Hercules Hook Review

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What is Hercules Hook?

Hercules Hook claims to be a specially-designed hook that proves to be the most convenient accessory that allows you to hang just about anything. Hercules Hook asserts that you do not need any hardware tools or to damage your walls to install it like traditional hooks do.

How does Hercules Hook work?

Simple yet Effective – To find the easiest and fastest way to hang anything, Hercules Hook assures that you just need three easy steps. It states that you just need to push the J-shaped end of the hook into the wall, secure it, and you will be ready to hang anything you want. Hercules Hook maintains to get its specialty from its reinforced stainless steel construction that pierces through the drywall and fastens itself to the reverse of the wall so that it has the strength to support objects of all sizes easily. As you hang something on Hercules Hook, the downward pressure on the front side makes the grip on the reverse side stronger.



Hang Anything Without Tools – When it comes to hanging things on the wall, you need to drill in hooks. But that means damaging the walls with all the hammering, pounding and drilling in nails. However, Hercules Hook promises that you would never have to touch a hardware tool to install the hook for hanging your things. Hercules Hook asserts that your walls will look just as nifty as new while letting you hang whatever it is that you want. Hercules Hook proclaims to let you hang something as light as a shirt on a hanger to something as big as a Grandfather Clock to even a cabinet.


Withstands 150 lbs weight – Hercules Hook declares to be so convenient that you can make an entire picture or art gallery on your wall with photo frames within minutes. Hercules Hook also convinces to allow you to put up a book shelf or kitchen rack without breaking your back. Hercules Hook promises to give you confidence to hang heavy items like a full-size mirror or garage rack without the hook caving in. Hercules Hook asserts that it can hang anything weighing up to a whopping 150 lbs without the fear of dropping.

Even if you want to move your hanging things around, Hercules Hook declares to come off just as easily and leaves just a pin-size hole unlike traditional big screws that leave unsightly cavities in the wall. Hercules Hook asserts that it is so easy that you do not have to spend money on calling a professional for the job. Hercules Hook also proclaims to be more effective than other traditional drywall fasteners that are weak and assures to let you save time and money.


What do I get?

  • 20 Hercules Hooks
  • 01 Laser Level

All this for just: $10.00 plus $15.98 shipping and handling | Official website: GetHerculesHooks.com



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  1. Has anyone tried the Hercules Hook?

    Does it really work as claimed in the infomercial?

    Is it better than the original Hercules Hooks?

    Would you recommend this product?

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