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What is Hang-A-Bunch:

It is a six in one hanger that claims to let you have more space in your closet.
Hang-A-Bunch has been created with the aim of making things tidier in your closet, according to its claims. How many times have you tried to make space in your wardrobe for new clothes but failed miserably? How often do you find your clothes all crumpled, or worse on the floor, which is quite annoying? Hang-A-Bunch promises to offer you a solution around it so that you can hang your clothes with ease.

Hang-A-Bunch means 600% space

If you have been struggling with space issues in your wardrobes, especially for your expensive clothes and delicates, then Hang-A-Bunch claims to have the right answer for you. It is supposed to be a six in one hanger, which ensures that you get six times more space in your wardrobe. Hang-A-Bunch is very simple to install and you can start seeing the difference in the way your clothes are organized in your closet, sooner rather than later.


Hang-A-Bunch is meant for your convenience

Hang-A-Bunch is boosted by several features, including stay put hooks from “easy find” configuration. That results in clothes that will stay in their place at all times and what’s more is you can find whatever you are looking for with ease. All your items will be securely locked in their place and you won’t have to deal with the mess of things strewn all over the closet. Hang-A-Bunch is also meant to hold up to 12 lbs of weight and it can do that without any bending or breaking, according to its claims.

Hang-A-Bunch has several applications for you

Hang-A-Bunch can be used to hang your nighties and pajamas while it can hold heavy jeans too. You can use the hangers for your expensive evening dresses or your delicates including bras and lingerie. It will create a home for everything from camisoles to tank tops.


What Do I Get?

  • You get 10 Hang A Bunch Hangers plus 2 Hang A Bunch Belt/Scarf Hangers for $19.99 plus $15.98 P&H.
  • Official website: buyhangabunch.com
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