Last Lid Garbage Can Cover Review

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As if taking the trash out wasn’t a boring chore enough you often have to deal with the unsightly and horrifying sight of your trash can turned over and all the garbage spilled out! So you end up spending a lot of time and energy putting the garbage back into the can. There are various reasons why you end up clearing the mess and unfortunately these reasons are not in your control. Whether it is an animal that is the miscreant, the storm, or just you yourself running your car into the trash can accidentally you have to undo the damage. But you can kiss all these annoying problems goodbye with Last Lid, the replacement trash can lid that will put an end to your search for a reliable can lid.


Last Lid Garbage Can Cover
Made out of military-quality polyethylene material, Last Lid is flexible unlike other stiff lids. Hence, a Last Lid would fit on to your can just perfectly no matter what the size of your can and ensure the garbage doesn’t spill even if the cans topple over. Last Lid is animal proof, spill proof and weather proof so no matter what the scenario you wouldn’t have to worry about garbage making its way out of the can. Last Lid is extremely easy to attach. All you have to do is pull Last Lid over the top of the can and handles and fasten the Velcro and tie the zip tie.

You can also forget about problems like broken lids and lost lids since Last Lid fastens to your can and stays put and being flexible doesn’t break even when the can falls. You also do not have to be put off by seeing mismatched lids for your cans. You also do not need to wash or scrub the lid. And, why should you have to buy a whole can when you have only lost or broken the lid? What’s more, with Last Lid now there will more space for the trash as you do not have to force close the lid like the regular stiff ones. Last Lid is easily removable and keeps the trash in even when the can falls off.

You can order Last Lid and five zip ties for a very reasonable price. And if you order right away you get another Last Lid and additional five zip ties for just a nominal processing fee.



What do I get?
Order Now and Receive 2 Last Lid along with 10 zip ties for just $10.99 plus $10.98 shipping and handling! Official website

Last Lid Customer Service
To order the Last Lid by phone, call toll free: 1 (800) 210-8128.

Last Lid
462 7th Avenue
8th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212) 981-5926

Request your Return Authorization Number (RA#) by calling 1 (800) 556-5903.

Your item must be returned to the Manufacturer/Distrubutor within 10 days of the date that your RA# is assigned, and mailed to the following address:
Last Lid
773 Victory Highway
West Greenwich, RI 02817-2111


Last Lid Garbage Can Cover Video


20 thoughts on “Last Lid Garbage Can Cover Review

  1. Wow the comments I have received aren’t very nice. Too bad you folks didn’t call. Hope to hear from you. I will be in touch soon. Thanks Eddie Lap

  2. I have finally tracked you folks down!!!!! My idea !!! Showed it to one of your associates years ago. Even used my selling points on Shark Tank. I do have my records and timelines to prove this. Anyway will be in touch soon. UNBELIEVABLE. TOOK ME THIS LONG TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER. THE HAT BUSINESS I GUESS DIDNT WORK OUT. SAY HELLO TO BRUCE. HAVE A GREAT DAY

  3. My garbage collectors are the worst. I think they use my lids for frisbees. I have problems with animals getting in my garbage so I would put a bungee strap across the top. You would think I had asked them to break into a bank. When they would bother to rip them off, I think they used them as a sling to toss my “Frisbee” lids farther. I can only imagine where, or if, I would find the last lid. I guarantee it would not be on, around or near my garbage can.

  4. The original “Last Lid” was GREAT- no problems with it. Slip it over the trash can, align the handles with the slots, tighten with the Velcro strap and you’re good to go.
    The new one is totally different – comes with 50 zip ties!!!.
    Didn’t take it out of the pkg as I knew it wouldn’t be the same. Hard, stiff plastic, way bigger than the trash can (hence the zip ties) not at all interested.

  5. Why would anyone buy this – it is the dumbest idea and ugly – just buy a new pail with an attached lid – how sad and pathetic that someone would spend money on this – spend it on your children or pets instead. It’s a joke and insult to your intelligence…

  6. Well just got these in the mail and they pool water on top if not full yet. Then, today my garbage pickup person ended up dumping into the trash and just the grommet and zip-tie left attached to my can. Not very happy at the moment.

  7. This Last Lid has got to be the stupidest idea ever! get a trash can with a hinged lid.. you know like the ones that the waste mgmt in your area has??

  8. To me this Last Lid Cover is a piece of crap…why not just buy a can that has a flip top lid? Also the garbage man doesn’t want to take off a piece of bungee fabric to dump the trash out…he’s got hundreds of trash cans to dump on his route and to take it off then put it back on is just a hassle. Also, one more complaint – zip ties? really? you couldn’t think of some better way to fasten it? Even on the page it says you are obligated to get extra ties and an extra lid for 4.99… to me this whole deal seems a little odd…

  9. Don’t waste your money. Last Lid Garbage Can Cover does not fit every garbage can, have a 55 gal. rubbermaid, cover barely fit and cover straps will not close, have to put a bungee cord around it so the animals will not rip it off. It is also not animal proof, the first day I put the cover on squirrels ate through the so-called military quality polyethylene. This Last Lid Garbage Can Cover belongs in the garbage, not on top of it.

    • If you enjoy getting ripped off then by all means purchase this piece of garbage, animals ate through all 3 lids making them useless, military grade fabric?, hope it’s not from our military because we’re in trouble then, do yourself a favor and stick with the conventional cans.

  10. Review Last Lid

    Does Last Lid really keep the garbage inside the trash can even when it turns over?

    Is Last Lid really easy to attach and remove?

    Is Last Lid unbreakable?

    Does Last Lid really give more room for garbage in the can?

    Does one really not need to wash or scrub Last Lid?


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