Furniture Feet

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What is Furniture Feet?

Furniture Feet are stretchable furniture boots to protect your flooring as well as the legs of your furniture from getting scratched or damaged. Furniture Feet not only help in reducing the scratches, but also eliminate those annoying screeches which are a result of you moving or dragging your furniture on any flooring. Furniture Feet claims that they can also help in increasing the life of the legs of your tables, chairs, couches and so by protecting them.


How do Furniture Feet work?

Furniture Feet are made of durable poly-vinyl material that stretches like elastic to slip over any shapes and sizes of chairs and other furniture legs. Have furniture that has short, tall, skinny or fat legs? Not to worry since Furniture Feet come in two standard sizes that can fit almost any size or shape of furniture legs. Furniture Feet are transparent which makes it perfectly easy for it to blend with any style décor. With its ease of use, Furniture Feet give you freedom from use of nails, adhesives etc. and make your life much easier. That said, Furniture Feet do not have any customer reviews yet, so careful research about the product should be done before a purchase.

No more home made quick fix solutions like sticky tape, felt pads and so on and so forth are required. Furniture Feet claims that they last up to five times longer than felt pads. Also, they have conducted an experiment where in a chair laden with a hundred and sixty pounds of cement is dragged along a wooden floor without the protection of Furniture Feet. The result was deep scratches on the flooring. Next, a chair stacked with double the weight of cement but with the protection of Furniture Feet was dragged along the same wooden floor. Except that this time there was no scratches on the floor. Furniture Feet claims that its secret formula of blended wool and cotton is what helps in keeping your floor scratch free in addition to adding years to the lives of your furniture.

With a simple three step process of push, slide and glide, Furniture Feet claims to make moving furniture a lot easier as well as noise fee and scratch free. Tired of foam patches and felt pads wearing out or falling off? Order yourself a pack of Furniture Feet to get rid of your problems. That said Furniture Feet is yet to receive reviews about its effectiveness and ease of use. Go ahead and order one or wait for customer reviews to decide whether Furniture Feet is worth ordering for or not.

What do I get?

  • 16 Small Furniture Feet
  • 16 Large Furniture Feet
  • 6 peice furniture fix pen set

Price: $10.00 plus $13.98 P&H | Official website:

5 thoughts on “Furniture Feet

  1. I bought these for square legs and found the fit on square/rectangular legs to be pretty poor. Another size between the two sizes may have helped. Jury is out on if I leave them on of not. They do seem to protect the floor.

  2. You have me down for two orders. ONly wanted one. Please elliminate order number 1015353. i will take order number number 1015361

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