Insta Grip Tape Review

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How many times have you lost something precious that accidentally fell down and got broken? How many times have you seriously wished that things remained intact and never felt, defying gravity? Stop feeling helpless at such times by using Insta Grip, a wonderful, non-messy adhesive that’s far better than any tape you have used. It does what other tapes cannot by keeping virtually everything you use it on intact by preventing it from falling.

Insta Grip

Insta Grip is the quick and easy way to hang, hold and secure nearly anything the way you want. Just peel the paper on Insta Grip, place an object on it and leave it. Insta Grip will secure practically everything you use it to hold it in any position for as long as you want, ensuring it stays put without falling off. The secret behind it is its flex grip technology with enables Insta Grip to grab any surface to hold it tight, which helps you keep everything in its place.

It can even be removed smoothly when you want whenever you wish to change an object’s position. It is repositionable, and does not create any messy residue after you remove it. It’s really convenient and easy for you to shift things being supported by Insta Grip whenever you like.

Insta Grip is not about sticky tapes, messy glues, nails or tacks, nor huge hammers and drills. Insta Grip keeps practically everything in place. You can use it to keep secure couches, furniture, candles and exquisite collectibles that adorn your home. Rugs, carpets and mattresses tend to make you trip if they spread evenly on the floor so you can use Insta Grip beneath them to secure them tightly.

What’s more, Insta Grip is perfect even for fabrics, swatches, glass, mirrors and material you or kids use for creative pursuits. All the curios and delicate items will stay securely in place wherever you adorn them using Insta Grip. Bring out the designer in you with the help of Insta Grip as lots of things are possible with it! You can also use it where you can’t insert nails or tacks. You can keep virtually everything like phones, kitchenware, sports equipment, books, paintings and several other things fastened reliably with it. In fact, you can find innumerable uses for the incredible Insta Grip! The Insta Grip kit includes one giant roll, one mini roll and two sheets of Insta Grip cut ‘n’ create, all at an incredible price so don’t lose out on it!




What do I get?

  • 2 Giant Rolls of Insta Grip
  • 2 Mini Rolls of Insta Grip
  • 2 Sheets of Insta Grip Cut & Create

All this for just $10.00 + $15.90 s/h. Official website


Insta Grip Video


21 thoughts on “Insta Grip Tape Review

  1. I bought this product to hold a small carpet in place because I have a deaf & blind great dane who is having problems with her hips and needs carpet on my hard wood floors. I read the directions and made sure the area was very clean. There was no change. The carpet slipped out from under her several times which caused her pain so I threw the crap away and used plain double stick tape. Now she has no problem walking on the floors. I have never reviewed anything in my life so I hope this helps someone.

  2. Insta Grip?? NO- Insta Slip!

    Sadly, I ordered Insta Grip before reading any reviews. I also ordered an additional set, thinking it would be the most useful thing in the world in a household with 2 preschool children.

    1. Rug- A rug in my elder son’s room gets kicked up, even though it is on a rug pad. I applied Insta Grip to the corners…no grip. Easily kicked up and tripped over. Packing tape is a better solution.
    2. Frame on wall- don’t bother.
    3. Mylar balloon on wall- The weight of a deflated mylar balloon is too much for Insta Grip,it fell down in the night causing alarm for my sleeping child.
    4. Adhering paper artwork to cardboard backer- Yes! Something this product can accomplish!
    5. Adhering cardboard backer to frame mat for framing- no. The cardboard is to mighty for Insta Grip. Even after weighting the pieces together under cast iron skillets, the “grip” won’t hold.

    I am quite sure the vase adhered to the table in the commercial must have another adhesive. Insta Grip has NO strength or “sticky” power. I now have $30 worth (extra product and shipping) of a product that cannot accomplish what $10 worth of tape, spray adhesive and glue dots can.
    I do not recommend putting this on good quality furniture, particularly wood. If the wood has any oil applied to it (which it should to prevent cracking) the product won’t even stay in place. Also, I am not sure if the chemicals in the product will damage the finish. To keep items from slipping on wood (table cloths, decor, etc) use nonslip rug pad cut to fit.

        • Companies get away with this because very few people actually send it back and the “processing and handling” charge is probably where the company makes their money

  3. I did order Insta-Grip, in December 2012…more on that in a bit. I also had the same experience with the confusing set-up on their website. I didn’t like the way you can’t review the order, even if you don’t submit your OK, they still take your credit card info, and then process the order. Whether you want it or not.

    Besides that, the order took an incredible four weeks to reach me, unacceptable in this age of fast delivery. As for the product itself…it’s total crap. I tried it to attach the sides of my bedroom curtains, NOT heavy material, to the walls, to block out morning light. It didn’t stick, and fell off in a few days. Same with trying to stick a carpet piece to the rug, under my computer chair. That lasted about 10 minutes! Also useless when it came to sticking a plastic strip above my kitchen window.

    So far I haven’t found anything this stuff works on. Don’t waste your money, or your time; it’s nothing but a rip-off!

  4. BEWARE! The website collects contact and credit card info upfront, then shows web page asking if you want to order two. After clicking NO, they take you to other pages asking if you want add-ons and after you click NO for each, they take you to final invoice page showing breakdown of charges, where you can see that you are charged double shipping for just one item. When you do not click “submit” on that page, they still put in the order and charge your credit card anyways.

    • The double shipping is because, like it says in the fine print, you are paying s&h for your order AND additional s&h for the “free gifts”. This is how every As Seen On TV with free gifts work.

      The submitting order even if you don’t click submit, however, should be reported to your Credit Card company as a scam.

    • I too was scammed by InstaGrip. The website states buy one get one free, is very confusing. It ask you several times if you want that one, or that that one. Are you sure? You can not go back or change/update your shopping cart. Even if you DON’T SUBMIT your order, it will still process it. Since you put your credit card information in first, that gives InstaGrip the right to charge your order even though you do not CONFIRM your order. YOU end up paying MORE for PROCESS and HANDLING than the product/merchandise.

      Arguing with the customer service and manager didn’t work. I tried canceling my order and getting my money back and that didn’t work. I ended up reporting it to my credit card company as a scam and then changed my credit card number so I wouldn’t be charged again. Don’t go to that website. If you want the product, order via telephone. Just be careful with the options.

  5. BE CAREFUL OF THE INSTA GRIP WEBSITE!!! After entering your info there is no-way to cancel the order and they charge you anyway…

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