Jerry Hook Review

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Many a times we feel the need of putting up a décor item or utility hook for hanging some items which are used often and do not have a space for keeping. The space problem or a need of hook can arrive in home, office, Garage, Bathroom, outside and anywhere where you wish to get some space.


Jerry Hook
If that’s not all you also have to think over on the surfaces like wood, tile, sheetrock, Glass, walls on which you need the hook?

But drilling or attaching a hook in any way would mean a professional coming in and fixing a hook giving you a heavy bill, limited use of the hook and of course a messy blot on the perfect interiors of your home or office.

And if you need say one hook in bathroom, another in kitchen and one in garage you would preferably get over your need instead of paying for the hefty bill and messy blotting.

But now with Jerry Hook it gets you the utility basic hook in a refined and portable use that you would love to hang it over without a sign of worry.

The reusable wall hook which can be put up and peel off over and over again without leaving a messy blot or ugly patch and of course no hefty payments.

No marks and no mess; With Jerry Hooks just simple attaching adhesive hook to any surface and take off to reuse at another place. Now be it a hanging of towel, bath robe in bathroom, décor hanging on the glass for festive setting, putting your badminton or any bag hanging in your room is all so simple and easily do-able.

With Jerry hook, the hook is strong, sturdy and makes spaces anywhere you wish to have some sort of organized structure.



What do I get?

  • 10 small JerryHook (holds 5 lbs.)
  • 10 large JerryHook (holds 7 lbs.)

All this for just $10.00 plus $15.90 Processing and Handling. Official website




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