Hang-A-Bunch Hangers Review

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Are you frustrated most of the time with the cramped up space of your closet and struggle to find your way through the dress you are looking for amongst the crowded hangers? Now that worry can be a thing of the past with the new Hang-A-Bunch.

How does Hang-A-Bunch Hangers Work

Regular hangers are designed to hang only one dress on them claiming more storage space when your closet increases in selection. Also most of the times placing or removing clothes on hangers is a fuss. Basic hangers tend to slip the clothes dropping expensive clothing on the floor and handling clip hangers is an added nuisance in itself. Hang-A-Bunch is unlike any such hangers providing multiple spaces to hang your favorite clothing securely.

Women love to organize their closet and divide it by the type of clothing ranging from lingerie, tank tops, camisoles, dresses, nighties, etc. and Hang-A-Bunch helps in this very segregation of clothing. What makes Hang-A-Bunch stand out from the rest of hangers is its innovative design that can hold 6 pieces of clothing together instantly adding up to 600% more space in the closet. This makes it possible for different clothing to be arranged in the same hanger making it easy to find and well-organized than before.

Hang-A-Bunch has custom stay-put hook design that makes it easy to place or remove clothing but at the same time holds onto the cloth securely zeroing any type of dropping that occurs in regular hangers. Also while holding 6 clothes at the same time Hang-A-Bunch is planned in a way that anyone using it will be able to still see all the clothes hanging on it providing a quick glance of what’s needed and what’s not.

Hang-A-Bunch is sturdy and unlike regular cheap hangers will not bend or break easily. In fact it has the capacity to hold 3 full sized jeans and weight of up to 12 pounds on it which is commendable considering what regular hangers have to offer. Hang-A-Bunch is a must buy for women who would love willing to expand their collection but are stuck due to less closet space.



What do I get?

  • 4 Hang A Bunch Hangers
  • 2 Hang A Bunch Scarf Hangers

All this for $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H. Official website HangABunch.com



Hang-A-Bunch Hangers Video

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