EZ Tote Review

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What is EZ Tote?

If you tired of using so many bags for different purposes then what you need is the innovating and incredible bag, EZ Tote.
With EZ Tote you can forget about your other bags like gym bags, yoga bags, laundry bags, grocery bags, and soft mesh coolers because the EZ Tote lets you carry it all, in one go.
Using the EZ Tote will definitely make your life a lot easier and simpler!
EZ Tote is the most versatile bag that you can use to carry everything you need. It’s the only bag you will ever need because it carries it all!

Great for Outdoor Activities

EZ Tote is large enough making it perfect to carry everything you need for all of your outdoor activities. Perfect to use while you are boating and camping!

Oversize Design – Perfect for Groceries

The oversize design makes EZ Tote the perfect bag to carry all your groceries in one go. It’s that amazing!


Insulation Compartment Reflects 97% of Thermal Energy

EZ Tote features a patented Supermax insulation compartment that reflects 97% of thermal energy. This amazing feature makes it the perfect bag to carry frozen items from the supermarket, or cold drinks while you are boating or camping.

Comfortable and Hands-Free

Your days of struggling to carry so many bags in one go is now over. No more grocery sack that pinch your fingers! The EZ Tote is designed with an easy to adjust shoulder strap that lets you easily carry all your groceries comfortably all at once.
With the EZ Tote you can remain completely hands free!

Outside Pockets

EZ Tote is designed with pockets outside the bag for your cell phones and car keys. You can also use these pockets to carry 1 liter bottles of soda or water.

Easy Storage

EZ Tote is easy to store. When not in use simply roll up EZ Tote and it strap shuts. It’s that easy!

Easy to Carry

EZ Tote is easy to carry anyplace you go. So stop using standard bags to carry your groceries and other item, use EZ Tote instead. Simply replace all your other bags with EZ Tote.


EZ Tote is made with high-quality materials making it extremely strong. It can easily carry up to 50lbs of weight. It’s that strong!

Rugged and Durable

You can also use EZ Tote as a tool bag because it is rugged and durable.


Machine Washable

Unlike regular bags that are not machine washable, the EZ Tote is machine washable.
If your other bags pick up salmonella, e-coli and other bacteria and germs, wiping them off won’t help at all. But since the EZ Tote is machine washable keeping the bag clean and hygienic is a breeze.
Once machine washed simply let EZ Tote to air dry.

Cost effective

Unlike other bags that cost over $200, EZ Tote is easily affordable.
Order you EZ Tote right now and say goodbye to all your other gym bags, yoga bags, laundry bags, grocery bags, and soft mesh coolers!

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive EZ Tote for $19.95 + $13.9 P&H
  • Official website: buyeztote.com
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