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Hanging pictures and paintings on a wall can be a real hassle? All the nails and screws that go into hanging objects can seriously damage your walls? Now, there is a solution.


Here’s introducing InstaHang to make hanging any object on the wall simpler, faster, and easier. InstaHang is a patent pending, innovative wall peg dispensing tool that helps you hang any picture or object on the wall instantly.

With InstaHang you can hang any picture or object whether big or small and that too in just seconds.

To get InstaHang to do the job simply load the peg strip, place flush against the wall, push and hang. It’s so easy. You can get a complete makeover of your room in minutes.

The secret of InstaHang is in the angle peg design that has a secure grip so it never slips. It is designed to hold up to 10lbs. per kg.

You can use InstaHang on a drywall or wood. Use it indoors or outdoors.

Snap on the accessory cap to cover the peg or add on a handy hanging hook. The hooks make hanging large pictures or paintings with wire a simple task.

The InstaHang stores all the accessories inside the tool. It features a built-in bubble level, a convenient measuring guide, and it automatically reloads itself so you can hang multiple pictures in just minutes.

InstaHang is perfect for use in dorms and apartments to put up shelves, tapestries, and cabinets.

So say goodbye to hammers, nails, wire and hooks and order InstaHang instead.Do you want to redecorate your home but are scared of damaging the walls? Do you want to reposition a favorite painting to a better viewing spot, but hate the thought of leaving and making ugly scars on the home wall? You need to think fast and act before any damage occurs! You need to get the amazing InstaHang Refill Kit!

With the help of your InstaHang Refill Kit and the revolutionary InstaHang Tool, you will find remodeling, organizing, decorating anything you want , to be a breeze! Simplify your life and home instead of making it complicated, with the InstaHang Refill Kit!

What’s Included in the InstaHang Refill Kit
The InstaHang Refill Kit contains twenty four pegs, four hooks, one lg hook and four peg caps. You have to use the pegs and hooks along with the InstaHang Tool which has been specifically designed to dispense the pegs firmly on the wall.

The InstaHang Refill Kit will get your job done in seconds! InstaHang Refill Kit is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to hang anything you need, anywhere, in a flash! All you have to do to make it work is simply load, level and press, that’s it and your job, is done! So, you just place the peg and hook flush against the wall, give a push and hang whatever you want.

The InstaHang Refill Kit is an effective answer to strenuous hammering, stubborn nails, wires and hooks. Hammering can lead to not only damaged walls but can also give you a sore thumb or finger in case it inadvertently came in the way of the hammer! Why injure yourself when you have the safe InstaHang? Nails too can a pain while being hammered in, they bend or keep falling down from your fingers or form large ugly holes on the wall! The InstaHang pegs leave only a tiny pin hole that can be barely seen. Each InstaHang hang hold up an astounding 10 lbs of weight! Get smart and more efficient with the easy and brilliant time saving InstaHang!
Have you tried the InstaHang Refill Kit? Answers these questions
What are the pegs made up of?
How heavy is the InstaHang tool?
What kind of surfaces does it work on?
Is it useful only for walls?
Can we get a choice in colors of the pegs?



What do I get?

  • InstaHang Dispenser
  • 50 Piece Accessory Kit with 36 Pegs, 8 Caps & 6 Hooks
  • 50 Piece Accessory Kit
  • Picture Frames (three each 4×6″& 5×7)

It comes complete with a peg dispensing tool and a 50 piece accessory set for just $14.99 plus P&H but if you order right now you also get an additional 50 piece accessory set and picture frames (three each 4×6″& 5×7). Official website


InstaHang Video
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72 thoughts on “InstaHang Review

  1. I got 3 at the 99cent Only store for….guess how much… That’s right! 99 cents! It’s a great concept. The execution is chinese-made junk, however, if you can get the thing loaded, it does work pretty great! The manufacturer is obviously disgustingly cheap (the spring in the spring-loaded track, was RUSTY for chrissake.) Absolutely no pride in craftsmanship, but a fair deal for a buck!

  2. Bought the product a few years ago after seeing it advertised on TV. I did have a few issues here and there, but all in all, no big deal. Within the specified wait limit, nearly every picture in my home hangs by an InstaHang peg/hook; even two very old oval picture frames.

    I’ve never had one problem with the hooks/pegs working as promised. My hope is that they haven’t changed the materials used to produce them as i need more these days.

    By the way, love the smaller holes and the fact they angle down in the wall.

  3. Got to agree with everyone else here. Set the Insta Hang up and it worked for TWO nails. Jammed. Reset the whole contraption again. Didn’t work.
    JUNK !!!

  4. What a piece of crap this InstaHang. My daughter purchased it in order to decorate her room. Where the pegs are to come out after it has been striked is defective, the hole is too small for the pegs to come out. Weare so upset about all the time wasted and of the price we paid for it, do yourself a favor and avoid this paper weight .

  5. I haven’t had the chance to even use this product. When loading the pins into the chamber, I reinstalled the part you have to turn clockwise. It cracked!!!!! The hanger no longer worked so I just used some of the pins with a good old fashioned hammer.

    Do not buy this piece of junk it’s not worth the money or your time. Luckily I purchased this at Home Depot for 5.99. It’s going right back to the store. Reading other comments most of the people got ripped of buying this online. They got charged for two when they wanted only one!

    The Attorney General should be looking into this company and they should be fined and made to return the money to the purchasers! Also this company is or used the purchasers information for further promotions and sold this information to other companies! A REAL scam….BUYER BEWARE!

  6. I bought this InstaHang. I tried to use it after reading instructions and loading it. I went to my wall which is sheetrock and when I used it the pin did not stick into the wall. I hit it harder the second time. the pin just barley went in. On the third try the pin jammed. I cleared the jam. It jammed again. The pins all had to be removed. I put in in a new clip it jammed again. I tried once more after clearing the machine and guess what? It jammed again! This is an overpriced piece of junk. Get small nails and a tack hammer they work great.

  7. InstaHang is not worth the money! The laser and levels are way off. Using another level showed how far off the laser and level are. The points on the pins sometimes bend and won’t come out of the InstaHang properly. InstaHang does not work as advertised. I’m sorry I spent the money on it.

  8. I, too, wanted to order this product. We just had our walls painted and my husband wanted me to use something that would not damage the walls.

    I saw instahang on TV and began to order the product online. As I did this I had trouble with the website. I only wanted one and you are forced to order two, The more I tried to figure out how to order only one product, the deeper I got into more and more orders, not just one. I did not finish the transaction after I started reading the horrible reviews. I thought I had dodged a bullet but today I looked at my banking account and I was charged for four of these contraptions! I immediately called my bank and disputed the transaction. I changed my debit card.

    This fiasco started on Monday, Aug. 13 and by Thursday, August 16 I have been harassed by this irritating 866-379-2003. If I answer the call no one is there. If I dial the number I get a “hello?” or “hello, Mary?” creepy indeed. I asked what the name of the business since they did not answer the phone with a business name like most professional businesses would do. I got some hemming and hawing and then, “um Quality Products.”

    When I got transferred to the “billing dept” I got a company called “Tummy Tuck Belt.” She had no idea what Insta Hang was. Then my cell phone rang from the irritating 866 number. I answered and no one was there. I called it back dammit and got a “hello, Mary!” creepy. This man name is Troy Jones and he says he is with Instahang. He said there is no other company they work with. He transferred me to another billing dept. The young lady there, who sounded a bit scared, told me the products are on their way. I told her I would send them right back, but after reading these posts, I won’t get them for four weeks anyway.

    FYI, people. If you get a package from a company that you dispute, do not open it! You can write on it: DID NOT ORDER and the post office will send it back to the company no charge. That’s what I will do.

    And, yes. I’m back to hanging pictures the way I used to. bulletin board tacks for light pictures and thin nails for heavier. What a freaking hassle!!

  9. It doesn’t matter whether it works or not. I ordered it in May and it arrived On Aug 11, a little over the 2-4 weeks delivery time. Now that I no longer need it, having hung every picture in my new house, it has arrived, with a $5.02 charge from the mailman because they didn’t figure the postage correctly, making an extra $5.02 for themselves. So, let’s see. $30.09 + $5.02. At Amazon, you can buy it for $17.95 and if you are a Prime customer, get it sent for free. Am I angry? Yes. Am I going to return it? No. I’m going to keep it as a reminder NEVER to be tempted to call that 800 number on the screen “WAIT, there’s more…” even though the product looked good and was timely for my needs. And don’t you ever fall for that 1-800 number jive. I saw it in a store this morning for even less. It will remain unopened as an expensive reminder of my own gullibility of the first (and last) time I was ever tempted to call. AND they dared to call and scam me for some other products. DON’T DO IT. EVER.

  10. This is the absolute WORST product I have ever bought!!! To begin with, it’s hard to load. Then we only got 2 of the hangers to work in this contraption before it jammed up. Then, when I tried to unjam it while on a 8 foot ladder, I dropped it and it shattered into pieces. You could say I am a VERY dissatisfied customer. I have absolutely no intention of ever buying a replacement for this waste of money which is now in the trash.

  11. What a piece of JUNK ! Jammed up after 3 pins. 2nd & 3rd fell out leaving marred walls. Probably only works on sheet rock. Wasted money on product as well as extras..Get a good picture hanging kit and save the woe.

  12. I received my InstaHang in a timely matter. I bought the whole works, extra pegs case etc. It worked great for twenty pictures, then when I tried to put a new magazine of pins in, the twist on knob broke away from the spring. Maybe it was my fault. If I could buy another spring and knob I would. 78 yr old from MI.


  13. Guys and gals! Caveat emptor. If it sounds too good to be true, it very likely is. I’m grateful for the reviews, both about the billing issues, and the fact this thing is a piece of trash. I’ve been banging small hooks into the wall with a brad for 40 years, and they work. You can get them in any hardware store. Just don’t use a sledge hammer on a small brad.

    I do a ton of on line shopping–with reputable folks like QVC. These “as seen on TV” crip-crap items should be avoided at all cost. If you’re not dealing with a truly quality sales house, like HSN or QVC, or Sears online, etc., you are truly taking a chance, and I guarantee you you will receive incessant e-mails and sales calls. The National Do Not Call System doesn’t work well.

  14. I also ordered 2 Insta-Hang by mistake but got it cancelled before it was shipped and was only charged for 1 but the s&h was outrageous. I wish I would have known about Walmart seen on TV. I do like it but I think the nails should be longer. If you mount a heavy picture on it, it will pull the peg from the wall. Other than the S&H price I am please with it.

  15. It’s beyond foolish to give any outfit your cell phone number. Solution, buy the pegs at Wal-Mart and a cheap hammer, guaranteed better results.

  16. I picked up the Insta-Hang at Walmart for $14.88 & while you do have to make sure to follow the instructions carefully and also use the right amount of “oomph” when hitting the plunger to insert a peg, I am quite happy with it. I only stumbled on this site because I was looking for where to get more accessories. Even though I’ve only had it for a few days, i’ve been instahanging like crazy! And I only had one ‘bad’ peg that didn’t go in like it should have but I think it probably was more user error than anything else. So I guess those that are spurned by the website & the online ordering process, I feel for you. I’ve been there and what’s worse is I never received the item I ordered online nearly 2 years ago. So now I wait for the things I’m interested in to show up in the store where I won’t get gouged for shipping, I won’t have to wait weeks to see what I purchased, and if I decide it’s not going to work out for me I can take it back to the store and get a refund on the spot and not have to lose out on money paid for shipping etc. not to mention the hassle & time having to send an item back.

    I guess everyone has their preference but I’m sticking with having it in my mitts before I shell out my hard eared money for something.

    As far as the InstaHang, for me it’s been a fun and fairly easy little tool. I’ve big plans in mind for the refill pack! ~*Ü*~

  17. Thank you everyone for taking the time to fill us in on this product… I’m so glad I searched for reviews before I bought it. I’m sorry you got burned!

  18. I wanted an InstaHang, and had a friend who just bought a house, so I bought a bunch of extra refills and was also offered a carrying case on the internet. It was a pretty good deal – 1 tool, 1 carry case and a total of 5 refills of the pegs for about $40 including everything.

    over a month went by and no package. I wasn’t expecting it to show up immediately, the website (InstaHang) said 4-8 weeks. My problem was not with the long shipping time.

    What’s my problem? I stupidly did not read the privacy policy on……they CAN AND WILL IMMEDIATELY sell your personal contact information, including a part of your credit card number. I get plagued with up to 5 hangup calls a day now. I’ve had to file complaints with the BBB and the FTC (do not call list) but it doesn’t matter – my information is all out there now – I have been very protective of my cell phone number after all these years and was not being bothered at all until immediately (within 2 days) of making this purchase.

    BEWARE of the privacy policy. which is a complete misnomer – no information you give them is private. I’m still shocked by how fast it went and how even now after filing so many complaints I am still getting calls to this day. random political surveys, hangups, loud obnoxious beeps.

    I want to punch this whole company in the face.

    • Dear Carla:

      The reason I am on this web site is because I was going to order an
      “Insta-Hang” on-line. I need something like that because I’m physically handicapped (I only have 20% use of my left hand and arm, and the fingers on my left hand are double-jointed.)

      I have a suggestion for you if this ever happens to you again: Take your complaint straight to the top of the “food chain.” (i.e.: Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Their headquarters are probably headquarter/located out-of-state, which means the feds can get involved.) If they are continuously calling you, file a complaint against them with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), for harassment.

      That’s why we pay our taxes.

      Stephenie Trice

  19. Disappointed — I purchased it after reading the positive reviews.

    When I hit the button hard enough to drive the nail in, the tool itself marked up the wall. The nails are little more than a push-pin. I used the tool 4 times, and 2 of the nail fell out soon after installing.

    Shipping took almost a month. I sent the thing back, we’ll se how they handle returned.

  20. I bought this InstaHang at $14.99 but they charged me for two at $29.98 each? And it says S&H $0. Not only that but I started receiving 2 phone calls a day EVERY DAY for 2 weeks before I had my boyfriend call them and tell them to take me off the list. And they always answer the phone “Hello Melissa” which is just creepy. And if you call from a different number they don’t answer. At least I got two of these that they charged me double each for.

    • Hello we here at InstaHang reserve the right to charge a shipping fee. If you clearly read the small print you will notice it says “fee will be charged for orders placed between specific dates”. As for us selling information we do not even share information with anyone other then our partners. We understand your concerns but I am sorry there is nothing we can do at the present time. Contacting attorney general’s will be of no use. We thank you for buying and enjoying InstaHang.

      • I was charged an exorbitant shipping charge as well and am COMPLETELY DISGUSTED with this company. Customer service is rude and of absolutely no help at all. Going to contact the Better Business Bureau about this total scam. They offer a “promotion” that you then get charged twice the shipping! How ridiculous! Then I begin receiving phone calls 4 times a day from an 866 number. Insta-hang, you will surely not be around for long based on how you run your business and on how you treat customers.

  21. Oh, how I wish I had seen this page before ordering this piece of junk. Mine was received broken. If I send the thing back it will cost me all that S&H charges again. I’m also going to be calling the BBB service and the Attorney General’s office in my state and the state where it originated.

  22. Ok, I just got my Instahang in the mail yesterday. It took a while for the order to come, about 4 weeks.
    The instructions are a little hard to understand, but just look at the product and you will be able to do what they say.

    The biggest problem I had was the “turn counter-clockwise” on the place where you insert the peg strips. The illustration almost looks like it’s rotating on the plane of the base, when actually, it’s rotating at a 90 degree angle to the base. Once I figured that out, the spring slid out smoothly. I slid in a strip of pegs and gently, I said GENTLY, pushed the spring mechanism back in. After turning the lock back 90 degrees, I was ready to hang!
    My first effort wasn’t so great. The peg only came out about half way, and didn’t stick in the wall. It was lodged in the Instahang. So I carefully removed the spring, and using a pin, slid the peg strip back through the end, and removed the unhung peg. Then I re-assembled it all back together and was ready to try again.

    This time, I used a little more force. The peg came out of the Instahang, but was only embedded into the wall about half way. So, maybe third time was a charm.

    Indeed it was. Using even more of a thump, the third peg sat flush on the wall. I attempted to remove it with my finger, but that thing was stuck in good! I tried applying downward force with my hand to see how well it would sit. You can hang quite a few pounds from just one peg! It didn’t budge as I pushed down on it. I eventually had to use the tool on the side of the Instahang to remove the peg.

    Now, they claim you can use this without damaging your walls. Oops! Not true. Of course a metal peg is going to leave a small hole in the wall. Oh well, not a big deal.

    The back slides off quite easily, and holds 4 hooks, the ones included, and 6 peg caps, also included. It also has a place for two extra peg strips. So if you throw this in your tool box, loaded, it will come in handy for a while before needing more accessories put in.

    I also received the laser level with my order. It uses 2 AAA batteries (not included). But it has two bubble levels, horizontal and vertical. The laser is nice and bright and is easily seen down a 12 foot wall. It also has a built in tape measure. Kind of a handy tool, side by side with the Instahang.

    In my opinion, I’m glad I ordered this product. People say it’s cheap, but you just have to handle it with care, and not force anything. I’ll get busy hanging some tings soon, and will follow up with pictures.

    • well you’re a better man than I am. I had the plastic thing that you ‘turn counter clockwise’ broke off the spring when trying to put it back in. I tried 3 times also to get the pin in the wall and couldn’t hit it hard enough to get the pin to come out all the way. I got it for my mom (80 yrs young) to use because it looked really easy but I am a rather strong 55 yr old woman and I wasn’t able to get the thing to work. it goes back tomorrow. yes, they refund the $14.99 for the actual product but the other $14.99 is considered shipping and handling so they get the piece of junk back and keep 15 bucks. not worth it so I’ll go back to the good, old fashion picture hangers.

  23. First of all I would like to thanks the website for providing with real user reviews unlike the others website I have surfed. I was looking for an easy way to hang picture frames and couple of other things at a newly shifted home. Someone had suggested me to try InstaHang which might just help to avoid a professional need and money invested in hiring them. Since I was still a bit scared to just go ahead and buy the product I went to the web and looked for “InstaHang Reviews”. To my surprise most of the website including, and were clearly fake and not useful. These websites gave me amazing reviews about the product as well as gave me option of buying it a thousand times. I was sure that there is something fishy about these websites until I found this website. This website helped me totally by providing honest user reviews without the pain of ads everywhere.

    • SEO marketing is a very fast growing trend on the internet. They utilize a loophole in the search engines by fooling it with rich keywords. Since the search engine is not capable of differentiating between real and fake, such websites keep flourishing on the net. It’s a shame that such malpractices turn off users into buying some really good products or buying a crappy product.

  24. What a rip off. The spring loader broke when we tried to push the pegs in. You are to turn it clockwise and it wouldn’t budge and the knob broke off!

  25. My sister ordered it and the spring which pushes the pins into the unit broke when we tried to put it back! It was so hard to do. My sister was able to push it back by just holding the spring in place with the knob (which is the piece that broke off). We then tried the InstaHang and the pins jammed in the mechanism. What a rip off!

  26. This is what I did, READ THE REGULAR PRINT straight from their website folks… By clicking the “PROCESS ORDER” button above, you will be placing a live order. Each offer ordered today totals to $30.89.”… Good luck with contacting agencies & lawyers, who will read this back to those of you who can’t read. Wish I had the product already so I could write a REVIEW!!

  27. Interesting math in the receipt they sent. Charged me $14.99 with shipping and handling totaling $0.00. The total was $30.89. When I called their “customer service” to inquire about this math, I was told there was a shipping fee–but it clearly states the shipping is $0.00. Blah, blah, blah from her at 866-389-3896. TOTAL RIP OFF AND THEFT from my credit card.

  28. This is not a new ‘scam’—the fine print*(they had to pass a law, by talking over the side effects on medication to protect consumers health… but everyone does it: 1 ex.=car adds, when you get their the price is never what the ad said in the big bold print that is, it’s there though, at the bottom in the smallest of fonts that is permitted by laws. *”Blah-blah who posted on 1/4/12 is right though, the true price with S&H is there, so no laws have been broken, nor does the Right of Rescission law apply at all (which I’ve seen mentioned,but please save your money for legal advice and Google the law yourself, truly I’d be more worried that your credit card info wasn’t being bought and sold online. So now… what I’D REALLY like to know—Has anybody even tried it or is everyone to upset to try it. Cause I was expecting reviews from the review section. Thanks for the warning, but did/does anyone use it? And if so, could I please get a review on how it preforms.

  29. Does the Insta-Hang also work on concrete wall? I am asking this because here on the island we only have concrete walls, no wood like you in the US. Please answer.

  30. What a shame that this is a scam. This could be a good product if it worked well and it would sell well in stores. No need for shipping/handling and they could do a good business. Lots of single women or not-so-handy men could use the help of this tool. I will be looking in Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, etc. to see if they carry it in the future. If so, I am sure they will allow you to return if it doesn’t work as well as they claim.

  31. I feel sorry for those that had such a bad turn out with ordering their product. I find the Instahang to be exactly what I need right in my new apartment. Yet, I have not read any reviews on the product itself. Can someone please leave a review about when they received their purchase and the turn out?? Thanks…

  32. It says on the commercial you get 2 kits but not 2 Insta Hang Hangers.. But will be charged separate S&H.. It will be avail in Wal-Mart on the “As seen on TV” aisle 😉

  33. Pure crap on costumer services I order mine on december 14 I want be recieving it till jan 4th so they said I could not canceluntil it got here im sure it will be damaged when I recieve it yall suck instahang.

  34. Hey Guys, Thanks for the heads up about ordering online. Has anyone actually used the product? Can you tell me if it actually works? I have a daughter going back to a new dorm room in January and would really like to give her something to decorate with. Please let me know!

  35. Thank you guys, I was about to order one, and now I changed my mind after reading this. I cannot believe these people are in business – hope they go to jail.

  36. Good lord people. Have you ever hung anything? Do you really think a glorified thumbtack is going to support weight in drywall?

    • Exactly! Unless you’re pushing the thumbtack/pushpin into a wall stud, there is no way in hell it’s going to hold anything more than a lightweight item.

  37. DO NOT ORDER INSTAHANG ONLINE!! I ordered this on the 12/16 I noticed all S/H crap before I ordered (outrageous) but whatever I did it anyway. My problem is not more than 3 days later I started receiving the sales calls up to 5 times a day!! They will promptly sell your personal information including part of your credit card info.

  38. Okay. I get it is a scam, but does it work? I believe I can buy it at the “As Seen on TV” store, but I want to know if it really does work as they claim it does on the infomercial.

  39. I’m so glad I researched the reviews. I had a feeling the old bait and switch was in play here. Bait me for $14 and Switch me to some outrageous price and blame it on a misunderstanding and/or S&H.

    I’m doleful to those who ordered before me, but THANK YOU very much for posting your reviews. Your posts have been a great help.

    Happy Holidays to all of my fellow consumers. Certainly you’re on The NICE LIST. (-: RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH!

  40. Wow, after reading these reviews I will definitely not be ordering this product I don’t want to be the next scam victim.will wait until it becomes available in the stores, it’s companies like this that hurts the legit ones.

  41. SCAM! I just tried ordering InstaHang from site and Instead of $14 I got charged for 2 and a total of $58. Now their website conveniently is out of service and I cannot get the phone number to cancel my order!

  42. BIG scam, I contacted the attorney general and will be at my bank first thing Monday morning to stop payment. I thought I ordered (1) at 14.99 plus P&H, my credit card was charged $81.78!! Unbelievable.

  43. Be very careful when ordering this InstaHang product from their website. I ended up unintentionally ordering 2, instead of the 1 I wanted. My current bill is $61.78 with $31.80 being postage and handling. That’s more than the cost of 2 of the items.

    My order posted Sat morning, but their customer service is closed until Monday. I feel that I have been had, but hope that they will correct my order.

  44. Guys! This is a scam. Do yourself a favor. If you really want to purchase this product get a prepaid credit card and put just enough for the product and s&h. Scam them before they scam you!

  45. I have contacted my bank and also my Attorney General’s Office. My bank told me that I can come in and dispute the charges. I hope that everyone contacts their Attorney General’s Office in their state. It only takes a few minutes.

    I am just so upset at the scam InstaHang is using and shame on me for falling for a TV commercial. It is just that my husband wanted the InstaHang. Never again. I think they should be made to return everyone’s money adding an extra Insta-Hang and charging 4X the amount for shipping and handling.

  46. Do not purchase from website. I was billed for 2 units. Unable to call to cancel or correct because the line is always busy. The customerstatus email reply does not function. A big rip off. Sometime should be done about this illegal practice.

    • I too purchased the Insta Hang and was billed for 2 units. I have tried everything to cancel or correct this and I could not get through on the phone or find anyway to email them. I am totally thinking of reporting them to the attorney general. I am furious.

  47. DO NOT buy from the main Insta Hang website. I believe they have a scam going. I ordered and the charged more than the advertised S&H price. I have tried to call the phone number listed and it is ALWAYS busy. They email just directed you back to a fill in the blank order information page. There is no way to get a hold of these people to change/cancel an order.

    • Read the fine print at the bottom of the page. That is the amount they will charge you and tell you exactly why it is being charged.

  48. Is InstaHang simple and easy to use?

    Can it hold heavy objects securely?

    Does it replace hammers, nails, wire, and hooks?

    Does it take just seconds to hang an object or picture?

    Can it be used on any wall?

    • When I saw the outragous cost of the s&h I did NOT complete my order or so I thought now I can’t even find a way to get ahold of them I’ll be calling the bank first thing in the AM and I’ll be contacting the BBB. as well as the attourny general this is a total rip off and a total SCAM how do I get out of the order?

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