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Lives for many of us are quite stressful today and we are feeling the heat because of the pressures in our personal and professional spheres. Whatever little free time you have on hand, you want to spend it doing something that you like and can be relaxing for you too. And that’s just what reading is all about and if you are a voracious reader, there’s something else you can’t do without besides your collection of books. It’s the revolutionary Hold ezzz, an innovative way of holding your books in front of you while you concentrate on reading.

How does Hold ezzz Work

The whole point of settling down in front of a book when you are in bed or lounging on the sofa is to be able to relax and unwind. But holding on to a book, especially if it’s heavy can be put a strain on your wrists. Moreover you have to keep holding the book at a particular angle to be able to read well and without any hassle. That somehow takes the joy and relaxation out of the reading exercise. Thankfully now you have a book holder that will let you read and be comfortable at the same time as you’d like to be.

This book holder works well because it can hold your books in just the right angles so that reading is a breeze for you. Importantly there won’t be any strain on your wrists, which is a big relief. And it also makes a lot of sense for elders or those who have been struggling with arthritis for some time now. It’s so easy to use that your kids can make the most out of it and can use it for their bedtime reading as well.

Reading has evolved tremendously in recent years and now you have tablets and eBooks, which are a delight to work with. The good news is that this holder has a special slot that makes it possible to hold these new age devices with ease too. Now you can read away and let go of your stress while you stay comfortable too.



What do I get?

  • 2 Hold ezzz
  • 1 “As Seen On TV” $15 Gift Card

All this for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website Holdezzz.com



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