EZ Moves Furniture Slides Review

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Moving furniture is a real struggle. No matter how hard you try, you need more than one guy. Here is a solution that will allow you to move any piece of furniture in your home by yourself with EZ Moves – the do-it-yourself furniture moving system. Just lift, place, and slide – it is just that easy with EZ Moves!


How does EZ Moves Furniture Slides work?
Just lift, place, and slide. The EZ Moves furniture lifter gives you up to 10 times your natural strength. Then the EZ Moves slide right into place so that your furniture simply glides across any surface. Then slide right out when you are done.

Lift it and move it all by yourself. EZ Moves will help you lift a heavy China cabinet with just one hand and slide it all by yourself. You can even lift and slide a 2000+ pound car without any assistance! EZ Moves can help you move just about anything by yourself.

It has never been easier for you to clean those dark, hidden places or rearrange rooms to design new spaces. The EZ Moves lifter is also great for adjusting and leveling appliances. The rubber tip protects your furniture and the ergonomic design saves your back. They work great on hardwood and smooth surfaces, and carpets.There are times when you need to move the furniture in office, at home, garage, store room etc. But then there also are these glitches which get the task so troublesome that you end up wasting your energy and in some cases even making a minor or major damage to the furniture or the floor.

Some of the furniture like couch, file store desk, some artefacts can be re positioned or moved with help of one more person but what about the giant closet or your chest drawers or refrigerator etc.

It goes worse when you are alone and can do nothing but slog in try of moving the furniture or let be it gasp.

But it is time to use some science for practical use, shall we! EZ Moves works on basic principle of incline-slide-push. It is time to say goodbye to hurting back, body aches or rupture of muscles in a task that can be done with single hand…all thanks to EZ Moves.

With the incliner, just place it at the bottom of any furniture you wish to move, place the sliders on to each corner, and remove the incliner and slide with single hand. It is that easy!

The EZ Moves have been tried and tested by old and young, weak and strong, in diversified age and health groups to check on the ease and comfort of the product use.

The incliner is easy to place and jacks up the furniture easily without any strong effort and helps you place the slider pads on to the corner. Once placed, even an old lady can move the chest drawer of considerable size full of clothes and whatnots with utmost ease.

EZ Moves Review is showing how these as seen on TV furniture sliders can help you save time and aching back!

EZ Moves Furniture Slides FAQs

How does one use EZ Moves?
EZ Moves Furniture slide is very easy and convenient for use. You simply place a slider in every corner of the furniture you want to move after tilting it slightly. Now you can move the carpet wherever you want to and even on thick carpets. That’s because the thick foam will ensure that the furniture item is raised over the carpet nap thus enabling free movement. Moreover the round rimmed edges here will eliminate friction, which is a huge help when you need to move furniture from one surface to another.


What are the benefits of using EZ Moves?
With the help of EZ Moves you can move heavy furniture and a whole lot more on your own. You won’t even have to remove drawers and remove contents from furniture items to move them. From refrigerators to sofas, bookcases, dressers, desks, beds, file cabinets, entertainment systems, pianos to power equipment and table saws; you can move many household and office items with the help of EZ Moves without any hassles.

What are EZ Moves made of?
EZ Moves are known for their ultra smooth base, which is the primary reason why they can glide easily on various floor surfaces. They have a ½ inch EVA foam on top and it can conform to any item that you place on it. By gripping the furniture, it ensures that slides stay in their place while the item is being moved.


How big are EZ Moves slides?
You can get EZ Moves Original Furniture Slides in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific furniture moving needs.

Can EZ Moves help move furniture only up to a certain weight limit?
There’s never been any problem moving any furniture in anyone’s house so far. In fact, we’ve even managed to move a car on the carpet.

Can EZ Moves be left under furniture items?
You can get EZ Moves Permanent Slides, which are specially designed to be left under your furniture, particularly those heavy pieces.

Does EZ Moves adhere to furniture items?
Not at all; EZ Moves uses the weight of the furniture to keep itself in place.

Can you use EZ Moves on hardwood, tiled and ceramic floors?
If you want to move furniture on hard floors you can look at EZ Moves Felt Furniture Slides. EZ Moves slides are quite effective on non carpeted surfaces as well. However you are advised to clean the floor before moving furniture on it, so that dirt and grime won’t damage your floor finish. You can also look at Floor manufacturer’s recommendations for compatibility. You need to remember that EZ Moves Furniture Slides should not be used on rough concrete as they might get damaged.

You shouldn’t use EZ Moves on floors that are newly installed or refinished either. You need to let a freshly installed floor to cure for about 4 to 6 weeks before using EZ Moves on it. You can get more information from floor and finish manufacturer’s recommendations in regards to compatibility before using EZ Moves.

Is there a way for one to contact Simtec?
Yes you can definitely contact the customer service team if you have any queries, suggestions or if you are facing any problems regarding the use of EZ Moves.

800-847-4683 is the customer service number and you can reach them between 9 am to 5 pm EST.

You can also write to the customer service desk at the following address
Simtec, Co.,
1553 Arona Rd.
Irwin, PA 15642-4510

You can also email the customer service department at customerservice@ezmoves.com.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.EZMoves.com)

  • 2 EZ Moves Furniture Lifters
  • 8 EZ Moves Slides for Hardwood and Smooth Surfaces
  • 8 EZ Moves Slides for Carpet
  • All this for just $19.99 + $15.90 P&H


Reviews and Complaints
Moving into your dream house should be exciting and fun but you are left struggling with moving things out of your present home and then putting them back in your new one. It’s especially true for heavy appliances like refrigerators and furniture like wooden cabinets and book shelves. Many of us have hurt our backs while moving heavy furniture around the house as risks of injuries are high. EZ Moves Furniture Slider claims to offers you a helping hand and makes it very easy and convenient to move things while you are relocating or cleaning your house in places you otherwise cannot reach.

EZ Moves Furniture Slider seems to be ergonomically designed and promises to give you 10 times your normal strength when it comes to moving heavy furniture and appliances in the house. The Ergolifter (25″ Tall) which lifts up to 280lb will make it easier to lift things around the edges and thereby reduce the strain put on your back to tilt things for lifting. It also has carpet and hard floor slides, which help you, glide heavy items smoothly across the floor at its intended place. These slides have a 1/2inch topping of EVA foam on it, which conforms to any kind of item that is placed on it to ensure that the furniture is gripped tight and the slides stay in place while moving.

EZ Moves Slider has a rubber top that’s supposed to protect your floor and it claims to work equally well on carpets and hard floors. EZ Moves Furniture Slider has its benefits for housewives, grand moms living on their own and college students as well.

Advantages/Disadvantages of using EZ Moves
Although the makers claim that EZ Moves Furniture Slider helps lift heavy items you might struggle when moving say a packed book shelf. It does work well for a light chair but when it comes to heavier furniture pieces like a sofa they are found wanting because they slide out.

EZ Moves Furniture Slider works better on a carpet than hardwood floors. Using it on hardwood floors can lead to scratches and an annoying noise that you can do without.

Tips to move furniture on hardwood floor
To avoid scratches on the floor and make moving easier, you can slip a bit of carpet sample or a rug under it by lifting slightly (the EZ Moves furniture lifter will come handy here). It will ensure that it glides smoothly across your floor without making that irritating noise or scratching your floor. Sliding a glossy magazine under the legs of the furniture can make moving it easier as well.
Make sure that you clean the hardwood floor before moving the furniture on it or else it will leave fine scratches.

Properties of EVA Foam
EVA Foam is a versatile material that is close to elastomeric materials when it comes to flexibility and softness however it can be processed like thermoplastics. It is glossy and clear, shows toughness in low temperatures, strong stress crack and barrier properties. Hot melt adhesive water proof properties are its other highlight and it’s resistant to UV light as well. It is odorless and often used in electrical applications because of its features that are on par with other vinyl products and rubber.

Beware when ordering EZ Moves from the Official website
Please understand the offer on the official website CAREFULLY – it is 8 Hardwood and Smooth surface EZ Moves, 8 Carpet slides and 2 Ergonomic Furniture Lifters for $35.89 + Sales Tax. This whole set (16 slides + 2 lifters) is ONE UNIT. So the “Select Quantity” option on the official EZ Moves site is MISLEADING – as is the case with most of the AS SEEN ON TV products. You will not require more than ONE SET of these tv furniture sliders. If you select more than one QUANTITY it will be QUANTITY x $35.89 + Sales tax, and you won’t get a chance to review your order, so choose carefully.

You are better off buying these Furniture Sliders at Amazon.com.

Customer Service
To check the status of your order or for 24 hour service visit www.CustomerStatus.com
Mail to :
P.O. Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494
Phone : 866-649-0118
Customer Service is available Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 10:00pm EST.

Please see the “Reviews” section below.


EZ Moves Furniture Slides Video


22 thoughts on “EZ Moves Furniture Slides Review

  1. I purchased the EZ Move Furniture Slide from a local Walgreen’s store. The tip on the lifter came off on the first use. Attempted to relocate a refrigerator on ceramic floor…. the slides did not work. Actually had to place refrigerator on 2 pieces of wood to relocate. Late looked at the commercial and saw were there were either wood or some other items placed under each wheel of the car to actually move the care. Such deception. I was so pissed I thru the junk in the garbage….wish I had thought to return it to the store. I have informed all of my friends not to spend money on the junk. Very dissatisfied customer. Plan to file a report with the Better Business Bureau. I will check to see if this review is posted.

  2. I bought EZ Movers at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It worked great in moving big pieces of furniture on carpet. Can’t comment on hardwood or other floors, as we only used it carpets.

  3. Firstly, a big thanks for giving me an honest review for EZ Moves. It’s a product I was interested in because I am getting a home renovation project done at the moment and need to move furniture around the house. And I have to say the information I found on your site has helped me immensely. The sad part is I wasted a lot of time on sites like ezmovesfurnituresliders.com, furniturelifterslidersreviews.com, handyhouseholdreviews.com, ultrahouseholdreviews.com, ezmovesreviews.org, which claimed to be genuine review sites but they were anything but that. I was absolutely fed up of these sites pushing me to buy EZ Moves rather than giving me an unbiased review of the product. Then I realized these sites are probably just a gimmick from the manufacturer to trick users into buying their products. That’s reason enough for me, as a genuinely interested customer to be put off by these sites for good. And now that I have found your site I am not looking anywhere else for reviews of products I want to buy.

    • You are absolutely right, there are many sites like the ones you have mentioned that claim to offer users unbiased reviews. But that’s an SEO strategy employed by these sites to get the attention of users like you. Only when you take a closer look at these sites you realize what they are all about. It’s true that search engines haven’t caught onto this yet, but discerning users like you certainly have.

  4. I used the product and the second time I used it the fulcrum (little black pivot point) snapped in half and flew off the furniture lifter. Now I will send broken piece to mfg. for a replacement. Concept is great. One must possess the strength to bear down on the lifter…not always realistic for older people:>(

  5. Besides experiencing exact scenario that happened to Joanna (posted 9/13/11) but the worst was yet to come. When I returned the order, I still ended up eating the nearly $40 in shipping fees!!!!! This is outrageous…..be very cautious when ordering from these charlatans….my advice….DON’T!

  6. Same thing happened to me! I ordered furniture sliders, was promised to get 2 for the price of one and just pay shipping. Turns out the shipping was more than the item….I will never ever order from “As seen on TV”.

  7. First, I expected to receive EZ Moves sooner than I did, but that I could live with.

    What really upset me was that I ordered The $19.95 EZ Moves Furniture Slides deal which included a second set for only $7.95 S@H. A very good deal.

    But, as in so many cases so often the entire thing turned out to be a confusing mess.

    Low and behold I noticed my bank account (credit /debit card) on line banking breakdown reflected a debit of $93.73. It took the V.P of my bank to track down the source of the debit. WHICH WAS ALOT OF STRESS.

    When I received the EZ Moves Pads it had been (4) four times the amount I had ordered. I did try the product and it is a wonderful concept. But it is not for us basically for (2) reasons.

    FIRST: The mix up their staff made on the $ amount which has and still is causing me alot of stress. I have yet to have my account credited. When I do, then I have to drive into town from way out in the country to return packages. And I am quiet sure they are going to charge me alot for shipping and handling . Which should not be my responsibility.

    SECOND: The EZ Moves Slides itself is not easy to use on large items because one has to lift the leg up to get pad installed. Now we are older folks and just not strong enough. Plus most of our furniture has Queen Anne legs.

    Now, let me say this in all fairness. If the EZ MOVES people gives me back my total amount back then I would say, folks give them a try. But, insist they give you all of the facts. And! DO NOT TALK TO A RECORDING.

    Bob Day

  8. This offer charges tax on the total cost of the product plus shipping. I am a California resident. The tax on the product is determined by the tax rate at the buyer’s address. In my situation, the tax is 8.5% (.085) times the price of the product $19.95 = $1.70. California tax does not apply to shipping charges. Therefore I paid an additional $1.35 for tax that was computed on shipping charges – that should not have been charged to the buyer.

    Any seller of a product checks out all information on tax rates when preparing a web site checkout system.

  9. I have found over and over again, that most AS SEEN ON TV products that are any good at all will eventually be sold in big box stores and pharmacies.

    There are very few valid ASOTV items that don’t try to scam the consumer via shipping and excess billing, difficult return policies and no human contact for disputes.

    If an item is good enough to get some good feedback, then the retailers will pick them up to sell in stores. It is still a gamble as to whether or not it does as it say’s, but you can at least avoid the absorbent “processing” charges and the fraudulent double and even triple charges for a product that may not even be worth it’s weight in salt.

    Once the product hits the stores, you can try it. If you like it, then you are way ahead of the game. If you don’t like it, it will only cost you a trip back to the store for a full refund without the hassle.

    So wait for it. If it is a reputable company, and the product is decent, it will be sold in stores. If it isn’t a good product and the company is only out to get every cent they can until they have devastated their reputation, then chances are it won’t be sold in stores. Either way, you come out a winner, as long as you don’t buy it directly from the company via t.v or internet ad.

  10. I do not get scammed like this often, but when I do they (scammer) is going to find out that I am relentless at exposing him/her and closing them down. First, this kind of ad and subsequent fraudulent treatment is called “baiting and switching” in most states and is illegal. Everyone who is scammed needs to call their state attorney general’s office and file a complaint. Then write the TV stations and Internet browsers and advise them of the scam. Next, contact the Consumer Protection agencies, both federal and state, and keep filing complaints on the internet wherever you find an existing place to do so. Finally, if you have other ideas and pull as to how to clean up these scammers, share them anywhere you get the chance. I will continue to post and update my own progress on this quest.

  11. Re: EZ Moves Furniture Slides
    I’m glad to know about the two sizes of slides and the scam-stuff. I will not buy these through AS SEEN ON TV directly.

    I see in reviews that people who have used the slides like them, but no one has mentioned the “furniture lifter”, that supposedly makes it so easy to insert the sliders under the furniture.

    Questions remain:
    *Are the sliders that are sold on Amazon (e.g., set of 4) the Large size or regular(for lighter furniture)?

    *Is the Lifter device included? if so, does it lift Heavy Furniture? If not, does Amazon have access (thru 3rd party seller) to sell them?

  12. EZ Move Furniture Slide is a scam. TV advertisement and their website does not mention that one offering is for light furniture and another is for heavier furniture and appliances. After you watch their videos and enter your credit card info, then during checkout they want to know if you want to pay extra for the one that can lift couches and refrigerators to put the slides under them. This is a scam as nowhere do they tell the consumer that there is two products until they have your credit card info.

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