Key Brite Review

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How often have you found yourself in the annoying situation where you can’t find your keys? It could be that you are looking for your car keys in your bag and have to struggle in the parking lot or when you are just at your door for that matter. Thankfully now you have a smart solution in the form of Key Brite.

How does Key Brite Work

Key Brite will ensure that you will never be losing your keys again. Key Brite glows bright, during the day and night and thus your keys will be always visible to you and you won’t be hunting for them.

For Key Brite to work you simply attach it to your key chain. And when you need to find your keys in the bag, you simply shake it and the brilliant LED flashing lights in Key Brite will be activated. As they make their presence felt you will find your keys easier than ever before. Now there won’t be any more rummaging through your bag over and over again trying to find your keys. You won’t even have to struggle in the dark at your doorstep because Key Brite will make things more convenient for you.

In fact Key Brite has many applications for you on a regular basis. If you are finding it difficult to walk in the dark parking lot, then these lights will lead the way for you. Key Brite can also be used to find the keyhole in the night while you are trying to let yourself in. You will also not have any problems trying to find your keys in the super big diaper bag. It works well for bags of all sizes and keeps your keys at your fingertips. That’s why Key Brite also makes for a perfect gift for your loved one.




What do I get?

  • 2Key Brite Key Chain f

All this for $ 10.00 plus $ 15.90 p&h Official website



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2 thoughts on “Key Brite Review

  1. I ordered this thing in July. I have NEVER received it, although my CC was charged. The website states that it is no longer available. I have NO RECOURSE …

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