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What is Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders?

It is a simple cost effective tool that can slide very heavy furniture over many surfaces without scratching, scraping, or damaging the surface. If moving furniture’s has been a nightmare for you or the damage this moving causes has been unavoidable then Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders is what you need as it promises to make moving heavy furniture very simple and easy. You can slide heavy furniture on carpet, vinyl, or tile without damaging your flooring. Now you can rearrange your home or office effortlessly with Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders.

How it Works

Moving furniture is something everyone has to do. Now, thanks to Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders there is no more struggling, no more backaches, and no more ruined floor as it makes moving even the heavy and bulky furniture a breeze. These furniture sliders are the easy way to move cumbersome furniture when cleaning or redecorating. Just place these sliders under each corner and even heavy items glide around with ease. The smooth sliding base won’t damage your floors or snag on carpets.

Makes Moving Magic

Furniture hardware that is made of polymer plastic allows for easy mobility of your heaviest furniture while providing effortless portability for filing cabinets, storage systems, computer tables, large desks, credenzas, safes, entertainment centers, bookcases and so much more. The plastic discs each measuring 5 inches in diameter will not scratch, mar or damage clean floors or carpeting as it is designed to absorb the impact of floor surface changes. Now, furniture can be moved within the room or even into the next room with ease. Moving, painting a room, redecorating a house or doing some spring cleaning has all become a lot easier with Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders.


Cleaning Made Easy

If your heavy and bulky sofas and cupboards have been accumulating dust in the corners but you are helpless as you cannot lift these heavy furniture on your own to vacuum then all you need is the Mighty Movers Furniture Sliders as it allows you to lift, place and slide to move heavy furniture, clean in those hard to reach places, adjust area rugs, and level appliances. Even when you are home alone, you can move it on your own!

What do I get?

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