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Is your favorite sofa ready for the trash? Are you thinking of buying a new chair because your previous one is sagging? Save your sofa and money with the innovative Furniture Fix – the quick fix for all your sagging sofas. Furniture Fix will lift and fix your sagging upholstery and the difference will amaze you! Sometimes getting up from the sofa can be difficult because of its sagging cushions and sometimes it’s the weak springs of the couch that give you a pain in the back.


How does Furniture Fix work?
Support the sagging cushions and weak springs with Furniture Fix. The panels interlock instantly; these specially engineered panels can support heavy weights. You can customize the panels for any couch; the unique interlocking channels adjust to fit any length and width and they are strong. Furniture Fix can support up to 1000 lbs of weight.

Use Furniture Fix for your favorite couch, dad’s favorite football seat and under any cushion for that ultimate support. Worn out springs can create pressure on your back, put Furniture Fix and give your back support. Use Furniture Fix under your old mattress and bring life back to it.

You will also receive free furniture movers that aid you when you want to move the furniture from one place to another and also when you need to clean under those heavy couches. The bonus handy Couch Pouch can be used to keep your remote near at hand and also keep magazines, mobiles and even you reading glasses.

Does Furniture Fix work?
It doesn’t really work because it ends up bending in both directions just by hand. It barely gives any support when used with a sofa chair. It does not work on the sofa either because it doesn’t cover the entire sofa in the first place. Furniture Fix doesn’t stay in its place and doesn’t eliminate sagging of the couch completely either. It might reduce sagging to some extent but don’t buy it expecting great results.

Complaints about Furniture Fix:
One of the biggest complaints regarding Furniture Fix is the ordering issues people have faced. You end up spending more money than you expect to on this product and find yourself becoming a member of savings and shopping clubs that you don’t care much about. These memberships are hardly of any use to you and it’s extremely tedious to cancel them. You only end up losing more money along the way as they keep popping up on your card.

Another commonly heard complaint about Furniture Fix is that there just aren’t enough panels to add support to the entire sofa. Even if you order the free product in addition to the original one by paying the extra shipping charge, you might still struggle to find enough panels to support one average sized sofa. That’s because you are not informed at any point that you need one if you want to give support to a chair, two for love seats and three or more for sofas. Hence you are always going to fall short of panels and the only way to get around this problem is to buy four quantities of this product if you think you are going to need one of them.

The pouch that comes with the product is quite useless since it has to be attached to the support panels but the problem is that they don’t reach the outer edges of the sofa. Hence it will only work if you install it on just one side of the sofa. You can also try to keep the panel edges uneven; pull one panel towards the front and push the next one right at the back into the groove for better effect.

Cardboard boxes can be a simple and effective alternative:
Instead of paying for products that don’t always work, you can make the most of cardboard boxes in your house to support sagging sofas. In fact you can use the cardboard box your Furniture Fix comes packaged in to great effect. Simply cut out a piece to fit the couch framing right under the cushion and stash it under the cushion. It will stay in its position for a long time. If you can get your hands on a large sized cardboard even better, as you can fold it first and then cut to a size that fits the frame. Thus your cushion will have layers of support underneath and it will work wonders for your sagging sofa.

What can you do if you want to return the product?
If you have heard enough about Furniture Fix and want to cancel the order, one way to do it is to refuse to accept the package when it arrives at your doorstep. In fact that seems to be the only way that has worked for some of the users so far.

Is your favourite sofa ready for the trash? Are you thinking of buying a new chair because your previous one is bagging? Save your sofa and money with the innovative Furniture Fix – the quick fix for all your bagging sofas. Furniture Fix will lift and fix your bagging upholstery and the difference will take you on a pleasant surprise ride! Sometimes getting up from the sofa can be difficult because of its bagging cushions and sometimes it’s the weak springs of the couch that give you a pain in the back.

Furniture Fix the quick fix for old bagging furniture. Save money and your furniture. Weak bagging springs lead to uncomfortable bagging furniture, Furniture Fix as seen on TV Shopping provides instant support to bagging springs. So why throw out our favourite chair or sofa when you can renew it and experience great support with Furniture Fix.

Easy to use, no tools required, just place Furniture Fix under bagging cushions for instant firmness. The six panels interlock instantly and are customizable to lift and fix bagging upholstery of any size. The especially designed to stand up to heavy use. Experience renewed comfort with Furniture Fix!

Support the bagging cushions and weak springs with Furniture Fix. The panels interlock instantly; these specially engineered panels can support heavy weights. You can customize the panels for any couch; the unique interlocking channels adjust to fit any length and width and they are strong. Furniture Fix can support up to 1000 lbs. of weight.

Use Furniture Fix for your favourite couch, dad’s favourite football seat and under any cushion for that ultimate support. Worn out springs can create pressure on your back, put Furniture Fix and give your back support. Use Furniture Fix under your old mattress and bring life back to it.

Alternatives suggested
Masonite Boxes
Cardboard Boxes




What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • Set of 2 Furniture Fix : Total of 12 Panels
  • 4 Furniture Movers
  • Couch Pouch
  • All this for just $14.99 + $15.90 shipping/handling .


Furniture Fix Video
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159 thoughts on “Furniture Fix Review

  1. The furniture fix is couple pieces of cheap plastic that you could find in a 99 cent store. Its a scam. IT cannot fix shit -to say least.

  2. Not impressed. I should have read reviews. Commercials are false in my opinion. I regret this buy! Looks and seems exactly like siding for a house. I am going with the cardboard suggestion.

  3. Bought mine at a CVS Pharmacy and thought it was working fine. Did a good job of propping up one cushion so I went online to order more –so I could get “2 for 1” price. Got to this page by accident. Glad I did — and did not order from the website. . Don’t think I will even use the product if it damages your sofa. Hope store accepts return. All local drug stores sell these “made for TV” products now. Some are fine. Don’t blackball them all! I love the Green fry pans and have bought 4 or 5.

  4. Luckily I purchased my one set from Rite Aid Drug for $18.99 –I’ve only had them a day and they honestly seemed to give the sofa good lift — almost raised one cushion too high (you’d need 3 sets for a small couch). I also plumped up my feather cushions by putting them in the drier — so now the couch is nice and plump. But I am worried about the item ripping the couch (as mentioned by several) — this couch was expensive — and, it was the cushions, rather than the springs that got flat –(or so I think) so I sure don’t want that plastic eating into the sofa– so I guess I should remove them to be on the safe side – hopefully Rite Aid will accept a return. I think I still saved the box!

    • Best you look for a second option. Furniture fix is a bluff and expensive product, if you want to buy after all get it from Walmart. I shipped it back and it looks as getting a refund will not be easy. I called twice, a nice lady tells me that they are taking care of my request but I’m still waiting for a refund on my credit card. Be careful …..

  5. We bought Furniture Fix and they work great. Guess it depends on how ‘saggy’ your cushions are to begin with. This gives a bit more support and we are quite happy with the product that we bought them for two couches and a chair.

  6. Furniture Fix is the worst product ever purchased!! what they advertise is all BS. Please don’t waste your money on this product! There are easier and cheaper ways to solve the problem then Furniture Fix!

  7. Furniture Fix is garbage and a waste of good money I could have used to buy a wood plank instead. These move around and they split – no support what so ever – I do believe this is a total scam!!! and they do not care because they have already made a fortune on all us saps!!!!

  8. THERE ARE BETTER SOLUTIONS OFFERED THAT DO A BETTER JOB!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE!!!! First I went to the Furniture Fix website to read about it after seeing it on TV. Even with the free set tossed in, it was much more economical to buy it from Walmart due to the shipping cost imposed by Furniture Fix. I purchased 2 (two) because it was suggested by Furniture Fix for a sofa. Once I received them, i went to try to make them work. This is the worst product designed as a solution for sagging springs I have EVER come across. First, you must slide the individual panels into one another. As suggested, if your sofa is deeper than the ones they show on TV – where the panels, of course, fit perfectly, you need to sort of stagger or alternate the length of the interconnected panels to compensate. The problem is, this creates very poor support. The edges of the panels cut into the fabric covering your sofa springs. The support is VERY weak where the problem you purchased these to remedy end up simply replicating your problem. THERE ARE BETTER SOLUTIONS OFFERED THAT DO A BETTER JOB!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE!!!!

  9. I placed an order today 7/3/12. I want only one set not five as your
    computer said. If I receive five, I will cancel and send everything back.

  10. How can I reach a human being to discuss being tricked by the electronic menu?

    I was charged an extra $8 for a single set and had no option to speak to anyone about it as the transaction had been immediately enacted and there was no option for actually speaking to a sales rep. Days later, I still can’t find a customer service number (which isn’t electronic). After I gave my card data, the voice said my order for a single set was $30.99.

  11. I just bought 2 boxes today, not knowing you needed 2 boxes just for a love seat. We put them under the cushions of our love seat and tried it. I noticed very little difference. I was really hoping it would work because our couches are only 3 yrs old. I’m glad I only bought 2 and it was from Walmart so I don’t have to worry about all the problems people are having with there website.

    • WHAT?!! The ad asserts that just ONE set is good for a couch or two chairs! My order hasn’t arrived yet, but this angers me.

  12. Thanks to all who wrote in I will “NOT” be purchasing the furniture fix. Will be going to Home Depot for plywood.

  13. The second items is not free, it costs shipping and handling. Really? An additional $7.95? Postage isn’t that much. But the worst part is the company sold my name and phone number to telemarketers. I get at least one call everyday from someone else trying to sell me something. I know it was Furniture Fix because I used a number I’ve never given out before.

  14. This company is a TOTAL SCAM. Trick website unauthorized charges complete dead “customer service” – they will not cancel any order. I returned the Furniture Fix unopened – I’m sure getting a refund will be a nightmare. I’ve contacted my bank to report a fraudulent charge and let them go after theme. BEWARE!! How can they still be in business!!!

  15. Furniture fix is the biggest rip-off going. I ordered according to the t.v. ad and was charged 86.00$ and change. They should be reported to the better business association!!

    • I used this and it sort of helped…BUT and a big But, it tore up my couch. It made marks on the leather of my couch. Thank goodness I checked on it or it might have tore it all the way through the leather. Stay away!!

  16. This is the most scam to run by. Do not buy them everyone says it breaks in two weeks figures and that you have to buy more what a big scam. Just go to your local hardware store like lowes or homedepot and just but plywood have it to cut to the lenght and width of your couch under all three cushions. You’re all set. So dis the furiturefix crap. Lol.

    • Thank you all for your warnings and very useful comments. Because of today’s technology we as consumers have the ability to not only warn other consumers but to expose those that deal in deception in order to rob, cheat and steal from the unsuspecting. I too was about to order this product thinking like many of you that this would be a quick and inexpensive fix. Thanks to the unfortunate troubles that many of you have experienced I will avoid the pitfalls of dealing with these obvious scam artist. Yeah, “I’m talking to you.” if we all took the time (a brief moment) to share our misfortunes just think of how many times, based on the testimony of others, we could avoid going through the problems associated with underhanded companies like this one. Hmm.

  17. Thank you all so much! You’ve saved me from yet another scam. Now I’ll use the plywood suggestion and fix my furniture’s problem myself without damaging the leather. Again, thank you all.

    • I used the plywood on my sofa and it works beautifully, and it does not damage your furniture. I’ve been using the plywood for about 2 years not with no problems. Thanks for the input on the furniture fix because I was going to order it for a friend, but I will just tell her about the plywood, It also raises the cushions up a bit but you can’t see the plywood.

      Enjoy the plywood and not the scams.

  18. Well I just gave a good review for Furniture fix but after reading the reviews I wonder now if I made the right choice. I thank God was not scammed. I bought the ‘fix’ at Wal-Mart & seriously thinking about taking it back & getting some plywood. I don’t want my cushions to be ripped up. I have been scammed in the past by ordering the ‘easy feet’ & they did the same to me. Cost me twice the amount because they made you buy 2. What the heck am I going to need 2 for. Furthermore no one should give credit card info or debit on the phone. You will get screwed royally!

  19. I just wanted to tell you I bought your Furniture fix the other day & It’s awesome. I have had terrible times trying to get off my couch. Now one try & I’m up. It feels so good not to struggle. I bragged on you on Facebook so you owe me for advertising! 🙂

  20. Fortunately, I did some research prior to purchasing this product. I’m really glad I did because I learned a lot about scamming, Wallingford CT and the product itself. I suggest doing what my grandparents did 30 years ago: Buy a sheet of plywood, cut to size, curve and tape the corners and be done with it. A lot cheaper and more effective. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment.

  21. What a rip off. Wish I would have read the comments first. Slats hardly made any difference with 125 lb wife. Bought two sets and extra set, total $71. Don’t waste your money.

  22. OOPs! half of my original review is missing!

    Buy Beware of Damage to your sofa! I purchased 2 sets of these @ Walmart for my couch. Upon checking them after they were installed for about a month, I found that they cut in to the bottoms of my cushions and in to the couch itself! I now have perfect parallel slits in between each of the couch springs towards the back edge where the Furniture Fix strips end. I there are multiple tears between the springs in the middle and front of the couch. If I had not caught it in time, it would have cut through and exposed my springs completely. I now have to get my furniture fixed because of the Furniture Fix!

    *The directions that came with the product warn you that you may be cut while you put them together if not careful due to sharp edges!

  23. Buyer Beware of Damage to your sofa! I purchased 2 sets of these for my couch. Upon checking them after they were installed for about a month, I found that they cut in to the bottoms of my cushions and in to the couch itself! I now have perfect parallel slits in-between the couch springs in the back where *The directions that came with the product warn you that there are sharp edges while you put them together!

  24. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS FURNITURE FIX PRODUCT (at least not from their website):
    1. The website route you to endless “additional offers” but it does not give you the order total until you click “Place Order”;
    2. Then, you end up paying more on shipping and handling (surprise!);
    3. They will keep calling you;
    4. They will enroll you into some kind of a membership deal which you will be required to cancel after 30 days if you do not want your credit card charged;
    5. The customer service rep (they call themselves “verification department”) is extremely rude – I told them I don’t want them to “automatically” enroll me into the membership deal since I don’t want to take the time to cancel. The rep had an audacity to tell me it wouldn’t take much of my time anyway. I told her that it was not for her to tell me how much time I have and how I use my time.

    Conclusion: Not worth your time or money. If you are curious and need to give it a try, buy it from It’s a lot cheaper and no aggravations.

      • NO, it doesn’t work. I sure wish I read these reviews first without having to go thru it first hand. DO NOT BUY THESE. I don’t know how some say they notice all these changes.. it changes nothing but your wallet.

  25. I only ordered 2 sets of furniture fix, and you sent me 6. I would like to return 4 sets of furniture fix to you……

  26. Thanks to everyone that commented I was just about to order this product thinking my prayers have been answered and thanks again for the suggestions, this is whats needed consumers getting together to put these type of scams on blast.


  27. My couch is a very good one, but it’s old and beginning to not be as comfortable as it used to be ( I guess I could say the same about myself!)

    When I saw the Furniture Fix TV ad I was curious, but being a sceptic, I didn’t want to take the plunge until I found some personal testimonials. Glad I did and I wasn’t surprised. The evaluations were just as I expected!!

    My antennae went up when I saw the mailing address was Wallingford, CT. nothing against Wallingford, but it seems to be the home base for many such ‘scammy’ TV-advertised products.

    My husband and I measured the couch seat and we’re going out tomorrow to buy a piece of plywood, which I will pad with a piece of foam sheeting, then cover it with canvas and a strip of the same upholstery fabric the couch is covered in. It should do the trick nicely and we won’t break the bank!

    Companies like this are not in the business of selling you a quality product. Their first objective is collecting your personal information to sell to other questionable companies and to gouge you with exorbitant shipping and penalties, using unethical and outright deceptive policies and advertising.
    What’s so hard to stomach is that these practices happen so frequently and the companies are rarely held accountable by the law.

    If you have made the regrettable mistake of purchasing this item and are unable to return it, don’t despair”. The individual slats can be used to edge a tiny garden or joined together to form a four-sided in-ground planter, to name just two possibilities. I never throw anything away (that’s another matter!) and eventually find a purpose for almost everything.

    Think resourcefully!

  28. Thanks everyone for these comments. I was just about to order this when I read all of this. You have saved alot of money. I will check out Bed Bath & Beyond or I might just try the plywood.

    Thanks again

  29. Can placing something hard under a cushion really make the cushion all of sudden fuller? I think not!! Use common sense. The only the Furniture Fix might do is make the seat a little firmer. You can place anything hard under a sagging cushion or mattress and get the same result. I think Furniture Fix is getting away with FALSE ADVERTISING. Try using those words and let them know you are going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau when you want to make a return and see if you get any results. Better yet, DON’T MAKE THE PURCHASE.

  30. Wow – seems I dodged a bullet by reading these reviews! Thanks to the person who suggested using large, cardboard shipping boxes cut to size – I work where I can get my hands on plenty of those.

  31. Was going to order…glad I checked reviews!! We are cutting our cardboard from the twin stroller traveling system boxes we just bought our son and daughter in law for their expected twins….and…drum roll….it worked!!

  32. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I placed an online order and immediately realized I had doubled the order by mistake. I tried contacting them on the phone number listed on the website and was told that the order had not been transferred to them yet. I tried every day after that and on the 4th day was told that the order had already been shipped. I immediately returned order upon receipt, unopened. After trying to contact them again for 3 days I could not reach them. My credit card was credited for just over 50% of original cost in refund. When I finally reached someone again I was told that the $30 was “handling fees”

    • I was ripped off, too. I did the entire electronic transaction, including my credit card data. At the end, the voice said that my total was $30.99 and I had only ordered ONE set!! There was no way to speak with a human. That they processed my credit card data, THEN gave me an inflated total was robbery. I’ve been searching for a way to speak to a person, to no avail. Also annoying was the constant repeating of their additional offers, each identical one requiring that you press 0 TO DECLINE!! I got the impression that they’d charge me for additional sets unless I kept pressing 0 to decline.

  33. Just want to Thank all of you for the Reviews. I was going to order this product to see if it would work. Not now….Thanks again. Saved me lots of money and a Big Headache.

  34. I tried to purchase this product by phone but the automated system wouldn’t let me order just the one so after trying for about 15 minutes, I just hung up but I’d already given my charge information. I’ve been checking with my bank to make sure I haven’t been charged. A few days ago, someone called saying that they were from furniture fix to complete the sale; luckily I don’t confirm any personal information over the phone and declined. So glad I found the site and read your reviews. If…. if I decide to try it, it’ll be purchased locally. Thank you so much!

  35. well, well, well I was just about to order this foolishness I guess……but what stopped me from ordering wasn’t the comments but when my shipping amount seemed way more than the product, then I decided to investigate this product more and that’s when I stumble upon these reviews and now I am glad I didn’t purchase thanks guys for the heads up. so I will definitely try the cardboard thing and save my money……(lol)

      • I ordered some and I tried to send them back because they do not do what they are suppose to do and they are charging me $140.00 for shipping. when I went to the post office to send them back it only cost 30.00 so they are lying about the shipping cost. So in my opinion they are a bad company.

  36. I ordered Furniture Fix, am trying to cancel. I’ll get some of that Masonite or cardboard boxes to firm up my couches.. after reading these reviews, I don’t want to be ripped off either. The guy on the phone did help me when I was double charged tho.. did anyone have a good experience w/ these things? I want firm couches! Let me know, thank you!

  37. I bought this Furniture Fix at the ‘as seen on tv’ store at my local shopping mall. So glad I did not purchase through the website. I feel bad for everyone that got ripped off. They were 19.99 per box (set of 6 panels), I bought 3 for our couch. They did improve the sagging in our couch but not completely. We sag maybe half as less, unfortunately we cannot return the product to the store, only exchanges.
    I guess for $60 it wasn’t a complete loss, but wishing it had been everything the product had claimed to be.

  38. I purchased Furniture fix as seen on tv. I am very happy with the Furniture fix – it works great. I was charged $79.00 for shipping and I got charged $89.00 for the product. When I received the Great big box – I had no packing slip inside.

    When I received my bill – I called and was told I could ship it back and pay the shipping charge. I called back that afternoon and the $79.00 Shipping and handling charge was taken off. I still paid the $89.00 for the Furniture Fix.

    • You need to contact your attorney general for your state and file a complaint with them and with the better business bureau. The attorney generals office will investigate and can file a grievance against the company, also contact the Federal Trade Commission and lodge a complaint as well. You could have a new couch shipped for what you paid.

    • Measure the length and width, go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and find a 1/2 inch board(like you put in the closet to store stuff on) use that. You can add cardboard to the corners if worried about it digging into the couch.

  39. I am so glad I read this. I will say this for my credit card company, AMEX. If I cannot get a company to reimburse me, I called AmEX, and they take over. They reimburse me up front, and they deal with the culprits. Maybe other credit card companies do the same.?

  40. Thanks…these reviews saved me. I was just about to order when a little voice in my head said “check the reviews idiot!” I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t of been able to justify this with my wife. Thanks everyone!!!

    • Yes! Thanks EVERYONE! I also was about to order these and thought that I should read the reviews. Man, am I glad I did!! Saved us a bunch of money. I’d rather go ahead and buy a new couch now, than spend a whole bunch of $ on trash!

  41. I was so excited when I saw the Furniture Fix It commercial. I ordered, stupid me did not read reviews, and it was terrible. Pls do not order this product it is a total waste of money and DOES NOT WORK. First of all it’s not enough to cover a sofa even with the free one!!! I shipped back, which was a mistake. The product was $30.00, shipped back for $11.00, they credit my account for $14.00 so over all I paid $5.00 for that sorry product that I do not have. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

  42. Here is the mailing and physical address for Furniture Fix.

    Physical address:

    Furniture Fix
    P.O. Box 3008
    Wallingford, CT 06494

    Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 10:00pm Eastern Time.

    Phone: 1- 800-648-8891

    Or you can visit

  43. If you get orders received in fairly large CARDBOARD boxes, you can do the SAME THING with the cardboard boxes your other items arrived in!!!

    My couch was sagging so cushion dropped nearly 1/2 way to floor. I had plenty of cardboard on hand so just cut one of the larger boxes down to fit under the cushion. That was TWO YEARS AGO!!! The cushion is STILL being held up where it belongs, solidly, by nothing more than ONE shipping cardboard box I cut to fit the couch framing under the cushion…

    And I didn’t have to pay enough shipping charges to pay for a second item… I think I got what came in the box used with FREE SHIPPING ALSO!!! In my case, the cardboard box used was large enough to fold flat, then in half, so my couch cushion actually has FOUR layers of fairly thick cardboard holding it up where it belongs.

    • Wow Thanks so much I am definitely going to do this. I all most bought these things so glad I decided to read the reviews. Been burned to many times. Thanks again…

  44. whew! That was close. I have always been skeptical about IF these things work. I saw the commercial just now and thought I would give it a try. Like so many other people on here, I’m glad I read this first.
    I’m sorry for all those that got ripped-off but I am SO thankful you posted your experiences on here. Thanks so much!!

  45. I am so grateful for all the reviews. I saw the ad on TV and considered buying them but decided to check out the reviews first. So thankful for people like you who added comments about your experiences with this product. I did see the same thing on where I can buy one set (6 planks) for $14.95. Most of these comments seem to indicate that the product is not the problem, but rather the online ordering. I will shop before I decide thanks to all of you!

    Very grateful!

  46. Don’t bother with this product. They don’t stay in place. The worse part is you will end up with memberships to shopping & savings cubs etc. you don’t know about. This product has cost me $95 so far. Been difficult to cancel these memberships. They just keep popping up on my card. Don’t give Furniture Fix any information. Just go buy a new couch.

  47. Thanks for this website. I was about to order and I have a sectional. I would have been highly upset had $66 come out of my account. I had estimated roughly about $35. I’ll wait for it to hit Walgreens or Walmart and try them out…




  49. Worked great on our two 12 year old sofas. Looks like we’re going to get another 12 years out of them!

  50. Ordered 1 Furniture Fix and they added another one and will not cancel it. Told me to refuse package, but as I read more, there is a fee for canceling. Add the fee to the total that you are then out. What a rip off. $14.95?? billed over $60.

    • I did the same thing. It said get a second set free and I mistakenly thought that was the second set and clicked it. My order was over 60 dollars and there was nothing that I could do about it. It seemed a bit confusing and deceptive, but it was my fault for not reading better. I have paid the price and have to accept it. I will not leave them a good review though. It just seems that they were out to swindle people and now that I read all the negative reviews I feel like I have been ripped off. There isn’t a thing that I can do about it and even telling everyone is not going to get back all the money that they have already made off of others. Makes me sick. I guess we live and learn. I wont be ordering anything off of the TV again.

      • Same here. Today is July 5, 2011 I ordered the furniture fix and thought the addl was the free one. Got charge for 2 orders $61.00.

        Called one minute after the order and they told me the order had not hit the system yet , call back 8:30 the next day. Called back 8:30am the next day and they told me the order was sent out and to refuse the order. What a rip off. I knew something was up when the website did not have an EDIT screen to review your order before it went out. Today July 9, 2011 I received the order and WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE.

    • Same thing here. Haven’t received it yet, but was billed more than the amount I was told. What a scam!! Does anyone know how to get money back?

      • Write to your local Attorney General’s office, consumer complaint department.

        That will take care of it. My own bank would not resolve an issue for me with an online purchase until they got a letter from the Attorney General’s office, and then the bank responded to me favorably.

  51. I have never seen reviews where 100% of them are negative.

    I was going to order this crap.

    Thanks for this site.

  52. OK so the Furniture Fix seems to work so far but wow the advertisment is such a joke! Buy one get a second as a bonus, come on one set fits a chair, you need 3 sets for a couch AND it says $15 + shipping which ends up being 30! Why not just say its $15 a set with free shipping? I honestly feel ripped off. I will not recommend it, I refuse to buy another set ever and I’m highly disappointed in the company in general. Oh and I don’t appreciate not receiving a packing slip so I wouldn’t have spent any time looking on the website for why I only got what I assumed was one set when I ordered two to only find out what a rip off this product is, even if it seems to work, granted I’ve had it for an hr. Oh and by the way it took 2 weeks to get here, seems like if I paid $15 for shipping on a tiny tiny box that weighed 2 lbs, it should have been over night. I’m just saying.

    • I am with you. I wrote a review below before receiving the Furniture Fix, for my couch, it seems to actually work really well. They are a rip off though. Nowhere do they explain that you need one if you are doing a chair, two if its a loveseat and three if you have a couch, so I only have two and like I said they work, but it seems a money grab more then anything.

      The thing that seems to work best is to not have all edges of the panel even, but to pull on more towards the front of the couch and the next push deep back towards the back of the couch far back into the grove as possible. But I did notice a significant amount of support added to my couch.


    I bought one Furniture Fix set via phone….second set is supposed to be free….total of 12 panels….4 furniture movers (bonus)….couch pouch (bonus) P & H is $6.95 plus an additional $6.95 for the free second set….tax is $1.93….TOTAL SHOULD BE $32.82….all of this as the advertisement states…THEY CHARGED ME $66.77….am going to call them Monday (this is Friday), if they don’t refund $33.95, I will be contacting the VT and Ma Attorney Generals to file a complaint, will call the BBB to do the same and will tell everyone I know about this rip-off and ask them to have their friends do the same….let’s put them out of business….I will never purchase anything on line again unless I Google them first…..ashamed, but wiser.

    • Ok, I didn’t read reviews, I was stupid, charged $97.00!! Cancelled and they still shipped!! Anyone know what I can do?? They say there is nothing I can do. Called my bank, hasn’t posted yet, but can’t stop debit card payment!! Since I was stupid enough to fill it out…on fixed income…help please…god bless you all and the ones who fell for this BS.

      • Yes – refuse the shipment, and call your Credit Card company and “dispute” the charge. They’ll ask you for all the information, and eventually (hopefully) issue you a full credit. These dirt-bags can go pound salt!!

  54. What else can I do about my sagging couch to make it firm without spending lots of money? oh yeah couch is 5 months, company said has to keep it for one year.

    • Cut a piece of Masonite or equal to fit your couch chair or love seat. A sheet or 1/2 sheet can be bought for a lot less at a home center store.

  55. I saw this Furniture Fix infomercial today! and was gonna buy these for my couches. But thank goodness for google! I am the google queen! thanks foe all the negative reviews, I am saved. I will not but this garbage and inform others.

    Thanks Consumers!

  56. I ordered these Furniture Fix last night, they charged me $40.88 for two kits, of which I really only ordered one. But as noted above, the site continues to take you back to the same page until you hit continue. I called today and they credited me. But it all seems for not after reading these reviews on the product itself. 🙁

  57. I’m so glad that I did a Bing search for this Furniture Fix product before I even thought about ordering after seeing a commercial for this product. I thought this might be something that would save me the cost of buying a box spring and mattress for my bed as well as having to buy another couch and chair. Well, it sure appears it’s just junk plastic. I have gone to the As Seen On TV stores and bought things like Turbie Twists and even bought a steamer machine (for steaming things like concrete or I used it to sterilize a bathtub for a family member after they had surgery). Those kinds of items were well worth what I paid at the As Seen on TV store. I also go to Walgreens to buy some of the items (yeah, you don’t get the 2nd one for free but you save tons of money in shipping & handling fees plus you don’t have to give out credit card numbers to Walgreens – I pay in cash – no way to track me, scam me, or spam me). THANKS ALL FOR GIVING EVERYONE A HEADS-UP ON THIS SLIMY SCAMSTER COMPANY.

    • Well, I can’t say that As Seen On TV is a slimy scamster company – it’s these companies that manufacture the goods and/or use 3rd parties or the As Seen On TV store as their front for ordering (usually it’s not even As Seen On TV that’s the front for ordering, they make it look like it is – just like a lot of the scam emails we all get that look like they are from ABC Company but are really XYZ Scam Company).

  58. Noo offense people, but it is 2011. If you all don’t realize that those products you see on TV with “Act now and get double the order…just pay extra S&H!” will charge you more in shipping than the price, then it is your own damn fault for eagerly handing out your credit card info. Even if the product is GOOD, get it from a regular store. Walgreens and many other stores get As Seen on TV stuff within a month or two of them being on TV.

    • Why don’t you try spell check before you “attempt to insult people?!! You don’t spell No with Noo. Sounds like you had past experiences being ripped off

    • Thanks to the many reviews and suggestions here, I measured the seat area of my favorite old chair (which my wife would love to throw out,) went to a local hardware store, had a piece of quarter inch plywood cut to measure, and bingo, fixed!

      (BTW, the piece of plywood cost me about 3 bucks. Not a bad deal.)

  59. Thank you so much everyone for your warning and experiences with this obvious Furniture Fix scam. I’m sure glad I checked here before ordering. I never order anything anymore without checking reviews like this. I’ve been taken far to many times.

    Thanks again

  60. I recently ordered Furniture Fix (before I googled this site, of course) and was righteously miffed at the outrageous shipping charges they tack on for their product, which totaled $66. What got me suspicious was a call from an 800 Service from the same company that wanted to sell me other items that I did not want. They also asked me to verify my credit card info on four separate occasions and to vocally verify that it was indeed my credit card information. So today, I checked my bank records online and so far, I have not been charged. Seeing this, I promptly followed the advice of Kimmy H, immediately called my bank, cancelled that credit card and had them reissue me a new card. Lesson learned.

  61. Wow! I am glad I found this website. Like many others I was thinking of buying this product, but after everything I have seen here (including the ridiculous shipping scamming). I will be sure to let people know about this website as well and how ridiculous this product and company are.

  62. Thank you everyone for informing us about this scam! I watched the Furniture Fix commercial yesterday and was so happy to see a product that could help my couches. But after looking online for reviews on this product, I WILL NOT be buying them!

    • Thank you guys for posting the review. I was just getting ready to order it until I read this review I will not be a victim.

  63. more con artist junk peope fall into their traps..the sleeze balls who sell this junk, need to be all lined upped and crusified on cable (as seen on tv)…I am amazed how people can be lured into buying worthless garbage..reminds me of the scammer who sells 10 cent plastic bracelets who claims they have super balancing
    one time in the gallery mall in Houston,,a con man in a suit, stood on a pedestal and was surrounded by a least 30 people..he showed everyone how this product worked so smooth, upside down,sideways and was very very amazing..he was selling them for $1.00..made in China ball point pens…and people were buying them…lol lol..guy was a super salesman..
    I already had 2 dozen of them at home, I bought at Big Lots 10 for a dollar. he could see them coming..
    and the amazing ,as seen on tv super welds all”…is nothing more than JB weld you can buy at Walmart for half the price..its all junk and scams…

    if it’s too good to be true…ITS JUNK…..

  64. Furniture Fix is glorified trailer skirting.
    Skirting –
    There’s no clear picture of the “Furniture Fix” available, but if you look at the website, it’s the exact same thing.

    Sticking a piece of vinyl in your couch is not going to stop it from sagging.

    And that’s before all of these reviews below which show it’s a clear rip-off.

    • Thank you! I kept thinking it looked a lot like vinyl siding, but couldn’t quite place it. Either way, at least it got me thinking about ideas for using other materials… 🙂

  65. Well, we just ordered the lovely Furniture Fix. This was the biggest rip-off/scam/bogus BS that we’ve ever seen. We called to order by phone. At first I thought cool, it’s all automated. THIS CALL WAS A JOKE. The automated voice starts off nice, then a few questions, then it attempts to place your order (while continually trying to up-sell). Once it gets your card #, then it must have tried to sell us 7 more products, everything from couch supports to medical insurance. We stayed on the line in hopes of getting an exact total (which we never got) or an option to cancel (never got that either). About 22 minutes in it was finally over, with no total and a customer service # to call. We called the customer service #, of course, all circuits were busy. So HERE’S WHAT WE DID


    We will also make a complaint with the BBB. So PLEASE contact your credit card company immediately, because you will get nowhere dealing with this SCAM business. Hope this helps.

  66. I’m glad I googled this before I actually bought it. I had a couple of springs pop off from the bottom of my couch and instead of having them replaced this seemed like an inexpensive fix. Thanks for letting me know this is a rip off or I would have been scammed too. Write your states Attorney General, BBB, and Consumer Protection Agency, that should get results, or you can file suit in small claims court. Small claims cost less than $100 to file and you can have that refunded once you win your case, along with damages for having to get this resolved in a court instead of them doing it on their own. They would take notice if many of their customers started hitting them with lawsuits.

  67. Agree with all the comments listed. I also wanted to confirm shipping before I “checked out” and found that I had already been checked out with $54 in shipping for $40 worth of product.

    When I called to cancel the order the person I talked to said it had already been shipped. However, the website said it would ship in 4-6 weeks. Certainly did not add up.

    I have left two messages to have someone call me back regarding – no one ever has done that.

    On top of that when I received the product I figured I might as well try it out as I was going to have to hassle on the return product anyway and found that this is a scam…. this product doesn’t even remotely work as stated on TV. On top of that they shipped me 3 times what I ordered. No wonder the bill and shipping related charges were so high.

    I am filing something with the BBB in hopes that they can be put out of business.

  68. Wow, I’m I glad I Googled this product before I ordered it! I could
    have used the couch support.

    Thanks so much for making this site available to us and letting others give everyone this feedback.

  69. I am a web developer. I build e-commerce sites and this is not a secured ordering site. They give you the illusion that your credit card information is encrypted.

    I actually entered bogus credit card and shipping information. The web site processed my order and displayed a confirmation screen without verifying the credit card number I entered.

    Stay away from this site.

    • It’s good to read a review from someone as yourself. I’m always leery to purchase things online.

      I seriously considered this product as I own couches only 4 years younger than me. (I’m 27) The cushions never stay in place and I always have difficulties as if I’m 9 months pregnant getting off the couches. So these sounded like a great way to fix my beloved and comfy couches without spending $700+ to buy new couches. I actually was excited when I saw the commercial on TV. Now I know better. I will go to Lowes now and buy some plywood to help with my sagging couches.

  70. The furniture fix is not what they say it is. They charged me $71.77 for it because shipping on it was $31.77. I didn’t noticed the shipping was that much until they billed me for it. I called them and asked them to cancel the order because I didn’t want to pay $71.77 for something that should of been $31.77. They said they couldn’t cancel it because it had already been shipped. & on there website it says it wont ship for 2-4 weeks. I just wanted to let you know what a ‘rip off’ this company is!

    • I was told the same exact thing. They all lie and tell every one that the order has shipped. Total scam!

  71. I ordered this product after seeing the commercial where the sumo wrestlers sit on the couch and it doesn’t sag. When I assembled them it became obvious that the commercial was fraudulent. They easily bent both directions just by hand. I put them in the sofa chair and it added virtually no support. I weigh less than half of the lighter sumo in the commercial. These are total crap and I will try to return them ASAP!

    • The problem is….you will get a refund for the product but not the shipping, which in my case was more than the actual purchase.

  72. I saw this on tv last night and thought wow this looks like it would really work. After reading all of this I for sure will not be doing business with this company. I know that the economy is not so hot and everyone is trying to make a buck but there is an honest way and good business practices to go about doing things. Thank goodness for sites like to let other honest people know the truth. I know all of y’all took a loss but out of that comes good with all of your info. I hope that all of you get your just refund. God bless.

    • I also saw the Furniture Fix infomercial last night. I went online and ordered. I was looking for a review screen before completing the order but instead an order confirmation page came up. 29 dollars for the 2 sets and 32 dollars for shipping. Customer service was closed so I called first thing this morning to cancel. I to was told that it already shipped. Even though on line my status read being processed. The CSR told me that means it shipped. (that is not true) Status would read “filled” or “shipped” or “complete”… She would not give me a tracking number. I spoke to 4 agents, 3 times I was hung up on when I asked to speak to a supervisor. One guy was the the rudest person I think I think I have ever dealt with. ALL OF THEM LIE! Every CSR lied to me. They were all very rude to mean to me when I spoke to them. Please let everyone you know about this shady outfit.

  73. SAME PROBLEM! They get your credit card up front, and then put you into a confusing litany of do you want to double your order. I hit no thanks, and it brought be back to the same screen. I figured you must have to hit continue to go on: so I did. I then went through more screens (do you want a wonder hanger, etc) all with different ways to respond (reduce quantity to 0 and then it continue, or hit no thanks) After 4 screens of this, I was sure I was being pulled into a scam, so I hit close to shut down by browser. When I pulled up the browser again it said “Order Confirmation.” When I called on Monday morning, (800) 648-8891; @ 10:30 am. They said it was already shipped. I asked it has been shipped already? She said; “Yes.” I asked her if it had been shipped could she please provide me with a tracking number. She replied that that information would not be available to them for 5 business days. I said if it had indeed been shipped, then I would have received it by then. She restated the 5 business days response. A very obvious lie!

    Jon Sable

  74. I just got screwed. I ordered the Furniture Fix special offer and ended up getting charged over $60. The offer on the website is:

    The amazing offer includes 1 set of 6 Furniture Fix panels for just $14.99 + $7.95 (P&H) You will also receive an additional set of 6 Furniture Fix panels as a bonus, just pay an additional $7.95 for P&H. But that’s not all: You’ll also receive a set of 4 Furniture Movers and the Couch Pouch absolutely free! How many kits would you like to order?

    Each kit will include 2 sets of 6 Furniture Fix panels, 4 Furniture Movers and 1 Couch Pouch.
    Select Quantity:


    I’m calling my bank to dispute the charges. Then I’m contacting the Better Business Bureau.

    here is a link to the Better Business Bureau.

  75. I’ve had the same issue as others. The website doubled my order and it didn’t check with me before processing my order and charging my credit card. I called customer service and they said “it’s already shipped” and then proceeded to tell me to “refuse to accept it when it’s delivered.” Huge scam if I’ve ever seen one. I’m contacting the FTC and CA AG office to file complaints against the company.

  76. Had the same as the others did. it also added an additional set which I had said NO to but it did it anyways and by the time processing and handling fees are added in well its up over $60.00…tried to call them and of course they were not open for customer service…am going to try this morning and they better credit me back and cancel this order….so BEWARE!!

  77. Don’t order this Furniture Fix product. They charge an outrageous fee for shipping and processing. They don’t tell you the amount you will be charged until after the order is processed. I’ve also read on other websites they sell your information to another 3rd party who calls you to try to sell you a coupon product for a $1 monthly fee and charges you nevertheless if you say no. It’s a good thing I order all my online purchases with gift cards. I urge everyone to do the same because companies like this is a great example of why.

  78. I had the same problem I ordered furniture fix online and the shipping charges didn’t show up until the order was completed and processed, it ended up being close to $40 with no indication on how the product would be shipped. I cancelled the order on Monday online.

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