Holiday Light Saver

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What is Holiday Light Saver

It is a packing and storage solution that claims to be simple and convenient to put away your holiday lights.
Holiday Light Saver promises to be a smart solution for practically anyone who has struggled with keeping the holiday lights tucked away neatly. You have them on the Christmas tree or around the house during the holiday season. They add to the look around the house and spread the cheer but problems arise when you have to pack and store it away. Holiday Light Saver asserts that it won’t happen again and your job is done in a matter of minutes, with ease.

Holiday Light Saver works for virtually all sets of lights

There are many who have a certain kind of lights during the holiday season while others have their own favourites. But Holiday Light Saver maintains that it is quite versatile to work for practically all kinds of lights. You also have to understand that some might have lights that run up to really long distances. Packing them is often impossible while keeping them safe as they should be. But Holiday Light Saver emphasizes on the fact that it can store lights up to 100 metres, for your convenience.


Holiday Light Saver is very simple to use

Holiday Light Saver not only offers protection for your holiday lights like a bubble wrap, it’s very simple to use as well. You can keep your lights in it quickly and easily to save yourself a lot of hassle. To make the most of the Holiday Light Saver you have to start with inserting one end of your lights into it. You can then pull through and the entire strand will be instantly packed in a protective seal. Now you are ready to store it wherever you want.

Holiday Light Saver makes it easy to put the lights back on

You remember the times when you have packed your lights the regular way and they come out all tangled. It’s such a hassle to have them back on the Christmas tree the next year. Holiday Light Saver stresses on the fact that now you have a way around that problem. That’s because once you have stored the lights in the Holiday Light Saver they come out tangle free. As there are no tangles whatsoever, you can have it back on the tree or wherever you want with ease.

Holiday Light Saver is smart protection for lights

You buy your holiday lights according to your tastes but you also want to get the most out of them, year after year. Holiday Light Saver claims to offer them complete protection so that they last longer. Importantly, Holiday Light Saver can be used for various types of lights including the tricky icicle lights. If there is a delicate garland then it can be stored without any shredding or breaking for that matter. Different strings of party lights can now be stored in half the space with ease and so that they remain safe.

What do I get?

You get two Holiday Light Saver and 100% wrap for only $14.95 plus $ 11.98 S&H.Official website


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