Just Hangin Hooks

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Many of us have to deal with space constraints in our homes and offices and we are looking for ways around them. Having to leave things lying around the house can only add to the clutter and make your space related problems a lot worse. You just can’t go on installing those regular hooks in the house or your office just to hang your purses, keys or other important items. But what if you were told hanging a hook in the house is ever so simple and won’t require any special installation? Just Hangin offers you a smart way to hang things in the house as long as you want to.

How does Just Hangin Hooks Work

These removable and reusable hooks are a must have for all home owners who are tired of the clutter created in the house due to things that can’t be hung where they should be. Now you have an easy way of finding things like your keys, purses etc because they will be hung on these easy to install hooks. All you have to do is peel off the backing and place them on the spot of your choice. You can then safely hang anything you want on them without any hassle.

Removing these hooks when you are done is very easy as well; you simple pull off from a corner and they won’t leave any mess behind. What’s more, you can have them on again at another spot of your choice to make things easier for you. These hooks are perfect for all smooth surfaces including wood, drywall, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, ceramic or tiles for that matter. You can have them in your home or office, showers or in the closets as well.

There are many applications for these hooks; you can use them in the bathroom to keep your toiletries, hair dryer or in your office for computer cables, keys and jackets. They can be used in your closet to hang jewellery items or in the kitchen for tools you often need. Made out of industrial quality polymer these hooks can hold up to 5 pounds of weight for your convenience.



What do I get?

  • Set of 8 Just Hangin Hooks

All this for $19.99 + $ 15.90. Official free JustHangin.ca



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