Glam Caddy Review

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You want to look at your best when you step out of the house in the morning and go to work and you want to be at your best when you are going out with friends or for a social do for that matter. However you just don’t have long time to sit in front of the dressing table and take care of your look, especially when you have to dig and find your beauty and makeup products that could be lying all over the drawers. You want to find a way to avoid the clutter and organize them neatly and now you can with the help of Glam Caddy.

Glam Caddy

This high on utility product has been designed to help you organize more than 200 items at the same time. Now no more fiddling through the drawers in the morning looking for the right shade of lipsticks you want, or having to contend with clutter and mess in your bedroom. This brilliant beauty organizer has already become a rage because it also ensures that your beauty essentials are well looked after and don’t get damaged with falls etc.

You can use this product for many different purposes; you can use it to store your nail polish, lipsticks and other makeup items you might have. What’s more, there are special places arrangements for larger pieces like perfume bottles etc that you also need every day. And if you want to complete your look with your accessories and jewellery then you can also find that easily when you store them in this product. You will be pleased to find that it is smartly designed and spins easily. That’s the reason you can find anything you want quickly and without any hassle; practically everything you have stored is easily accessible.

The small and compact design is another highlight of this product and it ensures that not a lot of space in taken on your dressing table. And crystal clear compartments are not only aesthetic but they are easy to find things too. Stay on top of your beauty regime with Glam Caddy.



What do I get?
Get 2 Glam Caddy Units for Only $19.95 plus $17.90 S&H. Official website


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6 thoughts on “Glam Caddy Review

  1. I got one for Christmas. It looks neat, but I’m missing 2 pieces, and I’m not sure who to contact about it

  2. I ordered my glam caddy on February 9 and as of today, March 7′ I have not received anything for the money that I spent. Please email me, promptly, at with information on why I have not received my glam caddies! I also require information allowing me to track the shipment.


    Lori Taylor

  3. Hello, I purchased this Glam Caddy Beauty Organizer on the 14th of January and have not received it yet. Will you please respond and let me know what the issue is? My reply email was sent to

    Thank You
    Tracy Ferrell

    • Tracy, have you received your glam caddy or even a reply to your review? You can reply to my review as it appears we are in this together!


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