Magic Ottoman

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What is Magic Ottoman?

It’s a portable ottoman that collapses into a compact cushion form when not in use. Otherwise it can be used for sitting and even storing items inside its ingenious design.


Portable ottoman:

Magic Ottomanclaims to be the most unique ottoman that is ever created because of its portability and storage capacity. Ottoman has been a part of furniture since decades in most homes and can be excellently used for placing foot or as an additional sitting place. The thing about furniture is they take unnecessary space and because of that an ottoman is often the last choice to keep. Magic Ottoman claims that it makes a regular ottoman look useless with its compact feature. It can actually be collapsed into a square pillow in seconds when not in use and is about the size of a regular telephone book. When in use, Magic Ottoman is said to expand and provide sturdy sitting place with its patented Stay-Locked square panel. This amazing design feature makes it a great portable ottoman and can take up to 200 lbs. without any damage. When it comes to looks Magic Ottoman apparently is brilliant and features an exquisite hand-sewn pillow top with ornate buttons that feels and even looks like high-quality original leather.


Storage friendly:

Magic Ottoman is said to be designed in such a way that the top pillow can be removed to store items inside it as well. This means a whole lot of mess from any room can be cleared and stored inside Magic Ottoman quite easily. This includes cleaning up the clutter in the living room by storing remote control, kid’s toys, extra pair of shoes, etc. It can also be used for keeping extra pillows and blankets when not in use. Bathroom can also be made clutter free by storing extra soaps, towels, etc. neatly inside it. Plus the top cushion-y side of Magic Ottoman is said to be reversible to form a great sofa-side table increasing its multitasking functionalities. It comes in black, brown and cream color to match the décor of the home.


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